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I wore this on cam yesterday...& for a construction worker, inadvertently. Read on for details....

I wore this on cam yesterday…& for a construction worker, inadvertently. Read on for details….

Have you heard that question: “If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?”

It’s a great question. Most of us would never have the opportunity to meet in person someone we have idolized or find fascinating. Answers range from Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt, JK Rowling, Elvis, Oprah Winfrey, Winston Churchill, Madonna, Barrack Obama…what would you talk about? What would you ask?

I do not consider myself to be in the same league as any of the above people. I am incredibly uncomfortable with the concept of celebrity. As a young girl I remember the conflicting feeling of wanting to be known for having accomplished something but really not wanting to be “famous”. I didn’t want to be in tabloids, I didn’t want the personal details of my life to be of interest to strangers. I wanted to be anonymous, not recognized in public by people I hadn’t met.

I’ve started doing more cam lately. Why? I could say it’s because I really like connecting with my fans, which is true & anyone who has had the opportunity can tell my heart is in the right place…but what has prompted it now, honestly, is money. Shocker? Everything is fine, it’s just that my “overhead” has gone up. I’ve recently moved into a more expensive place to have more sets for filming & decorating all the sets is costing a small fortune. Doing cam will offset the extra costs.

The increased one-on-one exposure to my fans has resulted in some awkward experiences tho. There is often a moment of disbelief on their part that it is actually me on cam. A gobsmacked, star-struck kind of reaction that really makes me squirm. Just being honest here. As I sit in my pj’s on this quiet Sunday morning, feeling like the most ordinary person in the world. Hearing guys say what shouldn’t surprise me: they’ve been jerking to my vids for years, that I am their ideal woman, that they feel a deep connection to me or feel like they’re in love with me…& so on.

Maybe it’s a feeling of knowing I could likely never live up to their expectations? That what ever pedestal they’ve put me on I would come crashing down from if they got to know me in real life. Not that the real me isn’t great, it’s just likely different than what they imagine. Ya know?

Anyway, I’ll share a funny story from yesterday. I was sitting in my living room in lingerie & a satin robe. I had a guy on cam who had just said: “Let me get into position & cram this thing in my ass”, as he laid back & started cramming that thing in his ass I heard the key in the front door. I was not expecting anyone but a few people have access to my place right now during the renovations. I quickly spun my laptop in the other direction as the construction worker walked through the door & we both looked startled to see each other. He started to apologize & I told him to go through but to not come back up from the basement until I came down to talk to him.

I had to explain to my cam guy that it was someone doing construction on my place who was not supposed to just enter unannounced like that. He went on with his ass fucking, undeterred & afterward I went down to clarify the rules again. Yes, still in my satin robe because I had been on cam for about 10 minutes & I had no idea if the construction worker was just there to grab something quickly & was trapped in the basement waiting for me to give him the all-clear. His eyes darted down to the trim of my bra peeking out of the neckline of my robe. Black with silver rivets (as seen in the pic at the top of this post).

So. Fucking. Awkward.

But also kind of funny.

He certainly got the message that he was not to enter again without notice. Sheesh.

So, you can schedule a cam (skype) session with me if you want me to watch you cram something in your ass, or if you want me to role-play a scenario or character from my vids with you, if you want to indulge your fetish for pantyhose, leather gloves or whatever…if you want me to tell you to hurt yourself or eat your own cum. If you want to amuse me with a little show or make me laugh. You can also just chat with me & ask me anything (within reason, come on, I’m not telling you how often I floss, that’s only my dentists business. lol)

Speaking of “Ask Me Anything”, I started a Reddit AMA today. We’ll see how that goes…check it out here:

I’m back filming & hustling so email me for custom vid requests or cam time (minimum $150USD):

All emails are read by me & my time is valuable so please communicate clearly & briefly. If it’s too long-winded, I won’t read it & I won’t respond. If it’s too difficult to understand I won’t respond. If it’s just a compliment without a request for something I probably won’t respond either. I know that might make me seem like a dick but I’m doing the job of at least 3 people here, somethings gotta give & I’ve decided to not respond to emails that don’t directly lead to a business transaction. I am running a business here. Truth.

Happy jerking!

Mistress T

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10 thoughts on “Cam Adventures & “Ask Me Anything”

  1. I always see you as a worker, as anybody else. Everytime I buy some of your clips, I’m thinking about the worker/artist. This is pretty clear to me. Recently you add a pool on twitter asking what people would want in a chat session and I chose ‘just chat’. The Mistress T I can find with a bunch of fetish options in your vids, but you I can find in your blog. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the chat time, but it would be nice. I met my favorite musician, my favorite poet, my favorite photographer and seeing them as regular persons is the most intresting thing about them. Everyone have to pay their bills, get sick, get tired and have some great behind the scenes stories to tell. Keep on, lady.

  2. That ‘reddit’ conversation is interesting, maybe a bit more ‘grown-up’ than I expected it to be…

    Love that photo and the outfit therein: you always look fantastic in stockings or pantyhose – lucky old “construction worker”, I say 😉

  3. This has nothing to do with a business proposal (and I’m not into cams), so I don’t expect a reply from you at all.
    I just wanted to wish you good luck with your new field of work, and also say that I know exactly who I’d have dinner with: Frank Zappa.
    The man stood up to idiotic censorship proposals and partially won, which showed a lot of people that it’s not necessary to accept conservative rules as the end all of everything. You have a voice, so use it.
    And in addition to that, he was also musical genius and a very savvy businessman, so he’d be very interesting to talk to.

      • I’ll confess I didn’t know that! I was only aware he mentioned El Monte Legion Stadium in the song “Dog Breath, In the Year of the Plague”.
        Perhaps he was fond of the place? I believe he had quite a few Chicano friends, and some of them were in his band. Roy Estrada being a prominent member.

  4. I was asked before the same question of who i would like to meet in history, i never really knew who i would want to meet but i think i know now, this person would be you. I know you must think why not some famous warrior or president or celebrity, but you are the one i am most interested to meet, you are interesting to me and i would be so pleased and honored.

  5. Hi Mistress T, I would love to set up a skype session with you I just a few questions . What would be the best time to set up a sessio? Do you have a specific time limit per session? And what are your rules and limitations for a session? I don’t want to do or say anything that would be to racy or offensive

  6. Dear Mistress,
    I’ve met: Linda Lovelace, Georgina Spelvin, Traei Lord, Vanessa Del Rio, Camille
    Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave), & Annie Sprinkle who also gave me a blow job in
    the men’s bathroom at Olden Camera in NYC. I regret not meeting Marilyn
    Chambers before she passed away.
    There is no way in hell that I want to meet Dump Trump!
    I would like to meet the original Lady Sonia! There are so many different women
    using that name now. I see all your different tapes thru out the years & I think of
    her because of the different ages of those women & your age in your tapes.
    I see your tapes listed in age from days, weeks, months, & years. The older tapes
    show the younger you fucking without a condom. I’ve never seen you do anything
    that wound turn me off except where you’re jerking some dude off & kneeing him
    in his balls. I’m surprised I’ve never seen a tape where the dude pulls out of you &
    shoots his cum on you & you make him lick up. Since I have a small cock, 5″,
    that’s one of the things I did to keep the ladies interested!
    I’ve never seen you give anyone a golden shower. Are you into that?
    The best to you. I want to read your book!

  7. Dear Mistress,
    I forgot to add that before my son was killed in 2011, he was trying to work out a deal
    with one of women using the name Lady Sonia for one of his web sites.
    I was in no mood to deal with it at that time. I know the problems your having with
    copy rite laws. I’d given him permission to use my work in his web sites. The people
    who bought his webs wanted to use my work too. Didn’t happen.
    Some people are buying you tapes & then downloading them on web sites. You
    must work this out with the people who but your tapes!

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