Is Financial Domination contagious?

Mistress T

In my early days as a Professional Dominatrix before I started doing videos, I received an email from a guy in New York who offered to send me $100 on the spot just to speak with me on the phone for a few minutes. I found that strange & thrilling. I could hardly believe it when he actually sent the money. He was the first one to tell me about Financial Domination & said he was a pay pig. I had never heard of such a thing.

Over the years I’ve met with him several times & he’s spent a lot of money on me. One time he paid $1000 just to have me snowball my boyfriends cum into his mouth! My boyfriend & I literally skipped down the streets of Manhattan after bursting with joyful disbelief at what just happened.

He’s come & gone over the last decade but he’s certainly the most generous & the most authentic ‘pay pig’ I’ve had. I never really felt drawn to Financial Domination otherwise. I’m not materialistic, I’m not greedy & I didn’t have the patience to wade through the mountains of time-wasters most FinDom’s complain about. Maybe it’s my country upbringing & strong work ethic…but the idea of getting paid for nothing holds less appeal than getting paid well for something. No offense to the many amazing FinDom’s out there, some of which are my close friends. I just don’t seem to be wired that way, otherwise I suppose I would have attracted more authentic ‘pay pigs’ along the way.

But…recently I’ve been drawn to the idea of having a generous cuckold. I’m not sure where the idea started but lately I’ve desired a very specific kind of arrangement. A cuckold who I actually like & enjoy spending time with. One that I tease & deny, sometimes playfully. Fun tease & denial, not serious or mean denial. A cuckold who is into both mental and physical Domination.

Very key to my ideal fantasy is that the cuckold very genuinely loves to please me, loves to give me gifts, do nice things for me, pamper me & enhance my life. To be truly worshiped & adored, not just for my body but for my mind.

I’m financially secure. I don’t need a sugar daddy, I don’t need my rent paid & I don’t need to be rescued. I love to feel appreciated though & the right cuckold would be in the financial position to generously express his gratitude for the opportunity to be an important part of my life.

So…am I catching the Financial Domination bug? I have no interest in blackmail, in forcing a guy to pay me, in demanding payment or putting him on a payment schedule. Yet…I find the idea of being spoiled thrilling.

Recently I put a few pairs of new boots on my wish list, not for me, but for my boyfriend. I was absolutely thrilled when two different cuckolds got him new boots! That’s a new twist for me & I like it. So where do we go from here? Well, geography is going to be the biggest challenge followed by financial security. Finding the right cuckold in Vancouver might be tough. I’ll put it out there into the universe & we’ll see what happens *smile*.



Mistress T

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5 thoughts on “Is Financial Domination contagious?

  1. I would so love to meet you and just chat, you are one of the most intuitive intellectual and empathetic people that I have come across apart from the most lovely lady who caught me in the form of @madamc5 I absolutely adore your soul I wish you a fabulous fortieth year and may all your dreams come true
    With much love
    Jo xxx

  2. Dear Mistress T,
    There is no doubt in my mind you will find the right cuckold to spoil you to your specifications, just a matter of time. Rick Miami, Fl.

  3. LOVE this post immensely. Basically pulled the thoughts right out of my head writing. Couldn’t agree more with everything you said.
    Brooke Marie

  4. I think it´s just another part of Your wonderfull neverending life story. And can be inspiration for a chapter in Your book ( btw., how is going with it ? ) . You live an amazing life, doing what you want and this is exactly prove of that. Maybe like a most famous rockstars have fan-clubs all over the world, You can have cuckolds instead 🙂 . I´m really looking forward what I´ll read here in a year.
    Best wishes from Czech Rep., gorgeous Lady.

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