The Art of the “Tribute”.

I am not an expert on Financial Domination. Not even close. This post isn’t about FinDom either…to be clear…it’s just my thoughts on “tributes” and some of my recent experiences.

Lots of gifts from my Amazon Wish List!

Lots of gifts from my Amazon Wish List!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…a tribute is basically a gift. It’s called a tribute in the FemDom world based on your worship of “The Goddess”…but it’s basically a gift…and it often feels just as good to give a gift as it does to receive it.

A gift is not normally exchanged for something. You don’t give a birthday gift to someone you love expecting something in return. You may well get something in return but it isn’t like paying for a thing or a service. It isn’t a barter.

I have a fan who takes care of my tea needs. How it all came about now doesn’t matter but on an ongoing basis he checks in to see how my tea supply is & when I’m running low he mails me my favorite tea. I drink green tea pretty much constantly when I’m at home & I often think of him when I’m enjoying that tea.

I love tea!

I love tea!

By doing something sweet, simple & thoughtful he remains top of mind. Because of that he was contacted directly recently when I was passing through his part of the world & we met up for a session & dinner. There are very few fans who would have that opportunity.

I have another fan who is always looking for thoughtful ways to tribute me. He has sent me books & movies that I have shown interest in. He has provided unique insight into topics I’ve been curious about. He always sends thoughtful, generous gifts for my birthday. He is always thinking of me & I know it. He is one of the only ones who gets random emails from me just chatting about life because he stays in my mind.

My Amazon Wish List ( has served as an excellent vehicle for all kinds of fans to show their adoration for me. At first I added sexy clothing, things I thought my fans wanted to see me in. Fishnet body stockings, slutty boots, etc. I was reluctant to add ‘practical’ items like frying pans, laundry soap, comfortable foot wear, winter coats, bird seed, tooth paste, granola bars, etc. But as I started to add those things & guys bought them for me I realized how very appropriate this was. How that is in-line with what I’ve been preaching for years: there is fantasy & there is reality.

In fantasy I spend all day in my castle wearing thigh-high leather stiletto boots, wielding a whip & being pampered & served by all manner of slaves, one in my bathroom for toilet duties, sex slaves chained up in the bedroom, kitchen slaves & servants cooking & cleaning, a slave as a door mat & boot cleaner, all my furniture just being human chairs, etc.

This is not my living room.

This is not my living room.

In reality I walk a lot & need comfortable shoes. I don’t have or want domestic slaves. I live in a regular apartment, do my own laundry, etc. I would rather have some useful kitchen gear or yummy granola bars than another fishnet body stocking (I have about 30 of them by now!).

This is the truth & although I want my fans to immerse themselves in the fantasies I carefully create while they’re jerking off…afterward I want them to remember I am a real person, a regular human, not a 2 dimensional porn puppet. Thinking that I am a whip-wielding sex pot Dominatrix 24/7 is actually objectifying & unhealthy.

Cinderella's castle at Disney in Orlando...not MY castle!

Cinderella’s castle at Disney in Orlando…not MY castle!

When I receive a tribute of any kind I feel ‘seen’, acknowledged & appreciated. Whether it’s appreciation for the way I make a fan feel with my vids or it’s a gift to support me in my regular life…it just feels GREAT. Based on some fans sending on-going tributes I assume they’re getting similar pleasure…or in some cases I’m sure it’s a “Financial Domination” type rush.

Some guys even give to charity as a way of tributing me…& that’s a beautiful thing to do. Here’s info on my favorite charity, Kiva, you can make micro-loans (with or without getting the free time on my site):

So, thanks to all the fans who tribute…for the love of the tribute. The fans who appreciate me & like to do things to make me smile. Of course, joining my members site and/or buying my vids from my clips store is the BEST way to support me. That is my core business, my art, my passion! Amazon gift cards, cash tributes on my clips store or sending gifts are all lovely & very much appreciated too. xo

Big love,

Mistress T

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3 thoughts on “The Art of the “Tribute”.

  1. Good Afternoon MT Enjoyed Your latest blog post, as a fan i’m guilty thinking that Goddesses such as Yourself have slaves to perform every menial tasks life throws at us but thats not reality & it’s healthy to have a balance in life expecially in some lines of work. From my perspective it gives me great pleasure pleasing a Goddess & it’s a form of worshipping, i’d love to be one of Your admirers that comes to mind everytime You have a cup of tea, that would be a big turn on. Saying this I’d like to take on the resonsablity of caring for Your bathing needs . By the way i still have full intentions on meeting up but have been so busy with work & my bike racing that haven’t had time, will have some free time soon. Thanks bobxoxo

  2. You know that I always like to know the person behind the persona and I especially don’t believe in 24/7 fantasies (there’s a time for everything), so this blog was very nice to read. I think it is wise of you to keep a balance between work and personal life. I am very glad that you give us the chance to support not only Mistress T, but also the lovely person who performs as Mistress T. Some of use care about both 😉 x

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