It’s a Beautiful Life?

The upbeat Europop song “It’s A Beautiful Life” by Ace of Base came out in 1995. I was 19 at the time, which is the legal drinking age in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. So when that song came out I was dancing my tail off in the legendary bars of Halifax. A town with several big universities & a major naval port. University (college) students & sailors. Oh my.

I can still remember the excitement of entering adulthood, a clean slate on which I could create whatever life I wanted. That song, full of optimism, gave me so much hope.

Fast forward to today, 21 years later. Imagine the echoey water sounds of a community center swimming pool. Today there was also music blasting & an overly excited aqua-fit instructor barking out orders to a hand full of grey haired retirees bobbing in the water. Wearing my flotation belt I was mid-way through my lap across the pool doing the vertical cross-country skiing thing the instructor was telling us to do when that song came on. That peppy, upbeat song full of nostalgia. I was transported back to my 19th year looking forward to…what? I had no idea. A beautiful life I felt determined to create. It was in that moment that something caught my eye as a focused 70ish woman passed me. It was a band aid, sinking in the water near me. I watched the band aid lazily floating in the bright blue water, the contrast with the cheerful music of my youth was poetic.

As we all switched to water jogging, then sprinting, bunny hopping, jumping jacks & a dozen or so other ways to basically do the same thing: splash around in the water to help prevent our joints from seizing up in our old age, I reflected on my beautiful life so far. All the traveling I’ve done, the business I’ve grown, all the crazy stuff I’ve experienced, the relationships I’ve had, the good things I’ve done, the mistakes I’ve made, how I’ve changed…& I looked around at the seniors around me. Knowing that I’m at least 20 years younger than any of them, I still have a lot of life to live.


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3 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Life?

  1. Every morning I wake up and am grateful for the new day. When I was nineteen, a few years before you, I’d just spent my first year at university doing rather well when I had, what must be, the ultimate slam dunk pull up. I was diagnosed with cancer, classic young man’s, testicular, and my life changed for ever. Some people would bemoan it cry woe is me, but for me it made me appreciate what a wonderful thing life is and how we should try and enjoy every moment of it as much as possible because none of us knows when this precious beautiful thing may be taken from us or compromised by illness.
    Thank you for sharing such an upbeat thought, your posts are always wonderful to read Jo x

  2. Dear Mistress T, after reading many of your writings I realized that you are a delight of beauty in its rawest form, filled with cleansed emotions that come from another (much more simple) era…and all that “trapped” in a luscious body that i am sure still trembles under the right touch….no wonder you are a Domina by nature….because how could all that fit in a submissive woman?

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