You’re ok, I’m ok.

I felt compelled to write about fetish tolerance.

I’m not a sports fan. Watching basketball doesn’t really give me any pleasure. There’s a lot of people who REALLY like basketball, no question.

I’m not a big fan of rap music. I find it pretty abrasive actually. There’s a lot of people who REALLY like rap music, no question.

I could give a thousand examples but I think you know where I’m going with this.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t run into judgement from someone about other people’s fetishes. Yesterday I got an email from a guy who actually said he is into eating scat but really thought I should stop doing incest themed clips. That was why he wrote actually, to request that I stop doing family-fantasy vids of any kind, because it offended HIM. He who is into one of the most extreme and controversial fetishes: feces munching.

This is a common theme in the fetish world: “My fetish is okay but yours is wrong/weird.”

There is no such thing as normal. Pretty much every person has at least some kind of sexual quirk that could be considered abnormal by anyone with a critical eye. Judge not lest ye be judged.

The internet has changed our sexuality. It has created communities for those with fetishes who were previously isolated. Before the internet, a guy with a fetish for wearing women’s clothing or kissing feet may have felt like he was the only person on earth who felt like that.

The internet has educated us. It has taught us all that there are many different fetishes out there. It’s also creating a snowball effect. A guy who was just into feet to start may now be into pantyhose covered feet, sweaty socks, shoes/boots, being trampled, footjobs (like a handjob with feet), eating his own cum off of feet, etc. On his own he may not have made the connection between liking to kiss feet and liking to have feet rubbing his cock…but once he sees it on the internet: ta-da!

The world isn’t getting less kinky. It’s getting kinkier. The sooner we all become more accepting of other people’s quirks and deviations the better.

The key to acceptance is the following:

Whatever involves consenting adults is all good.

My vids involve a wide variety of fetishes. On my clips store I have over 1000 vids that cover at least 120 different fetish categories. There’s pretty much something for everyone…but there’s going to be stuff you don’t understand or stuff that doesn’t do it for you. Just skip it and focus on what you do like. If you don’t like something I do, keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear your judgement or negativity. If you don’t understand something try googling the fetish and educate yourself.

For the record, I don’t believe that is most cases being exposed to certain pornography causes people to do things in real life that are harmful to themselves or others. I don’t think a guy jerking off to a vid of me playing the role of his Mother is going to make him want to fuck or try to fuck his own Mother. Most people have no trouble separating fantasy from reality. Most people understand real-life boundaries. Most people have fairly intact morals and decent judgement. There are exceptions of course…a guy who may have never heard of putting a hamster up his butt may not have thought of it on his own and that may result in a visit to the ER & abuse of a non-consenting rodent…but overall, porn is a form of entertainment, a release. It’s not a gateway drug.

That’s it. Carry on.

Mistress T

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The taboo idea of having a Mom as hot as me is the turn-on. Chances are, your own Mom doesn't look like me *wink*.

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8 thoughts on “You’re ok, I’m ok.

  1. Yes. Live and let live. If you don’t like something, nobody forces you to look at it.

  2. Great blog! It’s funny that in a world that’s meant to be so open minded that we unfortunately come across some of the most narrow minded ‘my fetish is better than yours’ type of people?!

    Your work is amazing! <3

  3. @MistressT

    The BDSM community is already a big victim of cliches, misconceptions and narrow thinkings. Then why inflicting it (from a prodomme/fetish model) to other poeple, lifestyles or artworks ?

    The rap/hip-hop community (I mean artists) is as huge as the pop-rock community. Then you can have for all tastes : abrasive, socially criticizing, romantic, ironic, etc. For sure, the biggest radio/TV stations prefer those who plays bigger basslines or noisier guitars and/or provocative lyrics because the mainstream audience is attracted by big sound (mostly when they are driving)… what finally attract more advertizers for them (radio/TV stations). Just recall how MTV as evolved in 20 years and you instantly get the picture.

    I’m not requesting you to enjoy rap/hip-hop but to consider that it’s a very wide scene with players in the mainstream, players in the margin, and some in between. Just like pop-rock, metal, jazz, classic… or BDSM !-)

    Lupe Fiasco Feat Jill Scott – Daydreamin :

    Frank Ocean – Novacane (the last 5s made me laugh a lot) :

    I often read your blog cos’ you deliver interesting points of view very often. Moreover, you are very cute and I really like your eyes + smile.

    Best regards

  4. You are so well spoken and down to earth. I love reading your posts. It is heartening to know that Dominants such as yourself exist and so freely share your down to earth wisdom with others. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome. Nothing is life is FREE though!…You thought me sharing valuable down to earth wisdom was charity? Noooo…now go buy & jerk off to my porn. Oh, too brash? If only there was a backspace key on this keyboard I could go back and write that more eloquently…fudge…xo.

  5. I’ve always found this kind of intolerance really baffling. If you go into fetish forums especially, you’ll find guys who get down right angry at kinks they dont identify with, as though we producers invented them out of no where just to piss them off… It’s the mentality of, “my boner represents all boners,” and are the same guys who will try to talk you into doing his custom request for free because he KNOWS it will sell “really well.”

    And I’ll never forget the lifestyle and pro dominatrix who was posting on the dose a while back trying to argue that in the “real kink scene,” mommy and daddy role playing is okay, but brother and sister isn’t… Huh? I wonder how logic works in the universe she lives in.

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