Home for the holidays…

Christmas morning with the family.

Christmas morning with the family.

I am back home in Vancouver after a little over a week in Nova Scotia for the holidays. I had a wonderful time! I’m often asked if my family knows what I do for a living. They all know to some extent although most of them don’t really understand, none of them are bothered by it. Some of them ask a lot of questions, some don’t ask anything at all. It is clear that I’m healthy, happy & financially secure, which is all that really matters to them. They are perhaps more perplexed about me being 38, unmarried & childless. I am the only one in my large family who didn’t get hitched & have kids before 30. I just shrug & sing: “Single bells, single bells, single all the waaaayyyy…” They laugh & the conversation moves along.

In addition to the family visit I also went out in downtown Halifax three different nights which was a rare treat.

When I was 17 my girlfriends & I started sneaking into bars in Halifax. We had so much fun during the few years I was there before I moved to Vancouver. I haven’t gone out very often in Halifax in the last 17 years but the opportunity presented itself this time & I took full advantage. The vibe in Halifax is great. So warm & down-to-earth.  Many people say that Maritimers are some of the friendliest people in the world & I concur.

Durty Nelly's is a casual pub in Halifax with live music & friendly folks of all ages.

Durty Nelly’s is a casual pub in Halifax with live music & friendly folks of all ages.

One night I ran across a live jazz band that was amazing & sat at the bar as friendly stranger after friendly stranger chatted with me. Nothing creepy or cheesy, just nice. Another night I found myself dancing for hours in a bar that felt like a house party while two fella’s played their guitars & sang their hearts out. Everyone was smiling & enjoying the crowd, no pretension, no looking at iphones. Another night I went on a pub crawl, a Haligonian tradition. If you ever get a chance to party in Halifax, no matter your age, go for it. You’ll be welcomed with open arms like you can’t even imagine.

I miss it already & may get back there sooner than usual.

A crisp, sunny day exploring one of rural Nova Scotia's fishing villages.

A crisp, sunny day exploring one of rural Nova Scotia’s fishing villages.

Now I sit here in Vancouver typing this, watching the sun rise (jet lag woke me up very early)…thinking about all my wonderful friends in Vancouver I’ll see in the next few days over New Years. Home is where you hang your hat.

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7 thoughts on “Home for the holidays…

  1. Mistress T:

    In addition to being a naturally beautiful Woman, you truly are very gifted, and quite the confident and accomplished gal. Thanks for providing the glimpse into your personal life. Wonderful to realize such a Talented and successful person has a personal life so very similar to the rest of us simple folk.
    You have provided many entertaining moments to so many of us; but I don’t believe any have been as enjoyable as these real life moments you have shared from your life.

  2. Sounds lovely. Glad that you had a good trip. It’s fascinating the way you disclose your personal life. Very refreshing. You are an interesting woman.
    I am definitely a cuckold. (First time I’ve said it to a live person). Wondering if you have tips on revealing that to someone?

    • Funny, I just filmed a vid today (before reading this) that might be just what you need (to tell someone you want to be a cuckold). Keep an eye out for it or order a more specific custom vid by emailing me (minimum $150).
      The vid I filmed today I’m wearing a black dress, purple background…probably call it something like “Cuckolding 101 For You & Your Wife”.

  3. Great!! Reading this & discovering you the otherday, after spending the last 3months in rural NS, I now feel much better about moving to Hallifax soon from London\Brighton UK. Over the moon that you are from and live in Canada! My dream county & my dream type of Woman! Happy New year, Chris, 24

    • Let me get this straight, you’re from the UK, you’ve been living in rural NS for 3 months & you’re about to move to Halifax? If that’s the case…well, you’ll be alright but it’s quite a change! In Halifax, I recommend the Stubborn Goat, Durty Nelly’s & The Economy Shoe Shop (Monday nights they have amazing live jazz). It’s not London but the people are friendly as heck. Keep a smile on your face & an open heart, you’ll make plenty of friends in no time.

      • Yep 🙂 Sep-Dec was in Truro/ Tatamagouche NS. Back in London now. Halifax in June permanently. And the Canadian Rockies 1 day! I know right! Its worlds apart! Luv Exploring. Just thought it was very coincidental when I read your Blog and realised these are your main spots, (main fetish that turns me on extremely is cuckolding however physically i totally suit the role of a bull) so bit of contrast there in my life 🙂 haha, Its great to meet you 🙂

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