New Tricks?

This post is pretty clean. Bad news for those looking for jerk off material. Good news for those wanting to get to know me more intimately. This is soap from my wish list, sent by a loving fan:-)

This post is pretty clean. Bad news for those looking for jerk off material. Good news for those wanting to get to know me more intimately. This is soap from my wish list, sent by a loving fan:-)

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. The last year I’ve been really into cooking & this post is to thank the fans who have helped. I’ll get to that. A little back story first.

My closest friends are the most shocked to see me in the kitchen. It isn’t that I didn’t know how to cook at all, I could make basic things. I just didn’t cook. You would never catch me hosting a dinner party. My fridge was mostly empty except for booze, mix, ketchup & take out left overs. I’ve always eaten pretty healthy. I rarely had greasy fast food, pizza or junk…I liked sushi, thai food, salads, etc.

I worked from home a lot so I liked to get out of the house for a break & eating out became a convenient habit. It was an opportunity to socialize with friends, go for a walk, combine eating with running errands.

When my partner & I started dating nearly two years ago he wanted to cook for me but was hobbled by my limited kitchen. I added useful things to my wish list like frying pans, a pressure cooker, etc. With these new tools he made me food like nothing I’d ever experienced. It was DELICIOUS, nutritious & vegan. I started watching him cook, then I started to help. I was curious. I wanted to learn how to do it too.

I soon mastered a couple of his signature dishes & got a thrill from adjusting the ingredients here & there to play with the flavors. I would make big pots of soups & freeze individual servings so on busy days I could just pull out a jar & defrost it. My freezer no longer only contained ice cubes!

One of several things in my freezer: a black bean & squash soup with harissa spice.

One of several things in my freezer: a black bean & squash soup with harissa spice.

I wanted to learn more & started searching vegan recipes on the internet. I stumbled across posts from The Thug Kitchen & put their cook book on my wish list. After receiving it & trying some of the recipes I was a woman obsessed! I needed an immersion blender for some things so put it on my wish list. I also added crushed tomatoes, coconut milk, quinoa, brown rice, coconut oil & jars to hold my creations.

I even make my own vegi broth & hot sauce now! I use my own tahini sauce on vegi hash instead of ketchup. I pre-soak & pre-cook dried chickpeas & black beans to use in my recipes. I could go on & on.

I wouldn’t call my food gourmet, but it’s healthy as hell, yummy & comforting. I never thought I would get so excited about cooking & neither would my friends. I even have a mug that says “Domestically Disabled” on it that everyone laughs at.

It has been a team effort & the fans who have sent & continue to send all the helpful things from my wish list are part of that team. I understand some fans would rather buy me lingerie, sexy shoes or luxury items but these practical things send a message that you care about the real, every-day me.

So here’s a few snaps I took while cooking a big pot of lentil soup tonight. Don’t turn up your nose, it’s so full of flavor the last thing you would register is ‘lentils’. I also guarantee you wouldn’t care that there’s no meat in it.


Tonight’s soup is lentil with a peanut sauce (also includes squash, cauliflower, yam, carrots, onions, crushed tomatoes, garlic, ginger, vegi broth, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, tamari sauce, a bit of tamarind…I think that’s it. I kind of made this one up & it’s fucking delicious! Peanut butter…who woulda thunk it?!) That’s the immersion blender in my hand & the pressure cooker in the back ground. They both get well used.


Crushed tomatoes & coconut oil…both from my wish list: thanks!


This isn’t a very sexy post…so here’s some boobs…along with 2 frying pans from my wish list. They also get well used…just like you’d like to be;-)

If you’re interested in reducing or eliminating animal products from your diet I strongly recommend the Thug Kitchen cook book. There’s lots of curse words which is fun & they really make it easy for those new to cooking. Beyond just following recipes for specific dishes I’ve learned how to feed myself practically in a bunch of different ways.

Eat like you give a fuck. Best fucking cook book ever. Fuck yeah. Lots of curse words:-)

Eat like you give a fuck. Best fucking cook book ever. Fuck yeah. Lots of curse words:-)

Honorable mention goes to my Vega powder, vegan protein powder & basically a multi-vitamin which I have for breakfast every day. I’ve been drinking this for years & love it. It’s on my wish list if you want to send something you know I will super appreciate.

Vega powder & shaker cup sent by a fan from my wish list.

Vega powder & shaker cup sent by a fan from my wish list.

Predictably…I’m going to throw down my wish list link here…because food gets consumed to nourish my Goddess body & it needs to be replenished: (I know that looks messed up & I should fix it but I’m slipping into a food coma from my yummy dinner…it still works, click it & see…)


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9 thoughts on “New Tricks?

  1. i’m so happy to be a little part of Your team Mistress! the more i read Your blog the more i love all of You.
    have a good day Mistress

  2. I think you have the same cast iron pan I have :-).

    I’m sure you’ve seasoned it already, but should you ever need to redo it, this method is awesome:

    I screwed mine up and re-seasoned it a couple of times, before stumbling on this approach. It takes a bunch of time to do (although very little actual hands on activity), but it produces an amazing finish that’s super tough. And if you ever need to strip seasoning if it’s gone funky, putting the pan in the oven and running the self-cleaning cycle works really well to get you back to the base.

    Thanks for the fun cooking post. I’ve got into it as well in recent years, and really enjoyed it. Nice to hear similar sentiments from someone else. Hope the soup worked out!


    • Ooooh, good info on seasoning the cast iron frying pan. I did just use vegetable oil but I’m going to get some flax seed oil & do it the ‘ultimate’ way. Thanks!

  3. Dear Mistress T Glad to see you cooking away!. Cooking from scratch is a key part of our heritage as humans, and this cooking/sharing of food is one of the most rewarding social activities we have.

    Perhaps its value is often underestimated due to its mundane nature, and perhaps due to the fact that is traditionally female work in many cultures.

    Plus Food can be a powerful and tasty ally in nudging society towards environmental and social justice goals.

    Have you found a good local grower for your greens and truck produce? Have you tried a foraging expedition? If not, much fun awaits! /Explore the growing areas outside of town. For Foraging success, go with an expert the first time. It can really be fun! You have some wonderful public lands in Canada, Just remember you have to follow the rules when on public lands. I bet your Conservation Service Officers in the Frazier Valley would know where it is OK to forage, and what is good to get SALUDOS, ENJOY the nummy food!

    • I get my produce from good grocers who gets as much as possible from local sources. In the summer I buy from farmers markets. I haven’t been foraging yet but my partner is an expert on mushrooms so that sort of thing is in the cards.
      Fun fact…just in case folks thought I was just a city person…I was born & raised in rural Nova Scotia. We grew a lot of our own food. Pickled & froze stuff for the winters. Picked wild & farmed berries & fruit. I even picked strawberries as a summer job quite a few summers. My grandparents had a farm right across the road from our house & we were very involved. Cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, lots of fruit trees, berry bushes & planted gardens.
      Nova Scotia has a reputation for being a big fishing place but I personally had zero exposure to the fishing industry growing up. My people were country folk, agriculture & livestock mostly.

      • I sort of remember you mentioning it in a post about how you grew up, and how your sexuality emerged/developed.

        Sounds like it was a pretty nice place, especially being so close to the grandparents farm. Lot of work, but cool !

        I am amazed each time I pass through, at how verdant the lower Frazier River Valley is! You are a lucky Ducky to live in BC !

  4. Since you’re a vegan/vegetarian, have you tried Chlorella or spirulina? They are some kind of algaes packed with nutrition, considered to be the most nutritious foods. Packed with minerals, vitamins, anti oxidants and 70% protein. Great with smoothies and some soups, but taste like grass on it’s own.

    • Ha ha, yes, I’ve tried it…not really my thing to be honest but I have it once in awhile.

  5. Thats good to know that you are enjoying … Even i love coocking when ever i am free ☝️

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