Book cover-exciting!

Cover of the book

Book cover art by Drew Young. Book cover design by Srdjan Filipovic. Back cover author photo by Photobin Photography

It’s really almost done!

I have been pushing hard to get the book done before Christmas & I think we might ‘just’ make it.

As I’ve said before, it’s my first time doing this & I’m self-publishing so everything has taken longer than expected but I’m so close to the finish line! I plan to sell e-books and soft cover books via Amazon using a print on demand service.

For those wanting signed copies, I don’t have a great plan for that yet but I’m open to ideas. It depends on the volume and I have no idea what to expect?

To start I’ll likely get some books printed and sent to me, then I’ll take orders for signings via email(?) & payment via…? In any case, there’s no way I’ll be able to get signed copies to fans before the end of December. But I should be able to take orders & get the book into your hands by the end of January.

Stay tuned for more info!


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9 thoughts on “Book cover-exciting!

  1. Hi from Frenchfan, Bob I am so happy that your book is nearly “Out” And so happy
    for you,I hope it all goes well for you,as I am sure it will,have you done the speaking
    version yet? can just imagine myself lying in bed with my headphones on with your
    lovely silky voice in my ears! Lots of love,take cake,from a paying fan,Bob x

  2. You have a customer in me and I’m very excited about reading your literary work. I completely agree with Bob Gallagher’s comments about doing perhaps an audio version with your voice and since you’re publishing your book and making it available through Amazon an audio Kindle version should be pretty easy especially because you have the know-how and the required equipment to do simple audio recordings. Wow Mistress T this is so exciting!!

  3. Some time ago through a fetlife munch, i attended a talk by a very prominent Los Angeles Dominant Woman. Her approach in life which is of course an alternative lifestyle by her standards, was perfectly summarized in one quote she offers up: “Life before Lifstyle”.
    With the title of your book being
    “There is more to the story”,
    I am inspired to read about all of who Mistress T is. Your journey, your wins and loses, your heart, your loves and passions and hopefully as your reader(s), we may learn about the wells you draw from when you need inspiration and spiritual support.

  4. Great news Mistress T, thanks for the update. Pretty cool cover art and style too. It is so YOU! Buena Suerte !

    For some of us, the peek into real life is much more interesting and compelling than the porn. I really miss being around, and conversing with, fellow kinksters. I miss the social interactions and watching the players as people much more than I miss the joyous fetishes and amazing sex. I am grateful you have chosen to share with us. Thanks a ton!


    Pardon me please, possible newb-level questions:
    If you had to, could you accept payments for signed copies the old school way using a POB service? Will you web payment processing page not be able to add an item that is a signed book, as opposed to the view/download of a clip?


    At any rate congratulations, I am glad for you that you accomplished a goal and a dream at the same time!

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