A mash-up of my week…

Not every blog entry can be mind-blowing. This one may not be the one that I’m remembered for. I’m writing it because it occurred to me that if I don’t make a blog entry today I probably won’t for a couple weeks. So this will just be a random mash-up of stuff.

Tomorrow night I head to Nova Scotia for my annual family visit. I’m bringing my best friend for the 1st time. I have considered him family for years so it’s time for him to meet all my other wacky relations. I’m super excited.

A photo taken a few years ago in Nova Scotia

A photo taken a few years ago in Nova Scotia

Recently life has been pretty stress-free. I’ve had enough time to catch up on all my editing. I’ve filmed some amazing solo POV vids. I love my 1-on-1 time with the camera, self filming with full control & creative license.

Screenshot from POV vid I filmed this week.

Screenshot from another POV vid I filmed this week.

I’ve been perfecting a recipe for super-healthy no-bake peanut butter balls (or ‘cluster fucks’ when I use crunchy peanut butter & they won’t roll into balls). I’m no Martha Stewart so a no-bake treat is as close to baking as I get & actually a pretty big accomplishment for me.

Of course I’ve been doing lots of yoga (as usual) and a little swimming. I had three lovers in the same week & felt smug about having 3 different tooth brushes in 3 different baggies with different initials…but I’m not really a player. They’re all nice guys & 2 of them are my regular film slaves. It’s all just fun, not relationship territory.

Yup. That’s me. We just ‘did it’. Ya know. IT.

I also got to help out a little behind the camera with a different kind of filming. My never-boring pal Samantha Mack filmed a creative short film for film festivals. It’s kind of a clown porn without any nudity or actual porn. A lot of fun clown jokes/gags. Kinda artsy. Interesting. (Sorry to rain on your parade but I am not in the film, you do not get to see me dressed up as a clown…I know clown fetishists are throwing pies in their own face right now to try to cheer themselves up.)

I love Samantha Mack. Now the whole world knows.

Tonight I went on a Murder, Mayhem & Mysteries walking tour of Vancouver & learned about some of the grittier history of my city. It was fascinating hearing the stories of serial killers & the dark side of certain notable characters who lived here. I love being entertained while learning (I also love Ted Talks for this reason, among other things).

I went to a sexy party on the weekend. I didn’t have relations with anyone myself but I did enjoy watching some people have sex. Most notably a cross dressed man & his lovely female partner. It was hot.

This is what I wore to the sexy party…because I know fashion is your primary interest.

I’ve been screening applications for private & filmed sessions for the UK & Barcelona. So far so good. Things are booking up but there’s still some availability. It’s a month away so lots of time to get organized. Email applications still being accepted: MsT@MistressT.net but please read this 1st: http://mistresst.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/uk-europe-fall-2012/

I’ve had a hand full of things cleared off of my new Amazon Wish List. I’m excited about receiving them from the post office.

I’ve also been bar hopping a little with another single gal pal & although I’m discovering there’s lots of very cool cocktail lounges around town I am not discovering many (or any) guys I’d like to spend time with. Oh well, as you can see above my life is anything but boring. I have awesome friends & lovers, a healthy lifestyle, a job I love, lots of variety & pretty low stress. After listening to friends vent about their relationships recently I realized that I’d rather be single than in a crappy relationship. Sure, an awesome relationship would be the cats ass, but that can be hard to find (as I’m discovering) & in the meantime single & free is better than dealing with stressful relationship drama.

So it goes.

I’m sure I’ll have some good blog material after my visit to Nova Scotia. In the meantime, I’ll be checking my vid sales & Amazon wishlist so just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean you are on vacation from worshiping me *smile*. I’ve lined up some epic jerk off material for you in the next couple of weeks. You won’t be able to keep your hands off you junk.

Here’s a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, ‘behind’. I slay me.

WordPress doesn’t like links to ‘clips for sale’ for some reason but you can easily find the link to my studio 23869 thru my website or twitter:

Members site: http://www.MistressT.net
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/MistressTdotnet

Cheers, Mistress T

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  1. Thanks for sharing updates like these, you seem like such a cool lady. Those POV shots look great, you have one of the best bottoms I’ve ever seen- ill be sure to drop some coin on them this weekend!

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