Rub n’ Tug.

Mistress T nude back.

This pic has nothing to do with today, but it’s pretty, eh?

If you’re not familiar with the term rub n’ tug it usually means a massage & hand job. In Vancouver (& probably in most places) men can go to ‘massage parlors’ where they typically get a (often mediocre) massage from a woman who then jerks them off. I’ve been fascinated with this concept since I first learned about it years ago…in that I wanted to get a massage & handy myself…but it’s harder to find men who offer this service for women.

Years ago I managed to find two different professional men who I paid for this service, on separate occasions. Paying was part of the thrill for me. No oral, no intercourse, no reciprocation. Just me receiving pleasure with them only using their hands.

Recently I stumbled across an ad for this service but it was free. Obviously I would be dealing with some pervy guy who got his jollies from rubbing down naked woman. No harm in that I figured as long as I got a decent massage and an orgasm. I liked the naughtiness of the whole adventure. I found it exciting.

I set it up & rang the bell at the door of a pretty house in a nice neighborhood. A conservative woman answered the door & I had a moment of panic thinking I was at the wrong place but my pervy masseuse was just behind her. Turned out he uses her place for these rendezvous & she probably wanted to give me the once over to ensure I wasn’t some crack head who would robe her.

The room was nice. A proper hippie style massage room with a real massage table & relaxing music playing. Spotlessly clean.

My masseuse was a nervously grinning Japanese man maybe in his 40’s. We chatted awkwardly for a minute. I reconfirmed the boundaries: Only touch me with your hands, a massage & a release for me, no sex, no rubbing his penis against me, no jerking himself off. He was agreeable so I stripped off & laid on the table as he watched, probably feeling like he’d won the lottery.

Mistress T hald naked.

Another pic that doesn’t really have anything to do with today…but whatever.

The massage was good. He had some training & he wanted to please. He used a lot of Holly oil & spared none in my private areas. He obviously enjoyed the look of a shiny ass & pussy. Who doesn’t?

I flipped & he did my front. If my breasts were tense when he started they sure as fuck weren’t by the time he rubbed them…& massaged them…& rubbed them some more. He commented: “I bet hundreds of men would love to massage you!” I laughed & said: “Yup. You’re very lucky.” I thought of all my darling wankers out there who would give their left nut to rub down my oiled body for a couple hours.

I’ll pause here for anyone who is squirming in discomfort. A little something you may not know about me is that I find perverts endearing. I feel a bit like a dirty old man trapped in a pretty girls body. That’s a big reason why I am so good at what I do. I kind of think like a lot of you wankers. So having a horny guy drooling over my body while rubbing me down is no problemo for me. Have at er’.

Moving along…he teased me about keeping me on edge for a long time. I let that one go. As his hands were working their magic on my ridiculously lubed up pussy & my mind was going to all sorts of seedy places…he teased that he was going to stop just before I came. I advised him to not do that. (I’m not into ruined fucking orgasms, I don’t know how you boys do it.) He asked if I would beat him up if he stopped & I just said that I would leave. He didn’t want that so he continued on as I prepared to punch him in the face if he stopped just as I started to orgasm.

He was a good boy & got me off then continued on with the massage until I felt like I’d had enough. As I was leaving he told me I was the most interesting woman he had massaged. He asked me to come back again & I probably will. No muss, no fuss. No strings, no drama, no bullshit. Pervy & hot for me.

Mistress T

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5 thoughts on “Rub n’ Tug.

  1. Great story …. if u need another massage I’m offered my services 🙂
    Also love the first pic very seductive !!!!

  2. great story, especially given your humorous descriptors. It’s fantastic, getting a full release massage, no? I just wish that the local venues for such a thing around here weren’t so horribly seedy and that scream “come arrest me”!

  3. “No muss, no fuss. No strings, no drama, no bullshit. Pervy & hot for me”.

    Yep, that’s it in a nutshell.

    When all is said and done, and galaxies of opinionated air are expended on how men (and some women) could ‘stoop’ to such a thing, that’s as good and concise an explanation as you’re likely to get…

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