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I get a lot of emails from guys hoping to be in my films. So here’s all the info you need to apply correctly (Note: Who? What? Where? When?):

1. LOCATION! (Where?) I am only planning to film in Vancouver starting April 2016 for the foreseeable future. I am not filming at all until then & I have no plans to travel anywhere else & film at this time. So if you are not in Vancouver or willing/able to come to Vancouver there is no need to apply.

(Do not email asking if I’m coming to Denver, Germany, Boston, Toronto, Dubai or anywhere else to film. I travel a lot but I don’t film all over the world. If you can’t come to me but you can afford to pay all my expenses to come to you, then maybe, but I don’t “tour” & it’s highly unlikely I will randomly be in your city. I do not have plans to return to the UK at this time.)

2. PICS. (Who?) You should never send an unsolicited “dick pic” to anyone…but if you’re seriously applying to be a film slave I need to know what you look like. But not just your dick: your whole nude torso with erect penis. I prefer fit guys with big cocks for most of my films but there are certain roles where other body types & penis sizes are used. Face pic optional.

3. WHAT? List what you would be useful for in a film/what you’re into. Here’s what I would be most interested in:

-really big dicks that produce big loads of cum (for FemDom Fetish Handjobs)

-guys that can take big strap-ons


-forced bi guys who will suck or get sucked by a dude

-ballbusting guys

4. WHEN? If you’re coming to Vancouver: when? If you live here: what days/evenings are you available? (Again, I won’t be filming until April 2016)

Note that everyone appearing in my films must be over 18, sign a model release & be photographed holding their photo ID next to their face (whether you show your face in the vid or not).

I have more film slaves than I need right now so if you’re not accepted but you want to book a private session, that’s also an option. Some of my film slaves started out as private session guys.

Recap: When you email me be brief & include the “WHO? (pic) – WHAT (activities/roles) – WHEN (dates?) – WHERE (Specify Vancouver)”


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6 thoughts on “Film Slave Application

  1. As far as film applicants some film job openings are described as “wild card”
    Could you elaborate a little what that is ?

    • It could mean anything. Some random talent that I haven’t thought of or don’t usually do…like a guy is flexible enough to suck his own dick….or he has access to a dental office to film in…I’m leaving things open to the possibility that someone who doesn’t fit into my usual parameters might have a chance to film with me.

  2. Hi, I live in the UK but also visit Vancouver regularly and stay on Robson St, next visit will be in July, I would like to make myself available to be a slave if you need any white athletic English men, thanks .

    • Well, you’ve commented on the blog where I give clear instructions on how to apply…so if you can read & follow instructions we might be able to meet. (Hint, applying via a comment on my blog is not the correct way.)

    • Setting up the filming day/time can sometimes take days or weeks with a new slave or be very quick & painless with regulars. Filming most scenes usually takes less than 30 minutes (with regulars). A new slave might need longer to get comfortable before we start filming & take longer during filming to ejaculate if he’s nervous. Then I edit it, make the GIF & upload it which takes a couple hours typically.

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