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The fates have aligned & I will be coming to New York soon. Well, if you call fate a generous fan compensating me enough to come there…

Me in NY in 2007! I've been back several times since but I didn't get any typical touristy photo's.

Me in NY in 2007! I’ve been back several times since but I didn’t get any typical touristy photo’s.

This fan also gave me a flexible return ticket so I decided to take a few extra days to hang with my pal Meg, you may recall she & I have gone to Vegas, Greece & New Orleans together: (

Meg & I in Greece in August. LOVE this gal:-)

Meg & I in Greece in August. LOVE this gal:-)

I’ll also have time to spend with some other fans.

How do you get to be one of the lucky few? Well, money obviously is key but it’s equally about ‘low maintenance’. That means I prefer fans who communicate clearly but briefly, who are willing & able to make a deposit right away to demonstrate they are reliable & serious…& frankly, fans who are just really excited about spending time with me. That means it’s more about connecting with ME than a list of services or props.

This will likely be my last trip for awhile. I plan to take some time to work on other projects (don’t worry, the vids will continue) but trips take a lot of energy & I’ll be putting that energy elsewhere. So if you want to see me, this will be you last chance for awhile.

Here’s how you apply. If you do not follow these instructions you will likely not get a reply. If I am not interested or able to see you, you may not get a reply either:

Email subject line: New York

Email body:

#1. In a short paragraph or point form explain what you’re hoping for during our time together & what you’re offering (Minimum $500).

#2. State that you are willing to make a minimum 50% deposit via the tribute button on my clips store. (If you are not willing or able to do this, do not email me. No exceptions.)

My email address:

Cheers to rich perverts!

Cheers to rich perverts!

NOTE: Before you get all butt-hurt about it sounding like I’m all about the money & you not being able to afford to see me…put yourself in my shoes: would you rather see 6 guys a day for $200 an hour or 2 guys a day for about the same amount of money? 2 guys to negotiate all details & organize things with, versus 6? And who wants to be the last guy on the day I’ve seen 5 others? He’s not going to get the best version of me.

Also, it’s New York City! If I’m not enjoying the guy I’m seeing & being compensated well I’d rather not make money & just go enjoy the city or hang out with Meg. So if you don’t have a generous budget, sorry, that’s just the way life goes.

Best of luck to all applicants!

Mistress T

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