Shame on you: Mainstream TV

It’s often frustrating to see how mainstream TV depicts Professional Dommes, escorts, etc. It’s no wonder most people don’t have a clue what reality is really like.

What prompted this little rant? An episode of ‘The Big C’ I watched recently that featured an escort who also provided Dominatrix services who gives her poor victim, er, client, crabs.

Firstly, they didn’t differentiate ‘Dominatrix’ from ‘hooker’ but just made her seem like a wilder/weirder hooker for adding on kinky services.

The icing on the cake wasn’t even that she gave him crabs, it was his relative’s reaction that of course she did, because she’s a hooker & they’re just dripping with STD’s.

For the uninitiated let me give you a reality check:

#1. Sometimes you can get sexual services from a Pro Domme (depends on geography but usually not in the US & Canada) and sometimes you can get BDSM/kink activities from an escort…but you tend to get better quality service from who ever specializes in one or the other. By that, I mean a well-reviewed, reputable escort is probably going to be a great fuck. An experienced Pro Domme is more likely to conduct a fetish/kink session safely & smoothly.

If you really want both you might have to do a lot of research to find a one-stop shop. Good luck.

Why is this? Well, I have a lot of friends who are Pro Dommes (obviously) and I have a lot of friends who are escorts. I’ve seen the escorts in action & I’ve seen the Dommes in session. The experience is very different. Escorts tend to cater to a guy’s needs & treat him like a king. It’s more service oriented. Dommes tend to approach things from the perspective of allowing the client to worship & serve them…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much different a Domme session can be from a regular escort/sex experience.

(This is a much debated topic that I should really devote a whole blog entry to…if it kicks up enough dust I’ll dig into it deeper later on.)

#2. Crabs?! Mainstream media loves to portray hookers as disease-ridden. Christ. You know what? I had crabs once: when I was 17! My cheating boyfriend gave them to me & he didn’t get them from a hooker.

Research will tell you that Sexually Transmitted Infections are more prevalent among people just randomly hooking up (in bars, etc.) then in professional sex workers. Those who work in the adult industry tend to be far better informed. They protect themselves and their business.

The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.
~ Pierre Trudeau

But hey, I’m fighting an uphill battle trying to change some minds. The media has done such an effective job of painting anyone working in the adult industry with the same brush. Often used for shock value in TV shows/movies/music video’s etc. reality barely resembles what most people believe.

If you’re reading this blog you are probably already more enlightened than most. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Mistress T

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Not always sunshine & rainbows. Sometimes I get pissed about stuff. Shocking isn’t it?


9 thoughts on “Shame on you: Mainstream TV

  1. Mistress T, you certainly know that mainstream medias are mainly depicting the world as they wish. They see the real world as lines of products: Whites, Blacks, Asians, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Jews, good people, bad people, rich people, poor people, under/middle/upper classes, war, peace, virgins, bitches, playboys, loosers, etc.

    For my part, mainstream medias probably consider Dommes as vampires: a bit fascinating, a bit frightening, so attractive, very complex and multidimensional (as human nature could be). Unfortunately, Dommes just don’t fit with their lines of products (sex services or X industry?). That’s why they always depict BDSM/dommes as something totally indecent, weird and/or dangerous.

    Call the preacher, the doctor and the detective!

    The unique and rare TV document on BDSM was made by the british reporter Nick Broomfield in the ending 90’s. “Fetishes” It took places at the Pandora’s Box in NY (who merged few years later with the Den of Iniquity as two corporations would do. LOL). It was enough realistic and sincere on the BDSM scene, managing to understand the dommes/subs backgrounds and interviewing them. In Europe, this document was always displayed around/after midnight for reasons you might easily understand.

    P.S. You probably have no make-up on the last picture and I won’t surely complain. Your “liana dress” (?) might be very convenient for quick bondage. LOL.

    • Great comment up until the last bit about me not wearing make-up. WTF? Random, completely unrelated…

      I also think that you’re giving the media more credit than it’s due implying they have considered all the adult industry workers in their audience & decided they’re not worth marketing products to (If I’m following you?).
      I feel it’s more a case of ignorance perpetrating more ignorance. …and no one wants to be the guy who says to the writers: “Hey, I know that part about hookers being double-decker buses for STD’s is false because I’ve slept with a lot of prostitutes and they are super cautious about their sexual health!”
      Most people don’t know what reality is, and the ones who do know (the Johns) aren’t jumping up to set the record straight.

      • I hear ya. Not trying to argue semantics or anything, I just think dominatrices and escorts, although different, both fall under the “sex work” category. Even if what we do seems so far from what we personally find arousing, at the end of the day, were getting paid to get men off.

      • It may be semantics, but when it comes to real time/in person sessions ‘sexual services’ is understood as SEX: oral &/or intercourse. It’s all sex ‘work’, sure, but surely you understand my point? Most Pro Dommes (in person) do not off sexual services, they don’t fuck & suck their clients dicks:-) When you pay an escort for a session you certainly expect that your dick will at least get fucked, most likely sucked too. A lot of Dommes won’t even assist a client in his orgasm (he has to jerk himself off) and there are even ones who do not permit a release in the session/in their presence… despite that, I still agree it’s all sex work, but in the eyes of the law & to them, they did not provide ‘sexual services’.

      • Yep. I totally understand your point 100%. I’m just saying I believe domme services are sexual services; even if there is no contact, nudity, & the law doesn’t consider it so. They just so happen to be so far beyond what most people consider “sex” that its easy to separate the two. But if it truly wasn’t sexual, there would be no business in it.

  2. I was just teasing you a bit but meaning in the same time that you are cute even without make-up. Is it always unrelated, Mistress T? LOL

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