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I read an excellent New York Times article about sex & what we can learn by what people search on Google. Here’s the article in its entirety: Searching for Sex

The topic I’m focusing on in this blog post is the issue of penis size. This article says that Google searches indicate that men are obsessed with penis size…asking Google if they have a small penis and how to make their penis larger.

From New York Times article: Searching for Sex

From New York Times article: Searching for Sex

The article also says this: “Do women care about penis size? Rarely, according to Google searches. For every search women make about a partner’s phallus, men make roughly 170 searches about their own.”

I do a lot of vids featuring “Small Penis Humiliation” specifically for guys who are aroused by being humiliated. I’ve received some serious questions regarding my own personal views on penis size & it has been a challenging tight rope for me to walk. I’m in the business of fantasy fulfillment. I create pornographic content for entertainment purposes. It might be a confusing mixed message for a fan of my small penis humiliation to read or hear me say that it might be okay if you’re not hung like a horse.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: mainstream porn is the wrong place for people to look for sex education. If you believed everything you saw in mainstream porn you would probably assume all men had huge cocks that were always erect & able to ejaculate under any circumstances…among other absurd things (like all women love it in the butt, can deep throat anything & absolutely love swallowing cum, preferably from 6 different dudes at the same time.) Mainstream porn gives guys the wrong ideas about sex like Disney movies give girls the wrong idea about romance. Cuz, honey, Prince Charming isn’t going to gallop in on his horse, rescue you & then live happily-ever-after with you in a damn castle.

But I digress.

Back to me. It’s true that I prefer the esthetic of larger cocks in my vids. Video is a visual medium & it’s entertainment. I cater to the fetish of “small penis humiliation” for those who are aroused by that.

In reality though I think most men will find that most women are happiest with men who run average (6 inches) to slightly larger than average. Not huge (many women complain about painful intercourse when their partners are too large, especially too long) but also not too small. So what is ‘too small’? Under 4 inches & slender I would say. But even then, many women can be pleasured with mouths, hands & toys. If the chemistry is there it really doesn’t matter what your dick looks like (in many cases).

There. I said it. In reality if your dick isn’t huge it may not be the end of the world. I hope most of you knew that already & didn’t need to hear it from me? But I’ll keep making vids humiliating guys with small penis’s because that’s what I do. I’ll also keep the slave chained up in my bathroom, the shrunken men in a jar in my kitchen, the slave laying by my front door to wipe my feet on, the slave I’m sitting on right now while I write this blog and the slave tied to my bed being denied an orgasm for weeks until I decide to film his release…cuz, ya know, everything I film is 100% real. *smirk*


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6 thoughts on “Penis Size

  1. Good Article Mistress T.

    There is also something few men worry about is not just the size but how good their penis looks when it is fully erect. I mean a cock with no stain, very clear with a smooth texture, a beautiful look with the shaft and head complementing each other well together when erect etc. Do you agree with that, do you have a view on that or thought about it?

    • Oh for the love of all things good…unless you’re auditioning for a porn performer role where a camera is getting close-ups of your dick…who cares what it looks like? This is a perfect example of what the article said: guys are obsessed with their dicks. If men spent nearly as much time trying to find out how to please a women with whatever they’ve got (dick, hands, mouth, toys…or BRAIN!) maybe y’all would be having more good sex & spending less time doing stupid searches on your computers.

  2. As a white guy who’s been heavily influenced over the years by Big Black Cock porn, and also spent time dabbling in the real world black on white scene. I have to say, the fantasy portrayed by this type of porn has very little to do with reality. Because, whilst there ‘are’ black guys out there with dicks that can give Shane Diesel and Mandingo a run for their money. These genuine ‘Monster’ sized guys are a serious rarity.
    What’s an interesting twist to all this, is that in my conversations and dealings with black guys, I’ve found that many have issues with the BBC phenomenon too. Whilst they certainly get a kick out of the profound effect Big Black Cock material is having on both white females and white males, and the opportunities this can offer. Many feel marginalised, because they simply can’t measure up to the unrealistic fantasy expectations they think are being imposed on them.
    The complaint I hear most regularly from them, is that if a white guy pulls down his pants and reveals an ‘average’ size 6 incher, the girl’s a reasonably happy bunny. However, if a black guy reveals that same size ‘average’ dick, it’s considered a bit of a let down. Unfortunately, regardless of what the girl ‘actually’ thinks, this is what he thinks she’s thinking, because porn also promotes the idea that all white girls are Black Cock Size Queens and just can’t get enough Huge Black Cock.
    So, despite what most white guys think, especially after exposure to the online BBC propaganda machine. There are probably just as many black guys searching for those ‘magical mystical’ penis enlarging techinques on Google as white guys.
    That’s not going to make you feel any better when you next see 10 inches of Black Dick disappearing up the bum of a super hot white girl. Or watch her swallowing down a huge mouthfull of his steaming sperm as she gazes up at you knowingly through the lens of the camera.
    But unfortunately, life’s not fair. These guys are porn stars for a reason. If you haven’t been blessed with a ‘Whopper’, like 99.9% of the males on the planet, then it’s just tough I’m afraid. That’s just the way it goes. You’d better learn to live with what you’ve got, make the most of it, and enjoy yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be forever comparing yourself to Super-Sized pornstars you can never measure up to. With all the attendant jealousy and self esteem issues that will cause, if you let it.
    Because, whilst porn is an enjoyable and exiting fantasy fuelled world. It also deals with and manipulates some of our most powerful psychological, needs, wants and desires. So should be treated with a bit of respect. Deep down, all males regard a ‘Massive Cock’ as the ultimate physical expression and embodyment of ‘Manhood’. BBC material in particular, plays on this. The message it spells out, is that these guys are BIGGER than you, more of a MAN that you, BETTER than you etc etc … Let all this get out of hand, and almost without knowing it you’ll end up finding yourself accepting the ‘Lesser Man’ submissive role.
    Hence, the massive increase in the Small Penis Humiliation, Cuckold, Forced-Bi and All-Male Domination genres we are seeing these days. It’s interesting, but also very revealing, that the vast majority of BBC porn in particular, is consumed by supposedly straight white males. I’ve heard a number of IR porn producers describe this client base as ‘White Gold’, and know white guys are regarded as the principal money making target audience.
    So, whilst for most women ‘SIZE’ doesn’t appear to be an all consuming, life
    changing issue. For huge numbers of men it is. Your ‘Manhood’ is dangling there in front of you 24-7 365, it’s a basic element of who and what you are.
    What’s been a recent blow to many males though, hasn’t just been the exposure to large quantities of porn featuring extremely well endowed guys, but the fact that women now have such easy access to this type of material too.
    In my younger years I never remember seeing a female customer in the adult shops I furtively slunk into. It wasn’t until the internet brought the ability to view porn into the comfort and privacy of your own home, that the girls I knew ever started mentioning the names of stars like Lex Steele or Mandingo. Suddenly every woman was able to compare and contrast a whole world full of cocks, at her leisure. And the lies and exaggerations of yesteryear evaporated, as girls saw in explicit detail, exactly what HUNG really meant.
    Now as a male, there was nowhere to hide. You weren’t just comparing yourself to the guys online. The girls you knew were doing it too. Everytime you got to drop your trousers, you knew they were silently ranking and sizing you up. You knew that even if you were above average, they’d undoubtedly seen ones MUCH MUCH Bigger online.
    A huge chunk of many males psychological armour and self-esteem disappeared when this happened. Much of the male persona is constructed of, and bolstered up by a fragile layer of convenient deceits, bluff and bluster. Strip this away too much, and it results in the large numbers of increasingly submissive beta males we are now witnessing.
    On the whole women seem to have been a lot less fazed and influenced by the whole BBC movement than males have been. Sure, the curiosity in many has been roused, and some do go on to be involved in the scene. However, it doesn’t seem to have had anything like the extreme impact that it’s had on many white males.
    It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how all this pans out in the next ten years or so, since the whole thing is pretty much based on a fantasy notion. Perhaps reality will bite back, and we’ll see things like the BBC marketing machine for what they really are, and all finally be happy within ourselves. Or perhaps by then we’ll all be so addicted to our online virtual fantasy worlds, we won’t know what’s real or not any longer, and won’t care either… Who knows

  3. Apparently anything above 7.5″ is rare (top 2% according to So most women will never see one that big. I am around 5″ on a good day 🙂 which means 8 in 10 are bigger than me. I have never really had a problem with it but I do notice the difference when I see porn, they just look so much bigger than me.

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