I will have a black stud in June!

Exciting news for fans of interracial porn/black bulls in cuckolding scenes: the black fellow I filmed with before is coming to visit me in Vancouver in June!

Ceara Lynch on 1 side...on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation...yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Ceara Lynch on 1 side…on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation…yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Here’s the back story: he & I met while on vacation in December 2012. We ‘clicked’ & while fooling around in front of a mirror he suggested we film ourselves. He had never done porn before & the whole thing came about naturally. The first vid we filmed was a huge hit. We had a lot of fun together that week so he came to visit me while I was in Vegas in January. We filmed again & spent a few awesome days together.

Mistress T with black slave.

We hit it off pretty well right from the start! (We met at a tropical resort in December.)

He lives pretty far away so it’s a big deal that he’s coming to visit me in Vancouver. I haven’t been able to find another black guy I felt comfortable filming with so his visit is even more appreciated.

The way I produce my ‘porn’ is a little different than the larger production companies. I only have sex with guys in my vids who I want to have sex with. My own personal lovers, etc. They are not professional porn performers. So sometimes it’s hard to just ‘fill a role’ if I don’t have the right person in my life at that time.

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

If you are reading this & thinking that you would LOVE to see us in action in person, that you would like to play the role of a cuckold or voyeur in person (filmed or private) here’s what you need to know:

#1. We are only available together in Vancouver June 12-16. (Don’t ask me/us to come to your city or ask for other dates).

#2. We use condoms so there will be no creampie to clean up. To be clear: no cum in/on my pussy for you to lick up.

#3. He’s straight & will not want you to suck his cock.

#4. You may be able to eat his cum…out of a condom or off of my hand or other body part.

#5. Nothing is free. A vid with just us fucking will sell well without a cuckold in it so as much as I might enjoy having you here I don’t need you. It will cost significantly less if you are willing to be filmed than private but you will pay something for the privilege. A deposit will be required right away to demonstrate you are serious.

Creatively there are a lot of things we CAN do…I love to have my feet worshiped by a slave while I’m being fucked…cock comparison & small penis humiliation is fun…maybe cross dressing you & humiliating you in front of my black stud would be amusing…oh my, the options!

CUSTOM VIDS or WEB CAM are also possible!

EMAIL me (don’t tweet) to order custom vids with the black guy or to arrange a web cam session with us…or to apply to see us in person:

MsT@Mistress T.net

Mistress T

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Mistress T fucking a black stud.

From our maiden voyage: “Black Magic”. My 1st porn vid having sex with a black guy…his 1st porn ever!

Mistress T with black bull & female cuckold.

From the vid: “Cuckolded Girlfriend vs. BBC”. Featuring Cheyenne Jewel.

Mistress T with a black bull

From the popular vid: “Serviced By A Black Bull”

10 thoughts on “I will have a black stud in June!

  1. Hi MsT, at first thank you for sharing your art and kiss from Paris. I really thank you to offer this type of content because il love sub or dom cuckold specially with big cock. Thank you very very much to be clear about the point condomn as you know this “detail” is very important for cucki like me greatings Princess^^

  2. Hi, my name is Dale, how extremely exciting to write. I am, of course, a little poodle dick seduced to comment. Congratulations on finding a stud, a black bull to cover you like a woman, to fill you with man cock the way you want, and who will join you in making art videos to incite lust in the susceptible submissives who buzz about like mosquitoes trying to find a place to rub and poke our little red noses.

  3. Dear Mistress T,
    I am a black male. I really appreciate Your race-play and cuckold scenes,
    The ‘Black Cuckold Cocksucker’ video is GREAT! BRAVO!
    i would beg to serve as Your black cockold cocksucking slave in June.
    I believe YOU have the power to give me the courage to commit my life to a Dominant Woman who would enjoy owning a black slave.
    my slave mantra would be, ‘Absolute Obedience, Unconditional Submission, Devoted Loyalty, Total Commitment, Sacrificial Service’, to my Goddess, Mistress and Owner.
    Your black slave,

    • Thank you for the compliments.

      I think I made it pretty clear in this post that the black stud is straight, so no cock sucking (ya missed that, eh?).

      I also thought it was fairly clear that serious applicants should EMAIL to apply…but hey, I’ll say it again: Email to apply. Oh yeah, no sucking the black bull’s cock…just to be crystal clear.

      Another time, another scene I could possibly use you as a cock sucker, or I could possibly use you as a cuckold without cock sucking with the black bull.

  4. hello mistress t im paul from philippines i would like to be in your video someday for mistress T asian tour if theres one thanks love lots

    • I have no plans for an ‘Asian Tour’ to the Philippines or anywhere in that part of the world in the foreseeable future.

      To be honest, I don’t really ‘tour’ anywhere anymore. I go to the UK & a few US locations (LA/Vegas/Tampa) on specific filming trips. During those filming trips I may accept a session or a few sessions but I NEVER tour specifically to session these days. In other words, I do not go to a city & advertise sessions & take dozens of sessions over a few days. ‘Touring’ gives fans in different cities an opportunity to see me for a reasonable hourly rate BUT I just DO NOT do that anymore.

      If you do not live in one of the places I go to film (UK or a few US cities) & you can’t get there or to Vancouver the only way you will see me is to pay all my expenses plus tribute to come to you. So, there’s no point asking if I’m going to ‘tour’ your random city in the middle east, Asia, Australia, etc. unless you’re prepared to pay at least a few thousand dollars to get us in the same place at the same time.

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