Hump Day

Love & laughs...

Love & laughs…

My girlfriend brought over her newest lover. Like a shiny new toy she wanted to present to me. She loves to share her toys.

He was trim & virile. Keen but not as experienced as us. It was novel being with two women. We planned to only let him dip his toe in the water. Work him in slow. Boys minds are so easily blown.

We stood giggling in the tub all defrosting our feet in hot water. This is foreplay during Canadian winter.

I lubricated myself with vodka. Being typically unprepared I was using frozen raspberries as both ice & mix.

We cuddled in bed, touching by candlelight, listening to the “sophisticated indie” mix off Songza. I refused to remove my toque. Just to be weird. Being the only one drinking I joked that it was my rheumatism medication. At this stage of my life I have a hard time taking sex seriously. I like to laugh & I constantly, sometimes annoyingly, make jokes throughout. No one has kicked me out of bed for it yet, so obnoxiously, I continue.

She goes down on him. I know her mouth well. She has created magic on my pussy many times over the years. Talented, skilled, magic…whatever you call it, it’s fucking amazing. I can see she’s giving the same treatment to his cock & I’m not surprised at his reaction.

He pulls me in. I stroke his head with one hand & baby my drink in the other. It’s my bed, I’m careful to not spill booze in it. I kiss him. Slowly. His mouth is just a little more eager, a little faster than my pace. “Calm down cowboy, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

She’s working his cock like a champ, taking the whole thing all the way to the hilt, great hand-mouth coordination, she looks beautiful, sexy, slutty & powerful all at once. It’s something to behold. I observe, noting her technique, admiring her deep throating which I struggle with…I take a sip from my drink & the taste of raspberries takes me back to my youth, picking raspberries from the bush in the summer, eating them right there, brushing the bugs off, being careful of the thorns. I wonder if most people have ever eaten raspberries warmed by the sun…& then I feel guilty for letting my mind wander in the middle of an amazing moment & I wonder if that’s normal or if there’s something wrong with me?

I come back to the moment & observe his cock, wondering how it would feel in my pussy, wondering if it would look good on film…noting that I’ve come to a place where I simultaneously assess men for the potential to please me as well as their usefulness in my business. But there’s no doubt, this is a hot moment, a memory I’ll always cherish no matter what my conflicting thoughts are.

While I kiss him, and I love kissing, she brings him to the edge. He indicates he’s close & I pull away from his beautiful face to look at his cum shot, in case I decide to film with him, I need to know what his projection is like. I only feel bad about this for a second then say fuck it…my job is my life & if his dick or cum shot isn’t right for filming I’ll just use him for my pleasure anyway, it doesn’t matter…

I haven’t spilled a drop of my drink. I sip it in the afterglow & we cuddle. I love her so much. For all that she is. Her sexual freedom. She knows herself & she makes no apologies. She can have any man she wants & she gives & gets beautifully.

I am grateful for the life I’ve created, the people who I’ve surrounded myself & for random Wednesday night romps.

My boyfriend will be here soon & I’ll tell him all about what happened. I’ll remove my pants for the first time tonight…& we’ll probably have sex….but if we don’t, that’s okay too. Just having someone in my life I can share everything with, without drama or guilt is more important than an orgasm. Intimacy & sex play is about so much more than just orgasms…
Mistress T

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Mistress T I believe just reading your story I felt like I was with you the whole time I closed my eyes and imagined your friend on my man hood and you not spilling your drink come on no alcohol abuse in bed lol you make my solo sessions so intense keep it up love your the best

  2. What an honest, erotic, and enlightening account of intimacy from the sensible mind of a passionate and kinky Woman. Inspirational to say the least.

    The way you dressed up the romantic body of your sultry experience with such a delicious coating of naughtiness had my eyes fixed to the screen, Ms. T. I read your words as though I were a very, very privileged and orgasm denied cuckold, whose senses are overrun by the sexual prowess of your uninhibited Girlfriend, the opportunity of a fortunate man, and the sensual approval and gratification of one referred to as, Ms. T.

    The only thing wrong about your thoughts of raspberries warmed by the sun (and there is absolutely nothing wrong about them; SO hott!!), is how you didn’t have a bowl of them nearby in order to further enhance your pleasure. I hope that a bowl of raspberries warmed by the sun will be readily available in the future, as well as a blindfolded, plugged, and restrained boi whom you indulge by crushing some of those warm raspberries beneath your pretty size 4’s.

    All the while you survey the sexual flames emanating from the sweet embrace of your Girlfriend and her aroused lover, as you glance down in approval at the slutty boi trapped between your feet. A little bitch boi who eagerly licks away at your soft soles before slowly working his way up to sucking on your delectable toes, and to the inevitably of his swallowing a sweet, thick, and unforgettable load of raspberry liquid from your divine and pampered feet.

    After one last sip of your fruity drink, you set your glass down and then allow one of your eager and skillful hands to run through your hair before its supple fingertips go and brush across your left cheek. Then ever so focused your index finger touches and encircles those mouth watering lips that hide your attractively nefarious smile.

    Your now wet finger comes into contact with your chin and passes over it in order to meet up with the other fingers that have already begun their descent down your neck. You then bite down upon your bottom lip and let out a soft and self-indulging exhale, while both of your hands begin to caress those luscious full breasts, and your forefingers and thumbs join in unison to seize and pinch your perfectly erect pink nipples.

    When your fingers and hands reluctantly release the sinful mounds of flesh they had once ensnared and occupied, your hands fall down and rub in unison along your beautiful tummy, and finally, in lustful innocence do both of your hands now wander over and then between your hot, creamy, white thighs.

    Thank you for the read and the fuel to write, Ms. T. Have a wonderful day and a naughty weekend.


  3. Mistress T …you are awesome…it seems like you had a lot of fun throughout your life…you had enjoyed sex to its fullest… you have a boyfriend,you have girlfriends , there friends & of course slave to entertain your beauty… you have so many options …you are confident and experienced as well… … I wish I would be able to serve you Mistress T…. If you ever plan to visit India please give me one opportunity to serve you…I would love to smell the hot heavenly sent coming out of your body….


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