Forced Bi: Myth or Real?

Glory hole forced cock sucking! Mistress T & Amica Bentley.

Glory hole forced cock sucking! Mistress T & Amica Bentley.

Why do I ask if it’s a myth? Well, I have long made jokes about guys who ask to be made to suck cock…accusing them of just being cowardly bisexuals who needed a nudge to cross that line.

A mountain of personal experience is finally starting to convince me that straight guys DO exist who have no interest in gay activities without a female present. They have no desire to hook up with a guy online, go to a gay bathhouse, get drunk with a buddy & play hide the salami, watch gay porn, etc. They absolutely require a female they’re attracted to there…preferably in control & encouraging them to put that penis in their mouth…or lick those balls/ass, eat that cum, etc.

Mistress T making a slave suck cock.

It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

These days we are certainly learning that sexuality is not black & white. Gay, straight, bisexaul, pansexual, gay-situational, male, female, transgender, sissy, kinky, vanilla, Dom, sub, switch…on & on.

So folks, it’s complicated. It’s unfortunate that we get locked into labels & our feelings about those labels. I know many guys are really conflicted & confused about aspects of their sexuality. They really love women & are only attracted to women…yet really want to feel a dick in their mouth…maybe as an act of submission to the larger cock that gets to fuck the female of their desire (talking about a cuckolding scenario here).

Whatever the deep psychology of it is (I’m not really a therapist, I just play one in weird porn movies) I have met enough straight guys who want to suck dick (for me or with a woman present) to know they do exist. I can no longer deny it. Or mock it, as I’ve been known to do with a lot of eye-rolling, implying they were just closeted bisexuals who needed a shove.

So let your freak flag fly if you’re one of those guys…or whatever kind of freak you are. Thanks to the internet you can find others like you. The more we accept & even celebrate our differences the sooner we can ruin the hotness of feeling like we’re into some dark, twisted, taboo stuff that makes us a secret pervert, like a super hero secret. Wait, what did I just say? Yeah, that’s the flip side of all this information sharing…there was a time when secret inclinations explored on the down-low was a major part of what made it sexy. Overall I think it’s better for things to be out in the open…but there is a part of me that misses the days when I first started to explore kinky stuff & thought I was special. When I felt a bit of shame for being so perverted. Like chasing the dragon, you can never go back to your first time.

On that note…if you’re into Forced Bi stuff it’s a genre I’ve done a lot in. Why? Because it sells like crazy! Obviously there’s a huge demand for it. But also because I really enjoy it. A lot of women watch gay male porn or get aroused seeing two guys gettin’ freaky. I also get a thrill pushing men to do extreme things FOR ME, especially if it’s their first time. Hey, I can’t get a lot of my “first times” back (remember the chasing the dragon thing?) so I live vicariously through my puppets who experience new kinky things at my hands.

You can search “Forced Bi” on my clips store but I don’t use the word ‘forced’ on my members site (the payment processor doesn’t like it) so I call it ‘encouraged bi’…which really is more accurate anyway. The search function on my site works great:

See the handy search field there?  "Encouraged Bi" will lead you to all my "Forced Bi" stuff since I can't use the word "Forced" on my site.

See the handy search field there? “Encouraged Bi” will lead you to all my “Forced Bi” stuff since I can’t use the word “Forced” on my site.

You can see the search field on my clips store can also search the category "Forced Bi".

You can see the search field on my clips store too…you can also search the category “Forced Bi”.

Mistress T

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10 thoughts on “Forced Bi: Myth or Real?

  1. Great piece. I love your forced bi stuff. I am a very submissive but I am closer to the gay label of sexuality than I am the hetero label. I am extremely envious of guys with lovely big cocks. The envy manifests itself in sexual attraction.

    However if a guy was to unzip and tell me to suck him. I wouldn’t. At some point in my life I’ve seen oral as an act of submission to a more dominant partner. I have no desire to submit to a man. So the “forced” bi is something that just drives me wild. It contributes both my desire to submit to a domina and my desire for cock. Label that Freud!

    As always you are quite wonderful x

  2. Mistress T,

    In a way, seeing some of your work has brought this out in me. Something of a craving — linked to ‘cuck’, sissy, etc.

    Very exciting. Allow me to abandon myself, yearn for a taste of the life.

    (Thank you!)

  3. Mistress T,

    Must to say that you understand men better than ourselves.

    In my stupid opinion,Domme/Mistress enjoys what she get via mental torture is the highest-level of femdom.Considering visual impact,cuckolding and forced bi are the best mental torture. Again,It proved you’re the No.1 that you call it “encouraged bi”.I think the No.1Mistress don’t need to force slaves.Guiding us to realize how humble we’re is more powerful than pure forcing.

    But please allow me have some different points of view.So apologize at first.

    I think the straight guys you mentioned don’t existing.To be honest,if just”if”I’m excellent enough,I’m willing to give up all myself for you.But it just based on I want to put a smile on your face.To me,it’s also a suffer.Just like soldiers can die for his country,but it doesn’t mean they like the feeling of death.

    My english is too poor to express myself.So my words maybe straight and hard.Get on my knees and apologize again.

    Forget a key.I think one of the reasons you can encourage a straight guy to bi is your velvety voice.I’m afraid Mariah Carey will lose her job if you were a singer

  4. Thank-you Mistress T for this post. Needing the encouragement from one’s Mistress to suck cock is exactly what it is. Would never think of engaging without her presence.

  5. WOW! What an amazing rant! Everything you said hit home! This was so great! I feel like that type of guy you talk about in your post, a woman must ALWAYS BE PRESENT, for me it’s really about the dominate alpha male, more alpha than myself and sometimes I feel like I’m somewhat alpha, but basically a dominant male more alpha than me, humilitating me in front of a beautiful woman, whether it’s his wife, my wife, whatever–That’s what gets me going…. but I have no desire for that to happen with just male on male and no woman present…. I don’t get turned on or anything from that scenario…. It’s difficult to put the forced Bi into a category like you said, and labels def. should be off the table and just have fun with the fantasy!

    Thanks for a great post Mistress T!

  6. Hello Mistress T,

    I read this post and I was thinking to myself, wow she hit the nail right on the head with this.

    A few years back my ex-girlfriend “tricked” me into sucking off one of her college buddies. We’ve always had a kinky relationship and her tying me up, putting a blindfold on me, etc wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. We haven’t even talked about her wanting to see “guy on guy” action.

    But one night she tied me up, blindfolded me and started playing with me. After what seemed like maybe half an hour she told me “take it in your lips”. She had me suck on her strap on before, before doing anal. That’s what I was expecting. Instead it was her buddy and I put my lips on his cock head which was already hard. It didn’t feel right and I pulled back my head. She asked “what’s wrong?” and I said that it doesn’t feel like a dildo. She reassured me that it was and that it was warm because she’s been keeping it between her thighs to make it more realistic. Then she told me to keep sucking it, I did as I was told. As I kept on sucking it, I knew it wasn’t a dildo it felt way too real and I started to taste his precum. In my mind I didn’t want to do it but her voice kept me going. Shortly after she removed my blindfold and showed me that I was sucking a real cock. She was dripping wet from this and I wasn’t even playing with her. When he came in my mouth I remember gagging from the taste and I thought I was going to throw up. She just exploded in a very intense orgasm. That really turned me on.

    A short while later I had to move for work to the west coast and she wasn’t able to come with me due to family/work, etc. However I wasn’t able to get that out of my mind, I was thinking that she totally turned me bi. I was thinking, great I’ll just go on Craigslist and I’ll find a guy to blow. So I posted my ad and sure enough I probably got about 10 responses within an hour. Most of them had pics of their dicks in the email as I asked for it in the ad. I picked out the dick I liked the most and I emailed him back. We sent back and forth a couple of emails and it was time to set up a meeting. At that point I remember thinking, man this isn’t as exciting as I remember it, I didn’t even get a hard-on thinking about it. I ended up emailing the dude apologizing that I won’t be able to make it. I told my ex about it, she laughed at me, called me few names and told me that next time I’m back home she’ll put another cock in my mouth. Without even touching myself, my dick was rock hard in my pants.

    I was sitting there thinking, how can this possibly be. I’m not attracted to guys sexually, after the whole Craigslist thing I knew that I have absolutely no desire to meet with a guy 1 on 1 and suck his dick yet she mentions it and it’s like I’m losing my mind. I was so conflicted thinking, am I still straight am I bi … basically what the heck is going on with my sexuality.

    When I read this post it was like a light bulb went off inside. I know it’s so obvious when I think about it now, but I need to have a woman present “forcing/encouraging” me to suck for her.

    I have been back home for a visit however she’s seeing another guy who’s vanilla and even though I did go see her for coffee nothing happened between us.

    I must say that I do love your site Mistress T and especially when you use the word encouraging bi, I think it’s just outstanding. I’m not sure why I never caught on to this concept but I love it and I can’t stop thinking about a woman, encouraging me to suck off another guy. Keep up the outstanding work.

    I always enjoy your posts.


  7. I can only speak for myself, but here’s my thoughts on the subject.

    I think I’m as straight as they come and I have never fancied a man. And my sexlife was kind of ordinary until I met a woman that turned out to be dominant. She has taught me a lot about my submissive side. And I love her for that. I’m happy when I can make here happy. It’s that simple.

    It turns out the she gets realy horny when she see two men going at each other. And who am I to denay here that pleasure.

    So if she wants my mouth around a man’s dick, I would do it. I would never ever have thought about it before I met her

    I’m not sure that this is forced-bi, maybe not.

  8. U are the most beautiful mistress in the world.
    I adore you!
    I jerk off to you almost every day… and yes, I do eat my cum. Love it.

  9. Mistress T,
    My one objection to your post is when you mention, that you can no longer make fun of forced bi fetishists for being secreted bi or gay. True or not it’s a huge part of the taboo.
    You are 100% right the forced/encouraged bi crowd is not all gay or bi. But a big reason the fetish exists and is so Taboo is because straight male culture’s negative labeling of being gay. Straight men constantly taught to prove they are not gay. So being thought of as gay by your peers is a bruise to your ego. It’s often used as an insult, by other males to designate weakness. But most males will strongly object and make a rebuttal sometimes in the form of physical violence,(like a punch in the arm) and brush/laugh it off.
    But when a woman, the object of straight desire say’s you must be gay, it’s a huge bruise to that ego. You can not violently show her she’s wrong. Also you can’t physically show her you’re straight, especially When you are submissive, the dom is not interested in sex, (more proof of her theory about you) but she may speak of real men, who are straight that she would fuck, just not you(cuckold)
    Subs may weakly object your theory of their gayness and try and assert their straight sexuallity, Which some women/doms will punish you for, then reassert her claim you are gay, that insult pokes that bruised ego hard. It’s very humiliating. All that mental mind fucking without actually making the sub suck cock…yet. Just stating your opinion that a sub must be gay.
    It’s only magnified when that sub, has a real cock in his mouth for you. Being physically attracted to you and wanting the privillege of “sex” the sub trying to impress you with his obedience and submission, wanting to earn you approval and attention in hopes of earning grand rewards from you, (sex , blow jobs or release). The bigger the sacrifice the greater the reward? What bigger sacrifice then sucking cock?
    But then while sucking cock, the most extreme taboo for straight men, to be labeled gay and inadequate for sex is crushing. To be doing something in hopes it will earn you sex then end up being ruled out for being gay, very ego deflating. How do you object to being called gay while there is a cock in your mouth what rebuttal can you have? How can you object to her opinion of you at the moment? Claim she forced you? We all no it’s not really forced, just encouraged, you didn’t have to put cock in your mouth, but you did. Many cases you initiated or at least green lighted the forced bi scene you are in. The straight man you were taught to be would never put cock in his mouth. Therefore she must be right? Mental doubt creeps in, mistres’s control tightens. You feel helpless to oppose her. Again even if you muster a weak argument, trying to assert your a worthy straight male, she will punish you, repeat her reasons for thinking your gay, especially the fact you currently have a real cock in your mouth. That coupled with the fact your still not getting any from her, especially because you actually went through with it, creates that totally defeated “i can’t win” mentality and completes the mental torture part of the forced bi fetish. “you must be gay” comment is very much a part of the forced/encouraged bi fetish, especially if you are really straight.
    Please don’t stop teasing and humiliating straight guys as for being gay cocksuckers.

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