Camping Feb 2014

Lovely camping weather!

Lovely camping weather!

Camping in Canada in February? Sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s do-able if you have a heated camper, lots of wood for a campfire & the most important thing: hot springs! Some people call that “glamping” (glamorous camping).

A girlfriend & I have been camping together a few times a year for nearly 10 years. We usually go in the spring & fall but once in awhile we go in the winter. This time we had a couple of days of very cold, sunny weather with no snow. The last morning we woke up to beautiful snow! So we got the best of both.

There’s nothing like sitting in the hot springs with good friends & a couple of drinks.

Here’s a little vid of my trip. You can click on the pic or click this link:

Click to view the vid!

Click to view the vid!


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7 thoughts on “Camping Feb 2014

  1. Mistress T,
    You look gorgeous in this video and about 22 years old! Cold weather agrees with you.

  2. Oh Yes! THE Perfect weather for a cozy and relaxing camping holiday!
    I have myself been frequently made. Has a high recovery factor.
    With you together, it would be perfect! 😉

  3. All this watching you frolicing in the snow is making me hot – so now I also have ‘lots of wood’…

  4. Enjoy mistress T ……you deserve this life style………A life full of fun and no Stress……..!

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