Pics from my Nova Scotia trip…

I was in Nova Scotia last week to visit family. My best friend came with me & we did a little touristy stuff along with the family time.

I had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone. Most of my family has a loose grasp of what I do for a living, they don’t want the graphic details but they accept & love me. I know a lot of my peers have to lie & hide their work from their families. I feel grateful that I don’t need to do that.

They can see that I’m healthy, happy & successful. They don’t need to worry about me & they’re proud even though I have chosen a nontraditional path.

Here’s a bunch of random pics:

This fridge magnet on my religious Grandmothers fridge means something else to her but I found it hilarious!

Me in Lunenburg, NS….

We had a night out on the town in Halifax & I met a super cute 26 year old wearing a t-shirt that I loved (see below). I asked to take a photo of it and we ended up hanging out for the next couple of hours…then smooching…then having a scandalous romp in the backseat of my rental car parked on a busy street in downtown Halifax.

He said “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) & that pretty much summed it up. *smile*.

The t-shirt that led to a quickie in the back seat of my car in downtown Halifax…

Me out for a night on the town in Halifax, NS…

A ‘dirty’ lobster pic from a seafood restaurant…

Me in front of a cool backdrop…

Me feeding sheep…

Me in front of the terrible Chinese restaurant we accidentally went to for Digby scallops…

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8 thoughts on “Pics from my Nova Scotia trip…

  1. Mistress. It looks like a lovely time. Always good to see you enjoying yourself and yes I do love the fridge magnet.

  2. Lovely pics and ‘hats off’ to YOLOman – truly the kind of inspirational leadership we need in these troubled times!

  3. Novia Scotia is a beautiful place. I have friends that work in Hackett’s Cove that I’ve visited before. It’s just a bit too cold for me in the wintertime, tho. 😉

  4. just love the pics in this post – Nova Scotia must be a great place, nearly as sexy asYou are.

  5. Glad you survived the scallops. It seems a bit suspicious for a restaurant to put “full licensed” on their sign, right under their name, like that’s their greatest point of pride or maybe an answer to critics. Hindsight though, right? Looks like a very nice trip though.

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