Adventures in real life cuckolding…

About 10 days ago I posted that I wanted a real life cuckold that I could also financially Dominate. It seemed like a tall order but that’s never stopped me before.

I checked Craigslist for ads from guys looking for a cuckolding arrangement & responded to a few. Then I placed my own ad looking for a cuckold. I received an avalanche of responses. My inbox was filled with mostly rubbish. Guys who didn’t know what cuckolding was, guys who didn’t read my ad but were just responding to any woman, guys who said they didn’t want to be a cuckold but they’d like to be my bull, a bunch of predictable messages like “hey, wanna hook up tonight” & surprisingly few dick pics. I deleted about 90% of the emails.

Buried in the pile there were a few potentials. As I started narrowing down the applicants an interesting email rolled in from one of the ads I responded to. A rather blown away former slave of mine who had served me about 8 years ago. He happened to be looking for exactly what I was looking for & was amazed at his luck that I had responded to his ad. We’ll call him “NotBored” (because he complained about finding submissive women boring & his difficulties in finding truly Dominant women to hold his interest.)

NotBored met up with us last week for a bite & drinks. We all hit it off so set up another date. This time dinner at an upscale restaurant. Things went really well again & we headed back to my place for a night cap. It felt really comfortable. We were all in sync with what we were looking for in an intimate cuckolding arrangement….but we also got along really well otherwise. It was fun & easy hanging out.


I decided to have a shower to freshen up, then rubbed coconut oil all over myself while my boyfriend sang & played his guitar for us. I loved teasing them both, seeing them squirm as they watched me. We headed to the candlelit bedroom. I told NotBored to sit on a chair beside the bed & watch. He wasn’t allowed to play with himself but he could take pics. I also ordered him to freshen my drink & to bring me water. Small, easy orders to follow but sometimes a little Domination foreplay is nice. My natural style is playfully bossy, seductively teasing with the slightest edge of coldness, an understanding that you don’t want to cross me. My personal slaves rarely test that.

So he watched while my lover & I made love. I teased “NotBored” a little…with what might be in time if he’s a very good boy. I got off on denying him an orgasm.

These are pics he took…you can see what he saw:

MST_real_cuck6 MST_real_cuck5 MST_real_cuck4 MST_real_cuck3 MST_real_cuck2 MST_real_cuck1MST_real_cuck9 MST_real_cuck8

It was a wonderful evening & I’m excited for what the future might hold. Hopefully a mutually enjoyable intimate connection, a friendship, sexual adventures & personal growth.

I am continuing my search as I don’t see why I can only have one cuckold, I could have several…but this is also a little “fuck you” to the two, yes TWO applicants who cancelled/chickened out at the last minute & didn’t even meet us. Your cowardice is beyond comprehension. I strive to live my life boldly, fearlessly, completely the opposite of your gutlessness & I’ve been rewarded. To the one who sent the $200 gift card to prove he was serious (but then chickened out anyway): dinner was delicious, thanks at least for that…but wow. I hope this blog post really tortures you with the realization of what you missed out on.

As for the rest of you drooling, envious cuckold hopefuls…if you are in Vancouver or are willing/able to come here on a regular basis (an ongoing relationship is what I’m looking for, not one-off sessions) feel free to apply. I love to feel appreciated & spoiled so you must be in a financial position to be generous. Distance cucks are also welcome to apply…to have a taste at least of something very special…but the arrangement will be different. Very heavy on the Financial Domination part & less interaction from us over skype/email. I prefer to reserve my energy for in-person connections.


Mistress T

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13 thoughts on “Adventures in real life cuckolding…

  1. Beautiful pics, but particularly the last one. A wonderful sight to behold, especially first thing in the morning!

    I really think I should emigrate to live in Vancouver!

  2. Hello girl,

    I am Mehdi, I am really interesting by cuckold life with you, the only problem is the distance. I currently live in Paris, if you come , I will be happy to meet you offer a drink or other to show you my motivation.

    • If I had a nickle for every time a guy somewhere else in the world thought that I would just randomly come to their city so they could have their fantasy fulfilled…well, I’d probably be rich enough to fly all over the world constantly. *eye roll*
      Hey, you know what would show your motivation better than a drink? Offering to cover airfare from Vancouver to Paris x 2 + hotel & all expenses…because why the hell would I come all the way to Paris on my own dime for a drink with you? The “only problem” you describe is kind of a like me saying that my dream is to ride a unicorn, the “only problem” is that they don’t actually exist.

  3. Mistress T,
    thanks for the great blog, it’s hard to believe that anyone could lose their nerve and miss the incredible opportunity to meet with you. If circumstances permitted, I would be running through the Miami airport like OJ Simpson in those old rent-a-car commercials for the next flight to Vancouver, as would many others I’m sure. Have a great day and thanks for allowing your fans a glimpse into your life.. Rick

  4. Love this blog. He is a lucky person and a fun tease. Don’t know if that would be for me but who knows … 🙂

  5. Really hot story and great pics. I can’t claim to properly understand the passive end of the ‘Cuckold Experience’ as I’ve always been the Cuckolder (visitor) rather than the Cuckold (husband) in my dealings with couples, but this great post would almost persuade me to review my priorities… 🙂

    And obviously your man plays decent guitar going by his fingering of that F Barre Chord on the guitar…

  6. very well done
    very easy to see that You are a true Dom
    best wishes in finding all You need

  7. Very well written story, probably one of the best posts I’ve read here so thank you. I sure hope to read more details on the teasing and the after experience.
    As for cuckolding, for me it is the most intense when there is an emotional connection between the wife and the cuck.

    Thanks for living our fantasy!

  8. Two very lucky gentleman. While I would never think myself worthy enough to be allowed the pleasures you bestow on your boyfriend I can only imagine in my dreams the immense pleasure he must enjoy; with only one such thrust I would die a happy man! Knowing that will never be, I can only hope that one day my situation might be such that I would be blessed by you and be able to see the entwined, shuddering bodies of a Goddess and her lover embraced in passion that will be forever denied me.

  9. You’re the very best, my dick all is yours you are the very best cock owner, know how to control two balls and a stick, or 1million cocks online in their hands wanging all at once on the next full moon!

  10. Hi Mistress T, because you show that you are pretty, captivating, witty, and a little goofy in your videos, you are enchanting even beyond your physicality and female magnetism. In light of that I think it is a very plausible script that would have a cuckold who loves you so much, he wants to make you happy even if it hurts him emotionally and or physically.

    To that end he has a desire for you to be with a physically better man than him from time to time. I think the concept is sooooo sweet and romantic. I don’t think I could handle it myself in real life, nor would I ever want to risk damaging my primary relationship. But like Annette Swartz once said in an interview, porn lets people experience things that might not otherwise be possible to set up.

    Unlike the more common humiliation based cuckold vids, I picture the dialog from you to the cuckold to be of sweet appreciation. The cuck is not humiliated directly, except of course he sees and hears and feels at a visceral level how another man satisfies his beloved in a way that he cant; OTOH he does get the gift of seeing his beloved received a very sensuous loving and some incredible orgasms. Lots of men say they will do anything to keep their Lady happy, this cat is putting his heart and soul behind his promise! The Lady too is special, as she has the uncommon talent to see his abrogation not as a sign of weakness, but rather as a special gift. She has learned to cherish his admission of inability to completely meet her sexual desires.

    I don’t know if such a scene is of interest to you, if not, sorry to bug you. But your post about clicking with the cuckold intellectually and socially gave flesh to a thought an author (Goodhusband) put in my ear several years ago. Namely that it was only because the cuckoldress was so sweet and loving to her hubby that he could endure the angst of her frequent affairs. After some rough spots, he wrote both of them as cherishing each other for supporting each other through their years in the “lifestyle”.

    At any rate, thank you for all you post. I am glad to have discovered your work, and only wish a person and actress like you was around in the 70s when I discovered I am fetish. Vic V, aka Oldbearswitch in SoCal.

    • Thank you for your comments. Really lovely.
      I enjoy & have portrayed a wider range of cuckold scenario’s than just the humiliation angle…at the moment I don’t feel motivated to go through my extensive library & list the titles of the ones I feel are closer to what you describe…but if you’re looking for it you’ll be able to find it. My descriptions are pretty accurate. There’s really so SO many different ways a non-monogamous relationship could go & the details are really just up to the individuals to explore & figure out:-)
      Interesting stuff!

  11. If you ever need a cuck to star with you, I live in the greater NYC area. please let me know…

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