What’s Your Price?

Mistress T

Dolled up last night:-)

A friend recently told me about a site called “WhatsYourPrice.com”, a unique dating site where men pay women to go on dates with them. Dates, not sex.

I found this hard to believe so a couple weeks ago I signed up to see what it was all about. I was honest in my profile about being in a relationship, an open one, but I listed my profession as something else & said nothing about kink, BDSM, porn, etc. I figured if a guy recognized me, fine, otherwise it would be nice to not talk about my work anyway. Usually when people find out what I do that ends up dominating the conversation. Pun intended.

Women on dating sites typically get bombarded with messages from guys. A literal avalanche of messages. The buckshot approach is used by most men, their strategy being to message as many women as possible to play the numbers game. It all ends up being an enormous waste of time usually. Also, the vast majority of female profiles on dating sites are completely fake, this is a known fact. My pics are illegally used on numerous dating sites on fake profiles set up to scam men out of money.

On this site tho, it’s set up to eliminate those problems. I received very few messages & they were to the point. A financial offer to take me on a date. I could then accept the offer or counter a higher amount. We could go back & forth like that or they could accept & then we go on to arrange a date. I would get the money when I showed up in person for the date. You can see how this cuts thru most of the BS other dating sites have.

My first almost experience was a bit discouraging as I accepted his offer & then he confessed that he was only in town that one night & had set up dates with three women in case someone didn’t work out & I was the third one to accept. He hoped that I would ‘stand by’ & be on-call in case the other two flaked out. I declined & made other plans but then received a bunch of messages from him after his other two dates no-showed. It was off-putting.

A few other false starts & one finally worked out last night. The offer I accepted was $200. I clarified this was for dinner only, no sexual services. The date was set for a nice French restaurant. The gentleman was very well-mannered, early 40’s, from out of town & in need of some dinner company. He liked that I was more mature. He said he didn’t know what he would talk about with a girl in her 20’s. He said it was the first time he’d used this site for this sort of thing but who knows?

The conversation flowed. He was pleasant enough. Not someone I would normally date & I could understand why it would just be easier for him to ‘hire’ companionship than to try to find a beautiful woman who was interested in having dinner with a fella from out of town who was not exactly overflowing in charm or looks.

I was happy to have the experience, if nothing else it gave me something to write a blog post about. I think I’ll continue with the site. Based on my experience so far I’d say I might go on one paid date a month. I don’t need the money but the whole thing fascinates me. I also think that I’m really good at it. I’m an excellent listener. I’m good at making people feel comfortable & interesting. I can carry my own with travel stories & the like.

A note that although sexual services are not meant to be a part of this, I understand that in some cases it likely is. Prostitution is not illegal in Canada where I live & I have no issue with it, it’s just not my thing. I’m likely a better conversationalist & dinner companion anyway:-)

So what do you think of this? Men: Would you pay a woman to go for dinner with you? How much? $100? $200? Women: Would you go on a date with a man for money? If so, how much would make it worth your while? Feel free to comment below!

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13 thoughts on “What’s Your Price?

  1. Hi Mistress T, i hope you’re doing well. I think it’s great that you took a chance with site. To me it doesn’t matter if the person has your background especially if she is as beautiful as you are ( no one is as beautiful as you) i think i would still go out with her, and if it was actually you i was communicating with, i would definitely go a date with you without expecting any sex right off the bat. I would truly enjoy your company and i would be proud to show off this beautiful woman to to the world that is spending time with me even if it is just for a few hours, it would be a memorable experience that i would be proud of. I think it would be kind of tacky to bring up your specialized career unless you brought it up but i wouldnt want to talk about it all night long but i would want to know more of you and what you thought of other things and to hear you lovely laugh too. I’m not saying that i wouldn’t want to go home with you but only respect your wishes above mine. Being with you even for dinner would be a true honor for me, and yes. If th circumstances were right, i would definitely pay to go out with you.

    Love ya!!

    Yakima Wa

  2. I’d definitely pay to dinner date a woman I liked. How much would deoend on the woman. 200 for dinner with Mistress T? For sure!

  3. I did pay $50 for a date. It was however an introductory date/ mutual screening of a potential sugar relationship.
    I never considered paying for a date that wasn’t intended to go further. But I’m now intrigued with the idea of doing this with the lunch date of a lifetime…someone like you.

  4. I admire your sense of adventure and thoughtful approach to unconventional situations. I hope the dinner was good! Nothing like an iffy date and not very good food.

    Having been on the road for 40 years, I’ve spent more than a few nights in cities all over the U.S. and dined alone. While I do enjoy my own company, this “sexless” option might have some appeal, especially for times when I will be in a city for longer periods of time and want to have some company – a local would be great to learn what insiders know.

    The process sounds a bit stressful and it’s evident that some guys can’t keep their horndog under control. Too bad, if the experience were better, perhaps more ladies would be open to trying it.

    Thanks for sharing! Your insightful reporting and writing skills made this an interesting thing to learn about.

  5. To answer in the spirit that you wrote, I have done this but it was a follow on from some escort experiences with the same lady. To explain, once upon a time I used to book a particular escort when I was occasionally in a foreign city. When we had got used to each other, she moved to a different agency which also offered the option of a dinner date which was non-sexual. On a couple of occasions, I availed of that option for certain reasons. It actually added to the ‘bond’ that we had developed over time and made our other, sexual dates even more special. So you could say we reversed our way from the intimate side of things to more platonic meetings and back again.

    Maybe not what you asked but not exactly off-topic either, I hope…

  6. I like this! I always have enjoyed trying new things and yes, would be up for something like this. However, never anything sexual and I don’t think I could feasibly arrange the time etc. for anything less than $500 to make it worth my while. I think this is the aspect of live camming I miss. Connecting with my fans/friends on a more truly intimate level. I find people so fascinating. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. I think this is fascinating! Just like Bob, I’ve been in a foreign city, and would have enjoyed the company and conversation with a beautiful woman over dinner and maybe a couple of drinks. But to contact and pay an escort for… just companionship seems like overkill.

    For this to work, it seems like expectation setting is the key. Men need to know that sex is not implied. But what is the draw for the women? Just to have a nice dinner or do they expect a lavish, sugar-daddy type event?

    Is there an Uber type rating system at the end where you can leave feedback? Would that ruin the idea? Intriguing but I have a ton of questions! Can I request she wear leather? Would that make it weird? Or weirder?

  8. I kind of do this now when looking for a sugar baby. First meet you setup a date to see if you are compatible. Even afterwards you can still have dates with your SB ( dinner only) and still help her out with money.

  9. I would pay $200 to have dinner and conversation with a beautiful woman, and more if it’s you, Mistress T. I think as a fan though, I’d likely recall some vivid images and vibes. I’d be well behaved though and happily focused on what I’m sure would be very good conversation, but it’s still there – a delicious tension, strong but low-key for lack of hope. Me also being someone ‘not exactly overflowing in charm or looks,’ I’d know my limitations. You might get some guys like me that way.

  10. Hi Mistress T, thank you for the post.

    My thoughts on this would sort of parallel Jakes earlier comments. No great credit to me, but I can usually talk myself into and out of dinner with no problems. While It just feels like overkill, If I were single I would not be completely closed to this idea because it would be a nice option. When I was first starting out dating I might have used a service like this to dine with older more accomplished and sophisticated ladies.

    On 2 occasions a younger me was “hired” as sort of a joke for 100 bucks and a bar tab to escort friends of a buddy to business functions, and it was fun. Nice to enjoy some banter and having a sharp and successful woman on your arm, even if she is not your significant other! I guess this service could do the same thing for the women.

    Also if I had scads of disposable income I might do this to share my money with younger women who need it more than me, for example single moms. Same thing for older ladies who have their whole extended family moved back in with her and living off her. As a kid I had friends whose moms could barely pay the bills, and an extra $500 or $1000 more would have helped them a lot. It would be nice to be able to share a pleasant meal and coffee or drinks with an fun gal to talk to, and also leave her a little better off.


    Looking at this from the other side, I am guessing date site where women could “Yelp-rate” men as “date-only” daters might work. The details and logistics would have to be worked out, but if men registered as date only men and agreed to pay for the dates and the women gave feedback, it might work.

    My gal pals who date right now (I am in my mid 50s) say there are few guys available who wont just talk about sports and trucks and stuff like that. Also they report a shortage of guys who can just listen once in a while. They sometimes complain about the grooming of their dates too. Class gent might be in big demand.

    Thanks for a fun topic to ponder.

  11. Mistress T you are so hot and naughty and it must be a rush for you knowing how sexually powerful you are even though you once said in a 2015 New Years video you don’t think your fans are losers, you clearly get a thrill from your power of denial and thinking your better than men involving the whole alpha/beta dynamic by way of your work and your orgasmic head games and the like basing men in categories of how they can never have sex with you because they are inadequate in your eyes to find their ways between your warm thighs. What a yummy treat you are!, one in several million perhaps, how’s life at the top? From the bottom rung of dry spell existence where charm and all this etiquette matters, it’s a shame my good looks only mean so much in this human dynamic because you are one hot tamale!

  12. Even at my worst, when loneliness was contorting my mind and I began flirting with self-destruction, I wouldn’t have paid $100 for a date. The most I ever did was buy accounts on dating services—quickly realizing, as you said, what opportunist scams they were—and that led to a string of five miserable, insulting first dates (to say nothing of the dozens of out-of-hand rejections). To have paid a couple hundred for that “opportunity” would have been an unendurable kick in the teeth.

    It’s funny, though. I have to meditate on why resignation or suicide would’ve been preferable to paying $200 for one night with a pretty woman. Where is the line drawn?

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