Who am I?


This blog was set up for you to get to know me more intimately…& on twitter recently I invited fans to ask me questions that I would answer on my blog. It seems there is a lot of interest in learning more about me, the woman behind Mistress T. So here’s a bunch of random stuff, using your questions as a guide.

What are you passionate about? I am a feminist, vegetarian, animal-lover, atheist. I’m passionate about human-rights issues & equality. I’m anti-discrimination, I have ZERO tolerance for racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. I’m concerned about environmental issues & do what I can to reduce my impact.

How do you stay in shape? I’m blessed with good genes but I also eat very carefully (no meat, very little sugar, deep fried foods or processed foods, easy on the carbs, etc.) I do yoga, recently started doing aqua-fit & I walk a lot.

Trump or Hillary? I’m Canadian so can’t vote in the US election but I would NOT vote for Trump because he would be a disastrous choice no matter how you look at it. Period.

Would you be submissive? I’ve often been asked if I would ever consider “switching” & trying being submissive. If you read my blog from the beginning there is a part where I talk about dabbling as a submissive in my early days in fetish, at parties, way before I got into private sessions or video. I loved the exhibitionism but submitting wasn’t my jam. I hate pain & getting Dominated just makes me angry. I’m naturally Dominant but I don’t need to actually be Dominant all the time. I’m actually just as happy to be equal with someone. But if you’re hoping to see me in a scene where I’m being spanked, tied up, Dominated: forget it. It will never happen.

Along those lines, it is unlikely you’ll see me in scenes with big production companies like “Blacked”, etc. Going from filming my own scenes for years & working with companies like The English Mansion & Club Stiletto where it’s very much a collaboration & I’m still very much in control, the idea of just being a performer who is directed to do sexual acts with someone I possibly haven’t even met before…doesn’t hold much appeal.

I know some fans crave to see me in certain situations, some would love to see me take a load of cum on my face, get fucked by several well-hung black guys, get fucked in the ass, be Dominated, etc. But my body: my choice. I decide.

Biggest joy and biggest frustration about what you do? Biggest joy: I love being creative & performing. I always have. I was in every school & church play when I was growing up. Biggest frustration: Email. Just reading my email often puts me in a bad mood. It’s a never-ending shit river of time-wasting annoyance. Reading ‘complimentary’ emails from guys who openly state they only watch my vids on free-sharing sites (so have never paid) but just have to waste my time telling me that I’m ‘the best’ to guys sending requests for sessions in random places all over the globe. Of course, it’s worse than you could imagine. I have to read it all to get to the few emails that need my attention, like custom vid requests, actually worthwhile film slave applicants, the rare session I decide to take, etc. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Many peers I’ve met says the same thing. Dealing with emails in this biz is amazingly frustrating & over time is wears on you.

How did your family react when you told them or they found out you’re in the porn biz? I get this question a lot & have addressed it at least a couple times in my blog but again: not a big deal in my case. I was about 30 when I changed careers from sales & marketing in the vanilla world to the adult industry. I had already lived away from my family for 9 years, had invested in real estate, traveled the world & demonstrated I was able to make smart decisions for myself. They didn’t worry about me. As long as I was healthy & happy they didn’t judge. Which leads me to the other question I get a lot…

What will you do AFTER porn??? As the years go by I get this question more & more. I am 40 now & have been in the adult industry for a decade so I understand why some folks are checking my expiry date & exit strategy. There is a cliche about women in the porn industry being reckless with their money & having expensive habits (drinking, drugs, gambling, leech boyfriends, etc.). We’re not all like that. In fact, most of my peers are careful with their finances. In my case, I started investing in my retirement in my early 20’s, I invested in real estate before I turned 30. Financial security has always been a priority for me & I’ve been smart and lucky. When I am done with porn I’m not sure what I’ll do but I’m not worried. I’ll still want to keep busy & productive. I’ll have transferable skills & will find something I enjoy. At this time I’m trying to get a book written & I’ve started the free T-Time Sex Ed series. My future might include more writing, education, speaking engagements, advice columnist, performing in some other way, something that helps people, animals or the environment…money won’t be the main motivator so I’ll have the freedom to do what I enjoy with less concern about finances.

How can a slave make himself worthy? A lot of fans want to serve me, interact with me in some way, online or in person. The charitable part of me wants to give every guy what he so badly wants. But the part of me that’s in charge of self-care knows that I don’t have the energy to give that much of myself. I work toward work-life balance & that means turning down 90% of the requests I get for online or in person one-on-one interactions with fans. The few that earn my attention pay generously & have excellent manners.

Are you religious? Favorite flavor? Favorite fiction book? Do you ever wear granny panties? Ever played video games? Atheist. Good dark chocolate with lavender. Fresh sun-warm berries or cherries just picked. A nice cup of Jasmine Green Tea. To name a few. Recent favorite speculative fiction: Margaret Atwoods MaddAddam Trilogy. I don’t wear any panties. Ever (except as part of a sexy outfit for filming or fetish/sex parties). I pretty much live in yoga pants/leggings, sometimes flannel pj’s. When I was a teen I played tetris at the arcade & Super Mario at a friends house. Pong a bit as a kid. That was pretty much it.

What do You think of the friend Zone? What do You think of “nice guy syndrome”? Thank You Mistress I think the world needs more guys who are genuinely kind, respectful & thoughtful. Some girls might get a thrill out of bad boys but emotionally mature women, especially those who have had enough of getting treated like shit by bad boys, will one day appreciate a nice guy. Life is not all about getting laid. If you’re angry because girls won’t fuck you, than you’re probably not really a nice guy. Girls don’t owe guys sex. Having real friends & a sense of community is more meaningful than one-night stands. If you really want meaningless sex pay for an escort or go on Tinder to get your fix. I think if your biggest complaint is the too many girls want you to be their friend but don’t want to fuck you than you should consider yourself pretty lucky in life. Think about it. If a real romantic relationship that includes sex is what you’re after try looking for women who you have things in common with & accept those friendships while being open to them developing into more, without expectation. All kinds of different people find partners, you can too, but in the mean time be good to yourself & appreciate what you already have.

That’s it for today! Feel free to submit more questions in the comments area below & maybe I’ll do a follow-up post.


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31 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. You said “if women won’t fuck you than you’re probably not a nice guy” Ah not true. There are plenty of nice guys that women will not give the time of day to. Being nice doesn’t mean a girl is going to like you. Women are far more shallow than men. So they hold plenty of thing against you. From Height, race, size(body and penis), income, what car you drive ect… And for someone to say they are against sexism, I’ve read many of your blogs and tweets and you’re incredibly sexist. And you said being submissive isn’t your thing, well every time you get fuck the man always assume the dominant position on you. You might want to reevaluate yourself

    • Hold up Mr. Anderson…if you’re going to try to tell me off get the quote part right. I said: “If you’re angry because girls won’t fuck you, than you’re probably not really a nice guy. ” & you’ve done a brilliant job of illustrating my point. Your whole comment makes you sound like an angry, disrespectful person, not a nice guy at all.
      Since you mis-read & misunderstood what I said the rest of your comment is fruit from the same tree…but the last part is just laughable. You think whether I’m on the top or bottom during sex determines whether I’m submissive or not? Hilarious! If my skirt is above my knee does that make me a slut too? Or if I wear lipstick do you assume I love sucking cock? That makes as much sense as what you said.
      Lastly, if you have so many negative thoughts & feelings about me, my blog & my vids maybe you should move along & read, look at & put your energy into what actually makes you happy. Take care.

      • All you have to do is read your “Confession of a lazy lover” to see who the real jerk is. You want to see some real disrespect read that. Now who do you think you are to tell men what they should get angry about. You don’t get to decide who a jerk or not. You not the arbiter of that. Now you said that it was hilarious when I said if I thought being a top or bottom make you submissive or dominant? Ah, well that what you said actually. You said that women like being on the bottom because the like to submissive during sex in a pervious blog. Maybe you should pay attention to what you write. And to you reference about lipstick and sucking cock. You made clear that you are a horrible lay and don’t like sucking cock. But he better like you tell you are satisfy. And you calling me a jerk. Also you tell men that they should except the friendzone and “life isn’t about getting laid” – “try be in a meaning romantic relationship”. This coming from a woman that said she can’t monogamous. Again you should check yourself. The reason why you say that is that your 40 and time is really ticking. And you’re probably looking for a long term partner because your done with all the fun of have sex with many men. So since your perspective is changing you want to filter that down on to men also. Check yourself, you not a nice person. Your arrogant, mean and selfish

        • Soooo…why are you here? Why are you reading my blog & commenting if you have such negative feelings & thoughts about me?

          • Why do I read your blogs? Well darling because there interesting, why else. You can’t take anyone challenging you. It get you upset. Based on what I have read in your blogs you’re pretty self centered and you know this but don’t like it when someone points it out. I would love a debate with on gender issue and other topic. But I doubt you’ll take me up on it. Plus you are always telling men to respect women, be thoughtful towards women yet have zero respect for men. You expect men to coddle women and act like lap dogs. Sorry but I am an alpha male and won’t put up with that. It a two way street not a one way.

          • a secret for You: we don’t care of what you think, you’re just annoying! another secret for you: it’s a blog for people who like her so in fact you’re not just a angry man but you are a troll… triple Ko!

        • I have lurked T’s blog for sometime. And, I do agree with Chris. Often times your statements come off as from someone I certainly would not want to be in a relationship with.

          • So curious about what would motivate someone to make a comment like this? What kind of person ‘lurks’ & takes the time to read a blog written by someone they do not like & tells them they would not want to be in a relationship with them? I mean, think about it. It’s not that you wouldn’t vote for me if I ran for office, or you wouldn’t want me for a boss or you don’t think I’d be qualified to organize a charity bake sale…no, you specifically go out of your way to back ‘Chris’ up (who is obviously an unintelligent troll who didn’t just misunderstand what I wrote but mis-read what I wrote & went off half cocked, hurling insults that didn’t even make sense) to let me know that you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with me.
            I have the ability to not approve comments or to delete them at any point. I’ve let Chris’s stand & yours because they are so ridiculous & I want my fans to see what craziness I have to deal with, though usually via email. It’s not all sunshine & lollipops. But don’t worry Freddie, there is as much risk of you & I ending up in a relationship together as there is of me organizing a bake sale.

  2. Thank You Mistress for this blog and for Your answer to my question!
    i really think You are a very beautiful personn & i love all of what You are!
    i think i’m in love with You! (i’m sorry to say that but You are not the only one…there is also Ceara. i hope i don’t break Your heart 😉 ) ❤️

    • I’m a little bit in love with her too…although to be honest I prefer the woman behind the persona. She’s actually a really cool chick & I’m grateful to count her as a good friend.

      • It’s because i love You! You two seems to be really cool behind the persona! And i agree with all Your opinions and view ( “I am a feminist, vegetarian, animal-lover, atheist. I’m passionate about human-rights issues & equality. I’m anti-discrimination, I have ZERO tolerance for racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. I’m concerned about environmental issues & do what I can to reduce my impact.”).
        i’m grateful to found You on internet… and to have put a banana in my ass For Ceara 🙂

        • the beginning of my message should not be “it’s beause i love You” but “that’s why i love You”
          ( Sorry for my english Mistress)

  3. Thank you. GREAT post.
    The opening lines reminds me of a long-ago song which was too close for comfort (OK I am dating myself)

    Who are you?
    Who, who, who, who?
    I woke up in a Soho doorway
    A policeman knew my name
    He said “You can go sleep at home tonight
    If you can get up and walk away”
    I staggered back to the underground
    And the breeze blew back my hair
    I remember throwin’ punches around
    And preachin’ from my chair
    Well, who are you?

    My only substantive comment for thought is that I too was once an avowed atheist. As I grew older now I am not at all so sure. Keep an open mind – things often look and feel different 10 or 20 years down the road

  4. OK this is gonna sound like a stupid question but I’m genuinely curious.

    “I’m anti-discrimination, I have ZERO tolerance for racism, homophobia, sexism, etc”

    If you had a client who wanted you to spank him, and he bent over, pulled down his shorts and had a swastika on his ass would you throw him out or hit him harder?

    • Good question. To be honest, in this scenario I would just continue the session as planned & ignore it. Do you know why? Safety. As a Pro Domme I allow for the possibility that any client could be dangerously unhinged & I reduce the chance of setting him off by doing something like throwing him out or hitting him harder than would be appropriate. This is the world we live in. Women adjust their behavior in situations where there is a possibility they could get hurt. Women think about these things far more often than men do.
      I understand that I’ve derailed the spirit of your original question so I’ll say that if safety were not a factor I would first ask if the man still held the same beliefs he had when he got the tattoo (giving him a chance to say that he’s changed or it was a prank played on him by pals or something). If he confirmed that he is a white supremacist I would end the session, refund an appropriate amount of the session fee & let him know I would not be accepting future session requests from him.

  5. Greetings from florida Mistress T…love your blogs..Must say your beautiful and a amazing woman ..and allways sexy ..have a great week Mistress 🙂

  6. A very enjoyable post and also the correspondence above.

    About the e-mail thing: it’s not just you and your friends that feel that way, it’s the bane of every business these days – even the vanilla ones!

    And for small, owner-proprietor outfits like yours and mine that don’t justify employing someone to do it on our behalf, it looks like a necessary (debatable, I know) evil we will have to tolerate for a little longer…

  7. I just want to say thank you so much for sharing with us some of your personal thoughts, beliefs, background, etc. I have been following you for years, serving and admiring you from afar, and this is so cool that you are sharing some of who you are that I feel closer than ever to you (and of course want to serve you even more!). I have been attracted to BDSM and Femdom for many years now and as far as I am concerned YOU ARE THE BEST! love and kisses from your lifelong slave and I will visit you here often! Thank you!!!

  8. I am going to defend Mistress T here a little and maybe ad a little bit of a different perspective. I will try to keep it short.

    I came across Mistress T’s blog a few months ago based on an unrelated search that had to with some documentaries she was commenting on that were on Netflix (cant remember the exact name of the the top of my head but it had to do with Ukraine). I was looking the documentary up and her blog popped up. I was not searching for any BDSM material or cuckolding and did not really even know what “cuckolding” was. In real life most women I have known both in relationships, work, family, etc. would probably call me an “alpha male” and cuckolding is not really my thing at all. Yet, occasionally over past few months I have checked her blog just because I find her an interesting personality in many ways. She actually reminds me in a variety of ways of women I have worked with and some I have dated that were very beautiful, quirky in some ways (not BDSM) and intelligent. (not trying to brag at all but I have been fortunate in life in the sense that I have known many beautiful women since my teens and getting sex for me is not really much of a problem that I have to seek porn as a major outlet) I like to read what women think and are interested in and gain insights into their true personal feelings. I am trying to keep this short but I can write a great deal about the topic. She speaks about many things in her blog (not just sex) that I can relate to and I like to hear from the perspective of the opposite sex. For example, I too have worked in the corporate world and became “bored” with it and have sought out alternative professions (not sex work or porn) that were more fulfilling in other ways. I also known many women who put in a lot of effort to be sexy, and many men want them for that and they also want men deeply to know they have many other sides to them besides just their bodies that they want to be respected in other ways and not just be the objects of fantasy. So some may find it ironic that she is a porn worker but many times try to emphasize other parts of her personality. I have seen this struggle/issue (for lack of better words) in many beautiful women I have known. Her blog is a little different and she is what she is. She is articulate and I enjoy reading her thoughts on the matter even if I occasionally disagree with some small point she makes here or there. Thats life, we dont all agree on everything 100 percent of the time all the time.

    Part of this is addressed to Mr Anderson and others like him. The Internet is a place for niches. I am assuming most men come to her for the material she provides and it is what they want. She caters to a very very specific niche and market and she gives the men that seek it what they are looking for. I dont know how many regulars she has, a few dozen or a few hundred but the internet is a place where someone like her can find and cater to a very specific and very small audience. In the end if its not your thing and your offended you really do have the option the move on. I did not know what “cuckolding” was before I ran across her blog and know I understand it. The men that come to her want what you term as “disrepect” for the most part (again, I am trying to keep this short and summarize). It may seem strange to me (cuckolding)and some others but this world is filled with very strange things. She is a human and I see she does put herself out there and expresses herself and I personally give her much credit for being candid and honest about herself whether I personally agree with all of it or not.

    I also agree with her when she says

    “life isn’t about getting laid” – “try be in a meaning romantic relationship”.

    Even if that seems contradictory coming from a porn worker. I dont think 99.9999% of people are made to be “sexed” up 100 percent of the time, all of time. What I gather from reading her blog is she likes part of her day or life or week or month to be devoted to fantasy and help satisfy other peoples fantasy. Yet thats not all of her. She has other interests, friends, hobbies, etc. I find that interesting because I have seen that many times in other very beautiful women I have known only they have not blogged about it and articulated as deeply as she has. So her blog does add a bit to my personal enlightenment of the opposite sex and I thank her for that.

    You said in one of your comments that you’re an “alpha male”. Most real alpha males tend to be much more secure and even if they dont agree with someone like Mistress T, they are confident enough to just move on. Its that simple.

  9. Dear Mistress T,

    Thank you for this glimpse into your personal life. Always a treat to read it as it connects us fans closer to you. I have two questions which hopefully you can answer.

    1) I don’t believe you want children, but if you had a son, would you choose to circumcise him or not and why or why not?

    2) In terms of partners, if you had to make a pick which do you prefer more? Circumcised or not?

    Curious to hear what you have to say on this topic!

    Much respect,

    • Edgar, I’m curious to know what’s behind your questions? Do you genuinely care what my opinions are on circumcision in reality or do you just get off on having women talk about it? For some reason your questions rubbed me the wrong way, they feel inappropriately personal, especially the first one, bordering on disrespectful. A lot is lost in text, body language, tone of voice, etc. I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt but I’m going to decline answering here personally & simply point out that you’ll see quite a few uncircumcised penis’s in my vids, draw your own conclusions.

      • Thank you for your reply! I genuinely care what your opinions are on this subject. I have been a fan of yours for a while now and always find you to be well spoken, honest, and educated on many things. I ask #1 because I was recently part of a pretty heated discussion regarding this subject. I did not mean to rub you the wrong way I was just curious to hear what you have to say on this topic.

        • Who is having a heated discussion over circumcision in this day & age?! It’s a non-issue so I don’t really understand. If a guy keeps himself clean there is no difference between having a foreskin or not. It’s the same as boob size or pubic hair. Different people have their preferences, to each their own. Nothing to get worked up about.

          • Well the discussion arose because a family member is expecting a son, and she does not want to circumcise her child as she feels its not a decision that she should make, and that it reduces sensation for men later on. Then came someone with counter arguments for the boy to look like his father. That’s why I was curious to hear your take on this subject in the event you had to decide.

          • My decision would be personal & mine to make…as it is with the mother/parents of any child. This isn’t anyone else’s business. This whole discussion (the other one & the one we’re having now) is silly & a waste of time.

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