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I am back into the swing of things after taking some time off. I’ve filmed a few times in the last couple of weeks so I figured I should formally announce that & provide updated info for those who want to serve me.

It’s pretty simple, really. Although I have idiot-proof instructions on other blog posts for everything it comes down to common sense. Think about what I need to know:

  • How do you want to serve me? Paid private or online sessions? On film as a film slave or stunt cock? Are you ordering a custom vid?
  • WHAT exactly are you into/fetishes or activities? What do you want in the custom vid?
  • When? (Dates & times for sessions or filming)
  • Where? I’m only filming in Vancouver these days & new film guys are welcome to apply for filming IN VANCOUVER. If you want me to come to your city for a session, it’s possible, but it’s going to be VERY expensive. Don’t ask unless you have a generous budget.

Basically, address these questions: WHO? – WHAT? – WHERE? – WHEN?

Take a deep breath before you send that email & put yourself in my shoes. Ask yourself: “If I received this email would I have all the info I would need to decide if we are compatible & if what I’m asking for is do-able?”

Clearly communicated emails go to:

When you send me an email you’ll get an auto-response. READ IT. It’s meant to be helpful.

So yes, I’m filming scenes & custom vids, taking the occasional session, doing a bit of online stuff. The book is still with the editor & rewrites/changes will start happening soon but it won’t be as demanding on my time as writing the initial manuscript was…so I can work!

My boyfriend has been having fun dabbling in online Domination of some of my slaves. It’s a niche thing & a big next step for guys into cuckolding or encouraged bi play, to serve my lover like this. It fascinates me. They are just as interested in his feet & ass as his cock. Again, that fascinates me. Most don’t identify as bisexual or gay, it’s the extension of serving me, the extreme taboo nature of it that seems to do it for these pervy slaves. Let me know if you’re into it but be prepared to pay a tribute immediately to separate you from the chickens who don’t follow thru after they blow their load. I have zero patience for that BS:-)

Speaking of patience, I confess that over time mine is wearing thin. I find myself rejecting many requests or just not responding to emails at all. If the guy seems even slightly unhinged, flaky, unable to communicate clearly or annoying in some way…I won’t engage. Life just seems too precious to spend my time having frustrating communications with strangers online. I suppose this is the “bitter or jaded” phase of the business that slaves complain about & why they are so eager to pounce on a new Domme in the scene. After a while you develop a sixth sense & can read between the lines before a guy makes it obvious he’s loony-tunes or a time-waster. As it stands only the most polite, sane & well-articulated emails get a response from me these days & I feel only the slightest pang of guilt knowing that some good guys slip through the cracks…but I don’t owe strangers, even fans, a piece of me.

So what can you take away from that? If you’ve sent me an email & I didn’t respond read the auto-response carefully & take another try at sending a well-communicated email. Ensure all pertinent info is there while still being brief & to the point. If you still don’t get a response then move along. Sending a bunch of emails if I haven’t responded will only get your emailed blocked, it won’t get you the attention you’re seeking.

It must be acknowledged that at this time I have the best group of generous, low-maintenance, lovely slaves I’ve ever had. They make my life easier & more joyful. They don’t need to be named as they know who they are. Those who tribute & send gifts but don’t beg for loads of attention. Those who just get pleasure from serving me. A common theme is the best ones usually tribute immediately to show they are serious. It’s highly effective at getting my attention. An Amazon gift card, a gift, even joining my site, sends the right message.

With that I’m going to get outside & enjoy the crisp sunny weather we’re currently having in Vancouver. It’s normally very rainy here this time of year so I need to soak up that vitamin D when I can. There’s a joke in there about getting the D but I’ll leave it up to you perverts to fill it in. Ha ha


Mistress T

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Film Slave Application (Updated)

I have written posts like this before but considering the recent flood of applications I’ve decided to write a new one, with basically the same info. My previous post on this topic:

#1. READ this whole post carefully BEFORE you email me asking to meet me or to be in my films. If you ask to be in my films without providing all the required info I will redirect you back here. Then you’ll be ignored if you still haven’t applied properly.

#2. LOCATION is the most important factor! If you are not in Vancouver & you are not willing/able to come to Vancouver (within the next couple of months) chances are we will NOT be able to film together. I rarely film elsewhere these days. Sometimes in England but I have enough reliable film slaves there already. So say “I am available to film in Vancouver on the following dates…”

NOTE: Do not ask me if I happen to be coming to your city to film: I’m not. I am NOT filming anywhere else in the foreseeable future. If you can’t come to me you’ll need a very generous budget to bring me to you. Like at least a few thousand bucks.

#3. If you are in Vancouver or willing to come here email me pics (naked torso with erect penis) AND a list of what you’re willing to do on film.  Again: I need a clear pic of your body & dick, I shoot video, it’s a visual medium…and I need to know what you’re into doing on film.

NOTE: I am most interested in:

-big dicks that shoot big loads without too much difficulty for hand job vids

-guys for forced bi cock sucking vids, suckers & suckees

-ballbusting guys

-cross-dressing/sissy/trannie types

-guys who can take very large strap-on’s

-small-dicked cuckolds who will suck cock & eat cum (I’m not as much a fan of gimp-hooded cucks in domestic scenes but will consider it if you are a really good cuckold in other ways, easy to work with, etc. I prefer cuckolds to show their face. Age & body type doesn’t matter so much for cuckolds.)

I am NOT interested in dealing with guys with the wrong attitudes. Your role as a film slave is to assist me in creating quality content. This is not a free session. This is not about me servicing your dick. You will have fun, no doubt, but it’s about me & my needs first. Creepy or annoying behavior will not be tolerated. Sending dozens of emails back & forth to organize a shoot will not be tolerated. Communicate clearly but briefly. Show me that you respect my time. I will work with those who are easiest & the most pleasurable to deal with. I am running a business after all, this isn’t Tinder or OK Cupid.

#4. A model release will need to be signed & a photo of you holding 2 pieces of photo ID next to your face will be taken (for age verification, legally you must be over 18 but I rarely work with anyone under 21.) This information is kept secure & would only be shown to the proper authorities if legally mandated. So in other words, most likely never.

#5. Showing your face?: In 95% of my scenes I don’t care if your face is shown. You’ll see most of my vids the guy is unidentifiable. If you’re willing to show your face it gives me more flexibility but it’s certainly not a deal breaker for me.

#6. I don’t pay film slaves. I have plenty of volunteers. I will require you to show you are serious in one of the following ways:

– be a member or become a member of my site (send me your username) to show that you support my work & that you’ve taken some time to research the kinds of vids you want to appear in.

Other ways to pay $50 tribute:

-E-transfer to my email address works from one major Canadian Bank to another. (If you’re that hard up for money I’ll give you your $50 back when you show up for filming.)

-Tribute button on my clips store: (Clip cash card should work even if you don’t have a credit card)
-$50 worth of vids from my clips store:
-$50 gift card from (sent to email address below)
-$50 worth of gifts from my Amazon wish list:

If discretion is important and/or you only have PayPal this will work (all your wife will see is that you gave money to charity, it still tells me you are serious enough):
-$50 micro-loan through Kiva:

Or a gift card for my favorite spa (paypal):

Email PICS, what you can be used for on film & dates you’re available in Vancouver, plus proof you are serious to:

Mistress T

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Frequently Asked Questions

One link to answer them all! (Hopefully).

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I’m not currently accepting new/more online slaves that require a lot of attention. If you are very generous & lower maintenance send me a tribute then email to apply:

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Use the tribute button on my clips store (you may not see the tribute button if you are using certain mobile devices):

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You can best serve me by joining my members site and/or buying my vids from clips4sale. This is how you support the work that I’m so passionate about. Also, follow me on twitter for hot pics & updates…and read my blog!

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Film Slave Application

I get a lot of emails from guys hoping to be in my films. So here’s all the info you need to apply correctly (Note: Who? What? Where? When?):

1. LOCATION! (Where?) I am only planning to film in Vancouver starting April 2016 for the foreseeable future. I am not filming at all until then & I have no plans to travel anywhere else & film at this time. So if you are not in Vancouver or willing/able to come to Vancouver there is no need to apply.

(Do not email asking if I’m coming to Denver, Germany, Boston, Toronto, Dubai or anywhere else to film. I travel a lot but I don’t film all over the world. If you can’t come to me but you can afford to pay all my expenses to come to you, then maybe, but I don’t “tour” & it’s highly unlikely I will randomly be in your city. I do not have plans to return to the UK at this time.)

2. PICS. (Who?) You should never send an unsolicited “dick pic” to anyone…but if you’re seriously applying to be a film slave I need to know what you look like. But not just your dick: your whole nude torso with erect penis. I prefer fit guys with big cocks for most of my films but there are certain roles where other body types & penis sizes are used. Face pic optional.

3. WHAT? List what you would be useful for in a film/what you’re into. Here’s what I would be most interested in:

-really big dicks that produce big loads of cum (for FemDom Fetish Handjobs)

-guys that can take big strap-ons


-forced bi guys who will suck or get sucked by a dude

-ballbusting guys

4. WHEN? If you’re coming to Vancouver: when? If you live here: what days/evenings are you available? (Again, I won’t be filming until April 2016)

Note that everyone appearing in my films must be over 18, sign a model release & be photographed holding their photo ID next to their face (whether you show your face in the vid or not).

I have more film slaves than I need right now so if you’re not accepted but you want to book a private session, that’s also an option. Some of my film slaves started out as private session guys.

Recap: When you email me be brief & include the “WHO? (pic) – WHAT (activities/roles) – WHEN (dates?) – WHERE (Specify Vancouver)”


Mistress T

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