The FemDomme Uniform

How do you recognize a truly Dominant woman?

The ultimate Pro Domme accessory is a slave.

The ultimate Pro Domme accessory is a slave.

Many imagine a woman wearing leather or latex, maybe a corset, certainly severe high heeled boots or shoes. Maybe stockings & garters, leather or latex gloves, red lipstick & holding a whip. This is the cliche image of a Dominatrix.

My favorite Domme outfit.

My favorite Domme outfit.

Some in the traditional ‘scene’ feel that a real Dominatrix doesn’t get naked. The many Financial Dommes (Fin Dommes) have taken their own twist on that. They never get naked but they will tease in tiny bikini’s or lingerie, slutty dresses, jeans, etc. but rarely in BDSM fetish attire.

Boss of the year?

Boss of the year?

Being Dominant is about being in control, so some men feel a powerful business suit puts the woman in the drivers seat. On International Women’s Day it’s interesting to note that when it comes to politics, owning or running large corporations or holding senior management positions…the vast majority of the decision makers of the world are still male. Isn’t it a shame that men don’t have more Sarah Palin’s to jerk off to? (That’s sarcasm folks.)

You'll never look at flannel pj's the same way again.

You’ll never look at flannel pj’s the same way again.

Since before anyone gave me permission I’ve been plying my craft in casual attire, domestic clothing, naked…& recently, in my pj’s. This may seem extreme to some but the reality is that many of my fans are more interested in ME than my attire. The majority of guys who want to connect with me on web cam want to talk to me like a real person. They don’t want me to put on a show…which is fortunate because I’m not interested in that either. I perform for the camera when I make vids and I love it, but when it comes to one-on-one connections I prefer to actually have a personal connection.

A lot of guys fantasize about serving me in real life. Well, ya know what? I don’t hang around my home in latex & high heeled boots. My downstairs neighbor is grateful that I wear comfy socks instead.

Need all the bell's & whistles?

Need all the bell’s & whistles?

I understand for some guys their fetish is the clothing. They need that traditional Dominatrix outfit to get off. That’s fair & that’s why I go for that look sometimes too. It feels good to get all sexed up & know it makes a man’s knees weak…but if you think that I’m any less Dominant or in control in flannel pj’s, think again.

So, how do you recognize a Dominant woman? The only answer is within you. Does she make you feel submissive?

Mistress T

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10 thoughts on “The FemDomme Uniform

  1. My fave is a cotton “wife beater” t-shirt (although I am not fond of that name) and a pair of cotton panties. Sometimes a pair of ankle sock for added effect! Good to hear I am not the only one tired of the cliched garb one so often associates with a domina, pro or private.


  2. I love the play out fit and the nude and the business suit, but my favorite is just regular every day clothes. A nice pair of jeans, maybe some nice shorts or yoga pants. Something that makes you real. I like the idea of a connection. Even normal conversation…of course sharing the occasional dirty thought as they naturally occur. Granted by no means do I think that they are a constant part if the conversation, just the occasional femdom thought.

  3. O, Mistress T, you are a revelation in those pj’s! You are incendiary sitting on that slave’s face in the top pic, and lovely nude, but what makes the pj’s amazing is that they place the focus onto you, your personality, and less upon a persona. You look fun and ‘normal’ and ‘real’ and still worthy of utter submission!

  4. Perfect conclusion. While I certainly do get turned on by the visuals of leather, latex, boots, etc., it’s really about what a woman makes me feel. If I’m connected to her, and she inspires submission in me, then whatever she wears can be extremely powerful and sexy.

    There’s a cliché “the clothes make the man”, but it’s wrong. The person in the clothes is the one who makes them work and embodies whatever attitude is communicated through them.

  5. For me, it’s the woman and how she is that “gets me off”. Sure there are certain clothes that have appeal, but I think we tend to fetishize them more in a sense. Is it the whip and boots, or is it the woman in them? It would ultimately make no difference if you were in granny panties and socks wearing glasses and looking like a sweetheart as opposed to being in a latex catsuit with spikes on your wrists and around next and looking like a cyber-punk authoritarian leader etc.

  6. As a fetishist for dominant women in leather I wish there was a way to tell. I’ve been down that “Oh, she’s got very tall leather boots on, I bet she’s dominant” wormhole enough to know that isn’t an indicator of anything.

    But I have to admit, my primal desires lure me into thinking every time I see a woman in black leather that she’s a closet dominatrix. In the practical world, it always ends in disappoint. But it sure makes for some fun fantasizing in the mean time!

    Viva mujeres en cuero!

  7. A well written post. Although I like the authoritarian minimalism dominas wear in session it’s not the clothes that interest me. There are fetishists that worship leather or latex but the object I worship is a woman and I like the clothes that make her look good. A pair of stilettos hold no interest for me without the feet and legs. “Naked is good”.

  8. You gave the right answer in my opinion:
    i can recognize a truly Dominant woman by the fact that when i see Her the only thing that comes to my mind is “i’d love to obey Her and do my best to try to please Her”


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