What’s Your Price?

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Dolled up last night:-)

A friend recently told me about a site called “WhatsYourPrice.com”, a unique dating site where men pay women to go on dates with them. Dates, not sex.

I found this hard to believe so a couple weeks ago I signed up to see what it was all about. I was honest in my profile about being in a relationship, an open one, but I listed my profession as something else & said nothing about kink, BDSM, porn, etc. I figured if a guy recognized me, fine, otherwise it would be nice to not talk about my work anyway. Usually when people find out what I do that ends up dominating the conversation. Pun intended.

Women on dating sites typically get bombarded with messages from guys. A literal avalanche of messages. The buckshot approach is used by most men, their strategy being to message as many women as possible to play the numbers game. It all ends up being an enormous waste of time usually. Also, the vast majority of female profiles on dating sites are completely fake, this is a known fact. My pics are illegally used on numerous dating sites on fake profiles set up to scam men out of money.

On this site tho, it’s set up to eliminate those problems. I received very few messages & they were to the point. A financial offer to take me on a date. I could then accept the offer or counter a higher amount. We could go back & forth like that or they could accept & then we go on to arrange a date. I would get the money when I showed up in person for the date. You can see how this cuts thru most of the BS other dating sites have.

My first almost experience was a bit discouraging as I accepted his offer & then he confessed that he was only in town that one night & had set up dates with three women in case someone didn’t work out & I was the third one to accept. He hoped that I would ‘stand by’ & be on-call in case the other two flaked out. I declined & made other plans but then received a bunch of messages from him after his other two dates no-showed. It was off-putting.

A few other false starts & one finally worked out last night. The offer I accepted was $200. I clarified this was for dinner only, no sexual services. The date was set for a nice French restaurant. The gentleman was very well-mannered, early 40’s, from out of town & in need of some dinner company. He liked that I was more mature. He said he didn’t know what he would talk about with a girl in her 20’s. He said it was the first time he’d used this site for this sort of thing but who knows?

The conversation flowed. He was pleasant enough. Not someone I would normally date & I could understand why it would just be easier for him to ‘hire’ companionship than to try to find a beautiful woman who was interested in having dinner with a fella from out of town who was not exactly overflowing in charm or looks.

I was happy to have the experience, if nothing else it gave me something to write a blog post about. I think I’ll continue with the site. Based on my experience so far I’d say I might go on one paid date a month. I don’t need the money but the whole thing fascinates me. I also think that I’m really good at it. I’m an excellent listener. I’m good at making people feel comfortable & interesting. I can carry my own with travel stories & the like.

A note that although sexual services are not meant to be a part of this, I understand that in some cases it likely is. Prostitution is not illegal in Canada where I live & I have no issue with it, it’s just not my thing. I’m likely a better conversationalist & dinner companion anyway:-)

So what do you think of this? Men: Would you pay a woman to go for dinner with you? How much? $100? $200? Women: Would you go on a date with a man for money? If so, how much would make it worth your while? Feel free to comment below!

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The desperate imbalance on Ashley Madison

That wedding ring carries SO much meaning...

That wedding ring carries SO much meaning…

Another blog post inspired by an article I just read…this one about the incredibly few real women that were on the “Ashley Madison” dating site:


For those who missed the whole “Ashley Madison” scandal recently, it was a dating site specifically for married people who were trying to cheat on their partners..& it was hacked, exposing a whole lot of guys. Uh-oh.

Side note: If you want to keep your online activity secret be sure to use a unique email address for that purpose only, and cover your tracks.

This article went into technical detail about their investigation into how many of the female profiles were completely fake. Fake, as in created by staff at Ashley Madison. Millions of desperate, horny men were active on this site, seeking a play partner outside of their marriage…viewing profiles, sending messages & checking their inboxes for responses that never, ever came. The site charged these men, even charged them to have their accounts deleted! (Then didn’t even delete their information).

These guys were spending money & time trying to meet a woman or women who wanted to have sex with a married man. To fulfill his sexual fantasies with…when it would have just been simpler to pay a professional who would deliver. There’s integrity in just paying to have your fantasy fulfilled. A clear transaction folks.

Did all these guys really believe that thousands of women were on a DATING site hoping to have a fling with a married guy? Wow. Just, wow.

But the site marketed themselves like that. It sold millions of horny men that fantasy.

I’m also in the business of selling fantasies. But surely most guys understand that? What are the odds that I could be everything & every role I play in the wide variety of vids that I create? In the last few years I have been a therapist, a high-powered boss, a spy, a nun, a teacher, a MILF, a GILF, a prison guard…a Dominatrix who trains sissy sluts, who fucks asses, who encourages guys to suck cock, who loves boot worship, foot worship, ball busting, hurting & humiliating guys 100 different ways, a cuckoldress who sometimes keeps you in chastity, more often tells you to jerk off while watching me with other men…a cuckoldress who claims to love black cock one day & the next tells black men they’ll never be worthy to fuck me…there have been a few more contradictions over the years & dare I say I could even be called a hypocrite…IF you took everything I said & did as the gospel truth.

I’ve digressed a little from the theme of this post…which is really a harsh illustration of the massive imbalance in this world of men’s & women’s desires. There are a lot more (like waaaaay more) married men hoping to have an affair then there are women hoping to have an affair with a married man. There are way more men hoping to live out submissive fantasies with Dominant women then there are women who are eager to peg a guy, piss on a guy, spank him, dress him up in lingerie, tie him up & edge his cock for hours, etc.

This is why men pay women for these services & why women pretty rarely pay for sexual services from men. There is a massive imbalance.

You could get all butt hurt about this or you could look at it this way: it’s really nice when someone cooks for us. It happens sometimes. Friends or family will invite us over for dinner & serve us a nice meal. And we appreciate it when it happens. But most of the time we need to cook for ourselves or pay for someone to prepare it for us (restaurants). We don’t bitch every day about the lack of people interested in cooking for us for free. Right? Well, it’s basically the same for sex in a lot of cases.

In life, your attitude often determines your level of happiness. If you’re bummed all the time about not finding the perfect women to fulfill your fantasies (for free/in real life) then it’s your attitude that needs to be adjusted. Use vids, your imagination, cam shows or in person sessions while keeping an eye out for your unicorn in real life. Accept that the odds are not in your favor & find pleasure in other parts of your life. Desperation & depression will only lead to stupid decisions, like the many men on the Ashley Madison site.

Good luck!

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