Stalkers, crazy guys, cattiness & drama-making competitors are a part of this business. Most women in the industry have at least a couple stories of guys or girls causing unnecessary stress in one way or another. I’ve considered myself lucky to have gotten away relatively unscathed. In fact, I have enjoyed an overwhelming amount of support from my peers in the industry & guys have been harmless.

Until today.

It came to my attention that someone is specifically trying to cause problems for me. I won’t go into detail as this blog post is directed to that person & they already know what they’re doing. I know that 99% of you will want to know what’s going on but please understand that I’m hoping this is behind me quickly & I don’t want to ‘feed’ it by giving it more attention than is required. I will say that there is no known threat to my physical safety or property.

To the person who is trying to cause trouble: you are wasting time & energy you could be putting toward something more positive. You only have one life, do you really want it to be about trying to bring someone else grief?

You’re also wasting your time with me. I have been a resourceful and highly adaptable survivor my whole life. Whatever the worst possible thing is you think you could do to me would still be easy for me to overcome. I am a lot more than Mistress T. Before I was Mistress T I had a whole other successful life. As Mistress T I have a variety of revenue streams. I can change focus without skipping a beat. If the day comes that I decide to retire Mistress T I will still have plenty of options. I have been strategic & planned for pretty much any possibility.

You may not have covered your tracks as well as you think but I would let it go at this point if it ends now. Karma is a bitch & you get from life what you give. The hippie in me really believes that. So, take the high road. You have to look at yourself in the mirror.

Mistress T

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15 thoughts on “Drama-Lama-Ding-Dong

    • Thanks Velvet. Support from you during this drama carries a special amount of weight. I’ll explain next time I see you.

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with this pathetic loser. It speaks volumes about your character that you’re handling this with class and calmness.
    I think you’re definitely living up to that old saying, “living well is the best revenge”

  2. Hang in there do not be afraid and todo not stop doing what you are doing because of some low life.oe day at a time we will get where we are going /sincerely yours ted

  3. Reading between the lines, this sounds very unpleasant, Mistress.

    Hopefully ‘The Sorcerer’ has done his stuff and this unsavoury business is at an end.

    Best of luck…

  4. Best of luck getting rid of the drama! And hopefully some lucky person will be punished so you can feel better

  5. In the beginning I blew hot and cold about you. I think the thing that really turns me on about you is your voice and the rhythm of your voice. The only time voices ever turned me on is when I was in japan.
    I think you are mature beyond your 37 years. I hole 6 college degrees and speak 5 languages and I have found you to be a very intelligent lady. One block is missing but then we all have a few blocks out of line.
    To expose yourself in this way you would have to expect some perv to become fixated and jealous and develop a delusional feeling toward you. It is really really sad….of course in every profession every walk of life it is always the same. I guess that is why I enjoy opera….it is always about envy murder and the basic failings of humanity. You of course pray on those failings. Giving over power however can be relaxing and put ones inner core at rest. It is always the rich the powerful and the ones that have too much time on their hands that get involved in this. Always the ones with mommy issues.
    It is indeed sad this has happened to you…..I always take solace in the words of Freud who was himself a sexual deviant…….”ah, this wolf pack we call humanity…..” keep it together sweetie….I know it is hard sometimes……g

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