Back from Guatemala

Meg, Ceara & I exploring a volcano.

Meg, Ceara & I exploring a volcano.

I’m back from my trip to Guatemala with Princess Meggerz & Ceara Lynch. It was an interesting trip. Good food, good friends, nice scenery, warm weather…some ancient ruins, some luxurious spa time & lots of relaxing time to read. Here’s a few random pics from the trip:

img_9204 img_9333 img_9619 img_9784 img_9813 img_9858 img_9794-1

I’ve returned to an unusually cold & icy Vancouver. We’re having a real winter here & it’s as bizarre as it is unpleasant. I’ve lived here for 20 years & I’ve never seen so much snow. We typically just get rain in the winter, like Seattle. Brrrrr!

I’ll be ramping back up to start filming again in a couple weeks, so if you have custom vid requests you can send those in again.

As for my book…my first draft is with the professional editor I hired so that’s exciting. It will still take a few months of going back & forth, reworking things, but it’s moving along!


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7 thoughts on “Back from Guatemala

    • Possibly when someone pays all my expenses + a generous tribute for me to come there. Otherwise I have no plans for it.

  1. So good to see You were having a great vacation and start in the new year.
    Wishing You the best success for Your book.
    Respectfully Yours

    • Well, considering u generously treated us all to the fancy spa day on New Year’s day I would say u can take some credit for us getting the year off on the right foot;-)

  2. Great to see Mistress’s wonderful ass being exhibited to the usual spectacular standard…

  3. What typically happens when you run into a guy who recognizes you from porn vids? Are they just looking embarrassed, do they pretend not to know you, but you realize they actually do, do they greet you, do they ask for a snapshot with you, do they ask to session with you, take you out to dinner, stalk you…?
    I mean it can be anyone: the postman, the supermarket cashier, the cab driver, the bell hop, Ueber driver, a foreign tourist, mayor, congress man, police man, shopper in a super market…
    How do you deal with that?
    Honestly if I saw you anywhere, not sure what I would do. Nothing too embarrassing I hope 🙂

    • I’ve had very little experience with being recognized in public. The few times it’s happened the guy was very discreet & respectful.

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