Exciting plans:-)

I have really exciting news.

It’s been a few months in the making. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it. But I have just reached my goal.

I’ll explain.

I’ve planned a trip to Thailand to attend a yoga school, to get my padi (diving certification) & to work on my book. Yes, I’m finally writing the book so many people have been encouraging me to write. I needed to work extra hard filming & editing to build up enough content so I could put my energy elsewhere for a few months.

I just edited the last of my filmed content & I have enough! So I will be going to Thailand early January for two & half MONTHS! I will not be bringing my filming equipment or my editing computer. No filming or editing to distract me from writing.

Although the idea is to take a break from my business I plan to post pics on twitter & Tumblr + make regular posts on my blog to give you all a peek into my tropical paradise & my progress. Less frequently…& I probably won’t check my email as often but I’ll still be around enough that those who aren’t readers of my blog may not even realize I’m away so long.


My partner is coming with me as well as another gal pal. I’m trying to entice a few others to join. We’ll see:-)

I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand but each trip is different. My first trip I was in my early 20’s, naive, inexperienced & unprepared. I didn’t have a Lonely Planet guide book & the internet wasn’t what it is today. I had quite an adventure & I ended up getting help from a lot of people along the way.

But that’s another whole story. Clearly I made it out alive & have returned several more times for the delicious food, the heat, the stunning beaches, the relaxed vibe & friendly Thai people. This will be my first time attending a yoga school (I have no interest in becoming a yoga instructor, I just like yoga) & it’s embarrassing that I’ve never done the scuba diving course. It only takes a few days & it’s cheap in Thailand. I love snorkeling & I took a half day scuba course in Bali a couple years ago in order to do a little mini-dive. I promised myself I would do more.

One more day in Phoenix. Meg (My pal & FinDom extraordinaire Princess Meggerz: http://meggerz.com/) is flying here tomorrow & we’ll do some day hiking in Joshua Tree for a few days. Meg will go back to NY & my boyfriend & I will head north, back to Vancouver. I’ll probably still do some filming there with my regular stunt cocks, enjoy the holidays & then early January: zoom zoom.

If you have a custom vid request or if you want to see me in Vancouver before I go, send that email ASAP: MsT@MistressT.net

I am also really excited about the content coming out over the next few months. I have edited some amazing scenes. I want to release them all now! ha ha.

Mistress T

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9 thoughts on “Exciting plans:-)

  1. These are exciting news indeed. I can hardly find the words to tell how happy I am about your writing a book. This blog is the proof that you have good writing skills and you certainly know how to build up tension. Whoever doubts that, let them book a session with you. 😉
    I can only wish you a great time, lots of success and a fruitful outcome. As always, I will be looking forward for any updates from you. Xxx

  2. I hope you enjoy visiting Thailand, a friend traveled there and he said it was very fun, except for food xD he is very “selective” with the things he eat; the food is so fresh that the majority is still alive he said xD he must “learn” to eat jeje.

    im curios, which will be the focus of the book? only if you want to give a “preview” of course.

    I hope my english doesnt sound like tarzan xD

  3. hey babe,

    i & my wife are also planning to come to thailand around this time. I have fantasy of her being enjoyed in front of me. wish i could meet you and let you know how much have you inspired me

  4. Please let me know if you need a submissive in Joshua Tree during your visit! Either for filming or other duties! I am here also and would love to serve you!

    • Why would you make this comment on my blog rather than sending me an email? I could assume you are not actually serious, you lack common sense or you’re too lazy to look up my email address?
      If you had sent a proper email I would have likely set something up…but approaching me this way has set a poor first impression.
      I write all of this (rather than ignoring you) as a lesson for any other subs reading this so they don’t make the same mistake. Same goes for guys who send twitter comments hoping to meet me. Public areas are NOT appropriate places to have these private discussions.

      • I understand, Mistress T. I had sent you an email last week, but it might have possibly gone to your Spam folder as I never heard back. My sincere apologies. I sent another email.

  5. This is so exciting!! I’ll be checking for updates about your book. Break a quill!

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