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I just tweeted to my 46K followers that I’m taking requests for a blog post today. I quickly received a variety of topics but the one that stood out was this one from  :

I’d love to know if you have a top say 3 places to visit in the world. For either work or pleasure Mistress. Xx”
That seems appropriate considering that I am traveling right now (in Phoenix).
Before listing 3 places I’ll give you a bit of background, for those who don’t know me very well (yet).
I love to travel. I caught the travel bug at 18 when I took my first trip to Cancun, Mexico from Nova Scotia. I’d never been out of the province & never been in an airplane. It was a huge adventure & I was hooked. I started traveling every chance I could. I have now been all over Canada & the US, including a few trips to Hawaii. India (twice), Toyko, Thailand (5 times), Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bali, Cuba, Belize, Mexico (4 times), England (8 times?), Paris (3 times), Amsterdam, Brussels, Italy, Berlin, Budapest, Greece…I think that’s all?
Most of the travel was on a shoestring budget/back packing. For example, I spent 3 weeks traveling around Cuba, staying in Cuban’s homes, not in a resort. I’ll give Cuba an honorable mention for the wonderful people & their sexy dancing: yum.




My #1 favorite place is Thailand. I like the warmth, I love the food, the people are friendly, the beaches are stunning, getting frequent Thai massages for around $10 agrees with me (everything is very affordable there) & it’s an easy/safe place to travel.


My #2 favorite place is Maui. Mostly because of Little Beach which is a gay-friendly, clothing-optional beach. Being naked in an open-minded setting is my happy place. The weather is also great in Maui. It is part of the US so it’s very civilized which for me is both a pro & a con. I enjoy experiencing different cultures so I find the familiarity both boring & a comfort. My only real complaint about beautiful Maui is that it tends to be a bit expensive.


My #3 favorite place is Paris. I find beaches more relaxing than cities but as far as cities go, it’s hard to beat Paris (although New York is pretty awesome too!). I love the architecture, the museums, the fashion…but most of all: the food! I dream of their fresh croissants, their cheese, their wine…it seems like everything tastes better in Paris. I also get a kick out of their surly & indifferent service. Servers in cafe’s & restaurants don’t work for tips so they don’t lay on syrupy sweet phony customer service. I enjoy the honesty of their indifference to me. It’s a refreshing change.


In writing this post I found myself remembering the positive things about all the places I’ve traveled. Sometimes it was the views, sometimes it was the architecture, the food, the people, the weather, the culture…sometimes the person I traveled with made the experience more or less enjoyable. Mostly though it was what I learned about myself through travel. For example, my own personal limits to discomfort, stress, unfamiliarity, etc. My ability (or inability) to maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations. I learned what I’m actually not that bothered by (I have a much higher tolerance for dirt when traveling, for example…I’ve slept on the floor of filthy trains in India, I’ve stayed in some pretty dodgy places all over the world, I am less bothered by my own personal hygiene when traveling & will wear cloths a lot more in between washing than I normally would…& I don’t care.)
I’ve learned to be more accepting of different people & different cultures. This is not an insignificant thing. It perhaps played into my being more accepting of people with a variety of fetishes & kinks.
I could go on & on about travel. A topic I am extremely passionate about. I’ve had amazing adventures & experiences. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

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  1. Wonderful and thoughtful post Mistress T … what are your favorite parts of Thailand out of interest?

    I also wonder about Little Beach, Maui … would a chastity device be acceptable there or would that be considered too much in the way of clothing?

    Thank you again for your wonderful site and your very thoughtful posts.

    • My personal feeling is that a chastity device is a sexualized fetish prop & wearing it at a nude beach would be similar to me wearing sexy crotchless underwear or a latex corset (which I would never do). The idea of a nude beach (where children are also present) is not to sexualize people but to celebrate the naturalism of nudity. Nudists are often referred to as “naturalists”. Sure, gay guys can sometimes be more expressive in their sexuality but even at Little Beach (& Wreck Beach in Vancouver) the ‘cruising’ is done in the wooded area behind the beach, out of plain view.
      Would it be a huge no-no to wear your chastity device? Not to the point where anyone would ask you to leave or cover up, people have an open-minded attitude, but I would say it wouldn’t be encouraged. I would not be comfortable being accompanied by a guy wearing a chastity device. I would feel it would attract the wrong kind of attention & broadcast his sexuality in a way that is inappropriate in that environment. But that’s me. I actually tend to be oddly conservative & non-sexual in certain situations. I view nude beaches as more of a hippie, naturalist thing than a sexual environment.
      As for Thailand, I’m partial to the beaches/islands in the South. I haven’t spent much time in the North but I hear it’s wonderful.

      • Excellent perspective Mistress and thank you. Very true about the different purpose and role these beaches serve. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. really nice that you visited cuba, many tourists only see the “good” side and dont get to see the reallity of the country and beyond that , the good people who live in it, here in venezuela i have met some cubans and they are really fun xD(my former archery coach is Cuban and I really enjoyed the good times i spent with him).

    I recently sent you an email(actually i sent it from 2 emails, I had trouble with the first and often the people did not receive the email, i forgot about that), if you have the time and desire I would love to talk to you. 🙂

    • The Cuban people are wonderful.

      I received your email but it was VERY long…& at a glance it seemed that you wanted to have long discussions about things you are curious about BUT you did not seem interested or able to compensate me for my time. I receive many emails like yours & although a part of me wants to correspond back & forth, especially to be helpful, I need to maintain healthy boundaries for work/life balance. I hope my fans respect that.

      • I must say I am disappointed xD but from the beginning I expected this kind of response, you’re obviously a very busy person and if you receive similar emails there is no reason to answer one specific just for free.

        about being able to campensate your time you are right, i am not xD, i dont have much money and worse in venezuela exist exchange control, so the only way to get dollar is from black market and it is extremely expensive, but if I had the resources I do not mind at all;I think your work and knowledge would be worth it

        I hope to be able to satisfy my curiosity someday.

        sorry if I made you waste time with such a long email.

        my best wishes on your trip 🙂

  3. That’s really cool that you have visited all of those places Mistress. I have been to a few places that I have enjoyed as well, but some of the places that you have mentioned are on my wish list or going to be on my wish list, lol. I’d love to see Thailand sometime in the near future or even visit Maui. I’d love to visit Japan and Germany the most though. Do you by chance speak any other languages by chance?

    Oh by the way, I was wondering if you received my email about doing a possible webcam session sometime? I was not sure when I was supposed to place the tribute for the session or even sure if you have time for a session on that day. But I am interested in doing one with you if you have the time. Please let me know if you can or cannot make that day. Thank you very much for your time.

    • Hi (Ryan?): I don’t speak another language fluently but bits of French & Spanish.

      I’m not accepting more distance slaves at the moment. I’m unable to keep up with the demand of the ones I have (to be fair, cam is a lower priority these days in an effort to maintain work/life balance.)

      • Yeah, I am the same Ryan who sent the email to you on my yahoo account, Doomguy_23, if that it what you were asking from the (Ryan?). That’s cool, I know a few bits and pieces of German and Japanese, but I’m learning how to speak them fluently.

        I’m sorry to hear that. Well, I’m sorry that I wasted your time then. Thank you for letting me know and I hope you have a nice night and week.

  4. Yeah, I am the same Ryan who sent the email to you on my yahoo account, Doomguy_23, if that it what you were asking from the (Ryan?). That’s cool, I know a few bits and pieces of German and Japanese, but I’m learning how to speak them fluently.

    I’m sorry to hear that. Well, I’m sorry that I wasted your time then. Thank you for letting me know and I hope you have a nice night.

  5. i must say i am disapointed xD but I expected this kind of response from the start, you ‘re a busy person and if you receive these emails often, there is no reason to answer an specific one for free and it is something that must be respected.

    about being able to compensate your time, you are right xD im not, i dont have much money and worse in venezuela exist exchange control, so the only way right now to get dollars is from black market and it is extremely expensive, but if I had the resources I would not mind at all, I think your work and knowledge are worthy.

    I’m sorry if I made you waste time with such a long email, I guess I’ll stay with curiosity for a long time, hopefully not forever.

    Enjoy your trip 🙂

  6. Thailand is indeed a fantastic place to visit. Most of the world seems to view sexuality as less taboo than the US, but I found Thailand has an incredibly casual attitude about sex.

    I was walking down the street around dusk with my girlfriend and a man asked me if I waned to see a ping pong ball show. I immediately declined which seemed to confuse him (who wouldn’t want to see such a thing?!?) so he casually asked my girlfriend if she wanted to see the show.

    By the way, I also found out the hard way that the $10 massages include the happy ending (pun intended) and if you aren’t inclined to receive said “happy ending” from the mangled toothed masseuse they are actually put off by that.

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” great Mark Twain quote.

  7. Great to get e mails from you mistress T! (its a turn on) first got into you via the english mansion. you and mistress sidonia are a formidable pair, and could fullfill the desires of any man.
    having given it some thought i am able to put into 3 topics what fascinates me about you. 1- vocals- the things you say are just perfect, and at the right moment, “good boy” being an example.
    2- outfits- the clothes you wear, stockings, heels, boots, leather, lace etc, seems red / black are the best colours.
    3- your lust for orgasms- watchin you come and it all being about what you want is such a turn on.
    I have no desire to have my rear end being interfered with or being whipped/ punished etc. any video containing the above 3 topics just does it for me.
    Have you on a pedestal wonderful mistress t, xxx

  8. Hallo Mistress T,

    Thank You for another great (as usually) post. I would like to ask how did You like Budapest (´cause this is the nearest city – country to my own) and what are you experiences with the people from east european countries ? And second, if You ever got to some serious danger/troubles during Your tours…

    Thank You very much for everything You do and wish You another happy hundreds kilometers “on tour”.



    • The most serious trouble I’ve been in was from aggressive monkey’s in India. I narrowly escaped injury when I found myself stupidly at the top of a high mountain, alone, with food they wanted in my back pack. I was in my mid 20’s & didn’t know any better.
      From people though? Other than being ripped off of a few bucks here & there I have found kind & helpful humans the world over, including Budapest:-)

  9. Thank You very much for the answer. Honestly I was expecting similiar kind of answer regarding people though question… And it again proved me that You are great, open- minded person with big heart .. Wish more humans world over like
    You are…
    Take care.

  10. If you ever get an opportunity, check out Helsinki Finland ( great people!) or Vienna Austria (very cool place).

  11. hello Mistress T,

    only come across your content recently but like what I have seen and read. happy to read your blog about your travels, Cuba is definitely my favourite place I have ever visited, went there in 2007 and it was like going back in time. stayed with a family so like yourself had a real life experience. i am originally from the UK but now live in Sydney Australia, have you ever thought about visiting down under? would be very honoured to host you 🙂

    • Yeah, seeing the authentic side of Cuba (not the resorts) is amazing:-)
      I get a lot of offers from guys in Australia but they’re usually not generous enough for me to make the trip. It’s like a 23 hour trip & around $1600 CAD. I don’t “tour” anymore, so although I could book dozens of short sessions & make loads of money, I don’t enjoy assembly line sessions. So I typically only travel now when at least 1 generous fan has made it worth my while, then I just spend lots of time with him or I might see 1 or 2 other generous fans for longer sessions…or better yet, social sessions (so not in a dungeon, just doing things socially & chatting.)
      That was probably a longer answer than you expected…thank you for the offer. I appreciate the gesture. Unfortunately for such a long & expensive flight I’m waiting for an offer I can’t refuse:-)

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