New York: March 2-5

I’ve been to New York several times, mostly for work, so it makes sense that it’s one of the places I get the most requests to visit/the most session requests. To the many fans who have asked when I’m coming back to New York I have responded: not at least until the snow thaws and probably not unless someone makes it VERY worth my while.

Well, no one was more surprised than me when I found myself booking my trip to NYC March 2-5. It will still be colder than Vancouver, so you know that there must be a VERY motivating reason *smile*.

On Valentine’s day as a couple of doors closed, a window opened, so to speak. I received an invite I couldn’t refuse. Theater and dinner with a cute, charming gentleman who had developed an interest in me through my blog. He hasn’t even watched my vids. If I had to slap a label on it I’d say that it’s certainly more of a ‘date’ than a session or anything work related…especially since he seems more interested in the woman who is Mistress T. As I’ve said before, Mistress T the Dominant fetish freak, is very much a part of me but to quote Shrek: “I’m like an onion, I’ve got layers.”

I’m very excited. I’ve enjoyed our email correspondence so am looking forward to meeting in the flesh, plus I’ll be flying first class & staying in a fancy hotel!

This is more of a pleasure trip than a work trip but I will consider squeezing in a few meetings with worthy slaves. Since my time will be limited I will be very selective. The ideal slave(s) will be very generous. Willingness to be filmed would be a bonus. Deposits are a must and references help. If you’re planning to email me to inquire keep in mind that you will have competition so aim to impress from the first introductory email.

I will also consider filming with other producers…either modelling or trading content. Producers: you’re welcome to contact me to discuss.


Mistress T

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Me, in New York a few years ago...

Email the name of the NY statue I'm standing in front of for a 1 day pass to my members site:

Photo taken at Arena Studio's in NYC 2008 (Dungeon now closed)

Photo taken a Arena Studio's (Dungeon Rental) in NYC 2008 (Location now closed).

Photo by New York photographer: Angelo Amichevole




3 thoughts on “New York: March 2-5

  1. As I work through my genuine dislike for a man I’ve never met, and how could I not dislike him? He’s taking you to the theatre and dinner, and who among us hasn’t wished for even a portion of the time he’ll spend with you? But, getting past my feelings, I in fact feel somewhat sorry for the poor man. Who could gaze into those eyes (your attention is invited to the last photo in this blog entry) and not be completely at your mercy? Certainly not I. I wish him well, be gentle with him. He knows not what he’s getting into.

    • Mom? Stop trying to scare men away. This ‘no ones good enough for my little girl’ stuff is getting out of hand. (To anyone who doesn’t get my humor, I am joking. RT, whoever he is, is not my Mother. Well, he’s probably not my Mother, anyway.)

  2. I get the humor, and I certainly don’t want to scare anyone off, although if he “turns tail” that leaves an opportunity for someone else, right? in retrospect I must admit that my “dislike” is actually jealously. BTW, I tend to think your Mother might have been right.

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