Prepare For The Holidays!

The holidays are upon us! For some this is a joyous time, for others, not so much. So I created this little vid to offer some suggestions for helping you these days if it’s a challenge for you:

Click the link above this pic...not the pic...I know, I know...the pic should be clickable but cut me some slack. I can't even set the time on my microwave.

Click the link above this pic…not the pic…I know, I know…the pic should be clickable but cut me some slack. I can’t even set the time on my microwave.

I have sent the first draft of my book to the professional editor I chose. So that will get worked on by her for the next few weeks while I’m spending the holidays with my gal pals exploring Guatemala. You might have heard of these two trouble makers: Ceara Lynch & Meggerz. We’ve done a lot of traveling together over the years, I’m excited for more…& also looking forward to the warm weather!

I randomly chose this pic of us from 2013

I randomly chose this pic of us from 2013. Meggerz is on the left, Ceara Lynch in the middle, the great Mistress T on the right.

I know a lot of you will have extra time on your hands in the coming weeks so I’m going to make sure you’re set up with a bunch of great porn, to suit a wide variety of tastes.

Of course ME…you already know my site & clips store but note that there are a couple new additions, if you prefer different platforms:

Members site:



If you like ball busting, face sitting, women beating up men & other more physical FemDom action I strongly recommend Nikki Whiplash’s studio’s. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Nikki & I would count her as a close friend. Her verbals are fantastic & I find her style of Domination very genuine & seductive.

Nikki Whiplash & I a few years ago...likely discussing our mutual love of ballbusting:-)

Nikki Whiplash & I a few years ago…likely discussing our mutual love of ballbusting:-)

Ballbusting World PPV:


Lethal Bitches:


Nikki Whiplash’s PPV, for a variety of FemDom scenes:


Speaking of FemDom variety…you’ll want to check out the PPV studio brought to you by the diabolical Sidonia Von Bork of, Bitch World FemDom:

Don't click the pic, remember, I haven't figured that out...the link is above, studio 66613 (bit creepy that number, isn't it?)

Don’t click the pic, remember, I haven’t figured that out…the link is above, studio 66613 (bit creepy that number, isn’t it?)

If Financial Domination is something you’re interested in Ceara Lynch & Princess Meggerz are legends. That’s not all they do…they also specialize in fetishes for panties, feet & other body parts & clothing items…& they’re great at humiliation…& other stuff. It’s a different style of Femdom from The English Mansion & Nikki Whiplash & I’m here to ensure you have a buffet of choices…so here’s links for them:

Ceara Lynch:


Princess Meggerz:


Alrighty, you’ve got enough porn options there to keep you busy for a dozen holiday seasons.

If you’re feeling charitable, Doctors Without Borders is a good one (I donated myself today):

Thanks for all your support this past year & always. I hope that I entertained you & helped you to explore your sexuality. Orgasms are good! (Yeah, yeah, except you poor suckers locked in chastity…I don’t know how you do it…I’m going to go masturbate right now, cuz orgasms are pretty much the best thing ever.)


Mistress T

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14 thoughts on “Prepare For The Holidays!

  1. I look forward every year to your holiday video as much as I happily anticipate your newest cuckold or strap on vid. Maybe more. Happy Holidays Lovely Lady!

  2. Enjoy your Holiday vacation. Thank you for the free vid clip. I live in Selden, NY,
    its on Long Island about 60 miles from NYC, We’re going to have a cold week. Really wish I was with you & your friends!
    I’d do my best to make the three of you happy anyway I can. I enjoy toys & wonder how big a toy I can take!
    Enjoy the Holidays!

    • The best way you or anyone else can make us happy on this trip is to tribute so we’re spending slave’s money rather than our money. I know that’s a “FinDom” thing to say…but I have had fans send tributes to cover some aspects of my trip & I gotta say, it’s been really nice & has made me happy. So there ya go.
      We all have tribute buttons on our various pay-per-view clips stores if you or anyone else feels so inclined:-)

  3. A fan for life!!!…
    Hi MistressT..
    Wanted to compliment you for a class A site. Probably one of the absolute hottest I’ve EVER! seen. I’m a huge fan of but you’re better. And you are indescribably delicious MistressT. I enjoy your tutorial vids. You are absolutely right; you have a site that "gets" me. My wife knows that I’m bisexual but she doesn’t know the extent of how much I enjoy domination and humiliation. I meet a m/f married couple just like myself once a month at their home and I love being their little bitch; creampies, cock sucking, and role play; I can’t get enough! I also have threesomes with my m/m neighbors across the street frequently. I lead the "normal" Capt. America life..whatever that means. Ha! Everything I’ve seen so far is so fucking hot. To watch you stroke those big thick cocks sets my balls on fire. All I have to do is listen to your voice and watch your gorgeous body. I’m Mr. middle class and retired military; not a bad looking man at 50 and truly getting in touch with my real sexuality. Can’t wait to get home tonight and download like I’ve never done it before.
    Again wanted to extend a nice shout-out to you and the whole production.

    Bill (lobit66)

    • Thanks Bill. Your last compliment to ‘my whole production’ made me laugh. It’s really just me with a camera on a tripod. I edit everything, etc. Guys volunteer (or pay) to be in the vids & I have a webmaster for site security & technical stuff…but there is no production crew. To camera operator, no director, no hair/make-up/wardrobe, no editing staff, no marketing staff…just me really;-)
      I’m glad that it looks like I have a ‘production’ tho.

      • Just can’t believe how well you identify with “us people”…lol. Can’t wait to get home, enjoy something “natural”, enjoy my body, your website and the webcams of like-minded beautiful men and women. There is a part of my life that is spiritually based and the religious scenario vids turn me on so much that my dick sticks to my shorts! I have a fantasy of several men and women from my parish having a huge orgy in my back yard. Sorry if this is tmi but I haven’t had a testicle-shattering tingle over porn like this in a long fucking time. Teach me more Mistress….

  4. The religious vids get me so hot. Another part of the turn-on with that is that I tell myself that’s a “no-no”. Oh well….

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