Who am I to you?


I’ve had a lot of time to think here in Thailand. I basically just do yoga, eat, sleep, write and do a few other fun things. It’s the longest I’ve gone without filming or editing. I have an auto-responder on my email so I just check it occasionally for anything urgent that my auto-response doesn’t address.

My life is usually about 70% Mistress T. (Anyone who runs their own business will understand) Right now it’s about 10% Mistress T.

I haven’t told a single person in a month what I do for work. I realized last night when I met someone new and told the white lie of being a video editor. I haven’t had to explain what my bizarre job is or lie about it in weeks. People here are less about ‘what do you  do back home?’ and more about ‘what are you doing here right now?’.

It’s interesting to me that to thousands of men I am just Mistress T. That they only see me as the cruel cuckoldress, the holder of chastity keys, the ass-fucker, the woman who makes men suck cock, the kinky MILF, the strict Dominatrix, the ball-buster, the one who controls orgasms, makes men submit…that to some men I am only Mistress T.

I see you. The jerker-offer. I see you eating your own cum. I see you sticking toys in your ass watching my vids, imagining it’s my strap-on. I see you following my instructions and cumming on command. I see you and I know that is not all that you are. I know that after you cum you might have to get back to work, back to your wife, back to your sick mother, back to your favourite video game or TV show. I know that some of you are lonely and some of you are extremely busy. Some of you wrestle with religion and your desires. Some of you are sneaking around behind your wife’s back, some of you are watching my vids with your girlfriends. I know you have opinions and feelings.

I know that some of you want me to call you a worthless fucktard in one moment and then after you cum wish someone would tell you that you have worth and that you are loved.

I know that you are multi-dimensional. That you are complicated, sometimes contradictory.

I fulfill fantasies. I am a fantasy. Mistress T is a part of me but it’s not all of me and it’s dangerous to allow my fans to objectify me into that tiny box. By letting you see me, by making you really see me, I am hopefully fighting the objectification of all women. If I make a guy think: “Oh wow, Mistress T is actually a real person, she’s the kind of person that friends come to for support when they get their hearts broken, some of her peers call her Mistress Goofball because she’s so silly and loves to tell bad jokes, she was really socially awkward and lonely as a kid, she’s passionate about animal welfare and the environment so she’s mostly vegetarian, she loves cat vids and hates cucumbers…” Maybe the next time they see a hot woman in public or a woman in another porn video they’ll see past the tits & ass to the human beneath. The person who has loved, been loved, been hurt, who has fears, passions, problems and triumphs.

I’m not trying to stop you from having your indulgences. When your dick is hard what turns you on turns you on. It’s how you’re hard wired. But when you’ve blown your load take a moment to honour the Goddess who just helped you get your rocks off, whether it’s in person, in vid or your imagination. Whether it’s me or someone else. Take a moment to consider that they have a life beyond your fantasy, just like you. Respect.

Mistress T






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  1. Dear Mistress T,

    Hope u are having a great time now in Thailand, at least I have that feeling from Your posts here and on Twitter.
    If I can write my opinion regarding this post, for me more than everything, You are a genuine, amazing person. After reading almost all Your posts here … Of course, I´m dreaming about kissing and sniffing Your shoes, licking Your beautiful feet, sure.. But, believe me or not, more than this I see in You great woman, with big, open, golden heart… Maybe I´ll repeat myself, but if every person would be at least from half like You are, the world could be perfect…
    I envy the guys who are You filming and shooting with, but more I ” envy ” those guys who can call You as a real friend… Because I believe that get Your real friendship is one of the ” life´s victory ” …
    So, wish You all the best in Your ” life – way “, looking forward for the book and other ” news” from You.
    Take care.
    Greeting from Czech. Rep.

  2. To me? Your courage, bravery, power, in control, a go getter, and seriously SEXY! I love hanging round to see what you are up to! OOXX

    You go GRRL!

    • Look at me with those eyes, you own my nuts and stick, please come closer to the camera with that look and close up of your eyes! As said, just one look. I know my place and holdiing my cock when looking at me, it is yours! It is nice to be owned! I shake with pleasure waiting for your next command! Love to be under your control… so much a turn on!

      Thank you.


    • Look at me with those eyes, you own my nuts and stick, please come closer to the camera with that look and close up of your eyes! As said, just one look. I know my place and holding my cock when looking at me, it is yours! It is nice to be owned! I shake with pleasure waiting for your next command! Love to be under your control… so much a turn on!

      Thank you.


  3. Hello Miss T…
    First of all let me say i hope You are enjoying Your vacation that im sure is WELL deserved… now, i am also Very happy to see Miss T is not only a Domme/fantasy… but also a woman, who has Her diffrent sides to Her.
    Bussiness, love, family and friends, all mixed into ONE person that makes Miss T who You are… truely One of a kind…

    and Yes i found You as a Domme… but i also Do like the idea of You being a Woman, not as a Domme/Mistress. Honestly i could see myself sitting across a cafe table shareing a bottle of wine or coffee with You, just talking.

    anyhow… better stop now… and let You get back to Your vacation.
    but do know this… some dont just see You as a fantasy/Domme… but also as a stunning, interesting woman.

    Best regards

  4. Very nicely written young lady! I have a great deal of respect for you as I’m sure MANY others do as well. You are the epitome of a MILF! Embrace that! You only live once and it’s a short one at that! If we ever bumped into you on the streets I’m sure we would click on a pretty deep level as I’m sure there would be a few others in here as well? As far as watching you, my wife and I have talked about cuckoldry for a while now and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to email you about getting “noticed” but I emailed you about getting more exposure by letting a video or two go on the big sites xhamster and/or xvideos.com? Well enjoy the rest of your visit, gotta go pick my son up from school! Namaste beautiful, from myself and wifey 😉

  5. I’ve been following your blog posts for a number of years, as well as your Twitter and Instagram posts. What initially attracted me to your blog, even more than the truly sexy photos and randy comments on Twitter and Instagram, was an early blog about the real you – where you came from, your journey and who you became – on your own.

    That’s all still true, and your current time of reflection and quietness just adds to the respect I have that you are a thoughtful, kind, genuine and well rounded (pun!! – beautifully rounded, actually) person. Some of your insights about those you’ve met – and those who bailed out at the moment of truth – is fair, kind and respectful. It’s easy to admire someone who is as real as we’d all like to be and who lives her life on her own terms at no burden to others.

    That beauty will last 50 more years, or 60, or 70 ~ if you’re blessed with them.


  6. I appreciate your caring nature and your promotion of Kiva. I support it because if you. Helping to make the world a better place one loan, one person at a time. Francis

  7. Based on your videos,blog, twitter, and e mails this is who you are to me:
    You are a kind, compassionate, caring woman . You want to leave this planet a little better than when you found it. You are an independent, hard working, monetarily successful businesswoman who is a role model and inspiration to others. You are the scared 11 year old girl in the movie Inside/Out. Your persona of Mistress T is one ofthe sexiest woman ever created, along the lines of Mae West and Marilyn Monroe. You are a classy Lady like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren. You help people in ways you will never know. You are comfort on a lonely night. My fantasy is to be able to spend a day or night chatting with you about life, love, loss, and change.But most of all you are a Wonderful Human Being. Thank You.

  8. Back in the 90s and early double zeroes I was the editor of a local zine that was sort of a sex shopper for mostly men. Located here in Portland, Or, it was also distributed up and down the west coast. A lot of people judged me pretty harshly for that and tattle tale rumors swirled around me, like, I was a bi sexual film director who recruited Young female drug addicts for my films. It was almost painful if not so laughable.
    I’m out of it now for over ten years, but it still haunts me. Portland is a small town. As a member of the local literary community, I have never quite shaken off that stigma. If people in the conscious dance movement (NIA, sou motion, ecstatic dance) knew of my past, they would be aghast and not so inclined to welcome me into their sweaty world.
    I have interviewed some great adult performers back in the day: the late Anna Malle, Chloe, Kris Kramski (director), and people would be shocked at the amount of consciousness and authentic humanity in these people. Well, you are on that list. If I was still back at the old mag I would want to interview you for sure. It would be a privilege. Anyhow, thanks for making it real.

  9. It is the fact that you are a real human person that makes Mistress T a work of art, I think. Take any box or any label, and we’re all much bigger than that – and speaking as a fan, I have never for a second doubted that you are as well. Of course you are. Expecting anyone to be identical with the image you create of them, or even demand that they are, is a form of cruelty, surely. Mistress T is something that you give to us, and we are grateful for it. Please know that. And please trust that we know that you are also so much more.

  10. Great Post. If you dare, read Dialectics of Hegel: Master/Servant and Freud’s interpretation too. Basicly they said: the servant needs the Master but makes him like a thing. The real dominant is the servant, because watch persons as things.

  11. Wonderfully written post by an extremely Intelligent and emotionally wise woman. THIS is a strong and definite reminder that our favorite Porn Performers and Producers are still multi-faceted human beings deserving of respect, empathy, and consideration for the many aspects which encompass their existence. Well-written indeed 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for writing this…..speaking from the customer/client perspective, there’s a lot of times I feel like I am only valued so long as I can offer something to those like yourself on the business side of things, and when I can’t…I feel a bit worthless. Now some of that is my own pressures I put on myself in terms of trying to help people as much as I can to the detriment of myself, to where I end up involved so deep that I am extending myself beyond what I can give and then have to pull back as a result of that even if I expressed interest in something or someone previously (as was the case this past week), but at times I do feel a bit of a burden if I am not contributing something of value to you beyond just any social media interaction. It gets to where the whole thing drains me sometimes in that way and I start questioning what I’m doing…if it’s fun anymore, if it’s worth it, etc etc (again sorta where I am at this week as I am looking at the balance of this world vs. my own outside it and how to properly get it all figured to where I can manage both without going too far one way or the other (ie: doing everything or doing nothing type thing). Kinda have an idea of how I want to at least try to do that, but it’s still hard, never have been good at striking a middle ground on things like this. I know I need to find it so that I can take better care of me and not burn myself out as I do otherwise, but it’s a daily challenge.

    So I really really appreciate that you took the time to write something like this and remind me of the fact that you see us in the way you would want to see yourselves (and you really at times I feel do get a lot less respect than you deserve, I would even include myself in that sometimes, if I let myself I can become very very sex obsessed (again the all or nothing type thing as before) to where it’s all I see and think about without a thought to much else. I try to keep it under control if I’m interacting with you all but I’ve certainly had my moments I’d say, maybe more than I’d want to admit even.

    But yeah thank you again very much for this….it helps to hear something like this from you being as I said at the beginning of this on the other side of things and feeling the pressure I do at times. It’s reassuring to me.

    • Let me make myself crystal clear: I have zero time for guys who only watch MY pirated/free/illegally shared content, especially those who view it & then waste my time sending emails of praise but who have not supported my work with even $1. My vids can be bought for as little as $7. If a guy doesn’t have enough respect for my hard work to at least buy a vid now & again…or send a tribute of any kind…they are contributing to the problem that is putting small business owners like myself out of business…NOT being supportive of the content they love to CONSUME.

      • Lol just for the record I have been a long time member of your site and would have NEVER KNOWN you even existed without finding the one or maybe two”free” videos of you over the ENTIRE net? Apparently you cant grasp the concept of free advertising and that’s EXACTLY what free sites offer to people like you! Don’t be so greedy, ESPECIALLY when someone is complimenting your great way of marketing yourself, but I guess you wouldn’t even be doing out without the help of your free t loading customers smh ps I have my masters in marketing. Good luck going forward, I don’t wish any thing bad upon your business but maybe you should be grateful for the amount of great people who do super you and stop going after the very few freeloaders who will ALWAYS be out there! respectfully Joey K.

        • If you have paid to be a member of my site (thank you!) you are not who I was clearly referring to! I said I have an issue with those who have not paid anything, ever, to enjoy my content. Guys who only watch free content & don’t ever pay are the problem. Re-read my comment, I was pretty clear.

          • i would be lying if i said i have never watched video’s free, but i have bought Your clips, and been a member of Your site before, as i have for most any performer i have enjoyed. Free video’s can be good advertisement, but i think this commentor downplayed the amount of people who never buy anything. In any case, it is your content and it is up to You if You want to put out free video’s for marketing, not random people on the internet posting it everywhere.

            Anyway, this blog post was great. It is always nice to know that someone you admire for what they do, is also a good hearted, interesting person. i hate to even imagine the amount of emails and messages You and other Domme’s must get from random strangers that only see you as someone that exists to get them off. That sucks, and seems especially weird in the context of a fetish that generally involves supposedly worshipping Women. Thanks for all You do, and for putting this message out there.

      • I’m not sure this was meant quite directly at me or not, but let me clarify that I am not one who is in favor of stealing content from small business producers by any means. I completely understand and agree with the fact that that is wrong and can cause issues for the producers as a result of it occuring. You won’t get any argument on that from me.

        I am sorry if you took what I said that way, but it wasn’t what I meant at all. I was simply speaking to the personal struggles that can arise from attempting to balance being a fetish consumer/customer and living a life outside of that world.

  13. I just wanted to drop you a line to say what a super piece this blog is. I do love all your posts as they are both thoughtful and thought provoking, but this is particularly good as it challenges lots of the preconceptions surrounding people who work in the adult business. I am very fortunate to visit Madam C occasionally and it is the warmth of her personality and openness of her mind that make these visits so enjoyable. That same warmth and openness is very much conveyed in this piece and I think it is lovely that you have chosen to share your thoughts with us.
    I hope that you are continuing to enjoy Thailand and your down time, it certainly seems so, and I shall look forward to your next post. With love Jo xx

  14. Hi dear great mistress ever.I’m a Iranian boy that love love love you very much.I watche your great photos and videos but in very hard ways ! Cause the femdom,domination humiliation and slavery for pretty and mistresses like you is impossible . Cause everyone do this jobs,will be punish hardly( as a breaking law).so as you know, every website or other pages that have any content of this concepts (femdom .ect) will be blocked . So, we have to use vpn to break these filters and blocks.I’m big fan of you and I wanna say to you that Im your useless slave.please make me happy by one photo or video with a tight jeans which shows nicely your pretty ass.this is my last wish before I died.Im sick and your answer and attention make me happy.please mistress dont ignore me
    Sorry for my bad english.i have to learn more !

    • I don’t have any recent pics of me in jeans as my ass has kind of grown out of my jeans. Sorry!

      • Dont be sorry … I love you very much.your cuckolding videos make me fresh ! You’re the best person for making these.I got sick very bad and watching your videos and pic is my last dream and wish. Oh god…you mistress t.god bless you.if I could…I’ve worshiped part by part,inch by inch of your body.thank you for your being ..!!

  15. Dear Mistress T,I would rather spend five minutes with you than five YEARS with Frued!And not for just the obvious reasons ,like your mesmerizing beauty ,but because it would be a far greater learning experience!As beautiful as you are Mistress I truly believe that sexiest of all your attributes is your AMAZING mind!Thank you for ALL that you do and all that YOU are!I appreciate you very much Mistress!

  16. As a fellow Canadian all I can say is thanks!. Your honest, beauty and intelligence is what makes you one of the best Dominas in the world.

    And your compassion now shows us your humility as well.

    Thanks again Goddess.

  17. That’s a great blog post. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know 2 Dommes very well. They are great people behind the Domme persona. Real people. Much more than a fantasy woman.

    You write very well. Hopefully I can read your book when it’s published

  18. I genuinely couldn’t stop smiling when reading this, very very true, really makes you think, hope you continue to have an amazing time in Thailand

  19. Mistress T to me is someone who is as down to earth as anyone possibly could be. I’ve never met you, but just from your videos and Twitter a person can get a sense of the real you. A great dominatrix that knows what we need and will call us a worthless fucktard while knowing that outside of a session some of us are quite fragile and lonely. That part of your latest blog felt like you were speaking directly to me. My belief is that a lot of people don’t understand that the mistress slave dynamic goes both ways. I think quite a few submissives believe that a professional dominatrix only views them as a cash cow and if they weren’t paying the domme wouldn’t give them the time of day. I’m confident that’s not the case with Mistress T. I see a woman who doesn’t view life as being all about herself and what’s best for you. You’ve always given off the vibe to me that in the big picture you truly care about the world and that’s what makes you one of the great people, a person who anyone would look forward to being around. That’s what I see.

  20. You never disappoint, always putting a cerebral spin on the art of femdom/power play. Thank you, again, for this blog. This one ranks pretty high for me. I especially enjoy that you lean more towards a “pay it forward” mentality than a “gimme money loser”.
    Continue to enjoy your mini nirvana over there, Ma’am. Your fans miss you.

    • Thanks for your kind words…but as for my fans missing me…? There is really nothing for them to miss! I’m still tweeting & blogging…vids are still coming out on a regular basis. I rarely take personal or online sessions anymore. The sentimentality is appreciated tho. Lol

  21. You write with great sensitivity, understanding and empathy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. x

  22. Goddess T, Mistress T, Dominatrix T, etc etc etc.
    But today I respectfully wish to start my comment as below:

    Dear Madam,
    I am always fascinated by the BDSM world and that I am a slave is all known fact to my inner self. You are my dream come true. But reading your blog once again I asked myself that the part of you which is always left unrecognised must be revealed to the world and people who think you only as a Goddess must also consider you as a female human being. Knowing this part I shall with my true heart say this – I am madly in love with you my beloved.

    Yours sincerely,


  23. Great blog post. Although we have never met, your words are very true. When my local Mistress and I meet we often talk about the world or personal things before and after. We have. Gone for. Coffee or cooked together. It makes the intimacy much more intimate. Hope everyone picks up on what you are sayin

  24. This was the first blog post I read by you. I recently started following you on twitter being a fan of your work. This post just made me a fan not only of your work but of the person behind the work as well. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. xo

  25. Dear T,(don’t know your real name)

    I know you are more than just a mistress who fulfill her slaves fantasy.You are much much more deep lady who is obvious that has her own unique character I learnt through out meditation which I done in Thailand never judge people just feel there presence with you.Be sure even one day if you decided to take off this fake fantasy full filler mask we will still love your presences because I am sure you always be better in what ever you decide to do in future.wish one day I meet the real you 🙂


  26. As one of the legions of men who hav watched you act out their fantasy from the ahadows, wanted to say thank-you for this.

    I wrote the below on my website- apologies for the pomposity!

    Every male Submissive should read this, but especially those of us, like me, whose kink and submission has the privilege of privacy.
    The women who we gaze at with longing are not fantasies. They do not live in a female led world, or even an equal one. They have to battle objectification, shaming and hypocrisy from men. They are judged for, even defined by, their work. They have to deal with the sneers and jibes of a morality insecure about sex and power.
    They have to assert their right to make their choices, and the validity of their ideas in an environment deeply, deeply hostile to their freedom to be all they are capable of being.
    We know the power of the denigration they face every day. We know it because it is the reason we hide in the shadows and watch them. They are braver than us, are attacked more than us, and live more honestly than us.
    The least we can do is acknowledge this, and admire them not for the power acted out in our fantasies, but for the strength it takes to live their reality and the abilities and talents that our longings do not dwell on.

  27. What a wonderful blog post. I don’t often comment on them but feel I want to with this one.

    For me, I first started following you on Twitter as I liked your movies and wanted to see more of you. I liked jerking off to Mistress T.
    Since following you though you’ve moved from a women I liked to fantasise about to a real women. I look forward to seeing your tweets about your every day life as much as any other. Your current trip has been a cool way to see your view of a country I’ll most likely never get to visit myself for example.

    You’ve also helped me accept myself and the things I’m turned on by too, things I’d struggled to understand why I like them I now no longer care. Sure I’m into ‘that’ but who cares, I bet Mistress T wouldn’t mind, it’s fine.

    So thank you for being you. Thank you for being Mistress T, the women in the video clips talking down to me as I satisfy myself. But more thank you for being the wonderful women outside of that who has a successful business and is to be admired.

    I look forward to further insite into you and your world both on and off camera.
    Enjoy your vacation, you very much deserve it.


  28. Beautiful blog i loved knowing more about you….. definitely respect Mistress T…


  29. Dear Mistress T,

    I love this post and fully agree with everything you said in it. Personally I am always concerned about/interested in the person behind the persona and I do my best to appreciate the domme’s work.

    I have already sessioned with you many times and no matter how amazing you are during the session (and you are truly AMAZING), the most memorable moments are usually those when I get the chance to have a lovely talk to the real lady who performs as Mistress T. One of my most treasurable memories was when you quoted: “A choking gall, and a preserving sweet”, once that we mentioned the Bard. You have always shown respect and I guess the best thing I can say is that the big heart of the real you equals (or outmatches) your sadistic streak as Mistress T. As cruel as you can be during the session, you are most lovely during the post-session sub drop.

    However, this is not only about Mistress T: we are talking about all adult performers here. In my experience with different dominatrices, I never found a single one that was a selfish rip-off who didn’t care at all. All of them showed enough social skills and manners to put me at ease before and did their best to make the session unforgettable.

    People should really be aware of the efforts involved. A domme has to adapt herself to the wishes of different customers in a short period of time. She might need to switch from fierce ballbuster in a police uniform to bratty schoolgirl in barely 30 minutes and make it believable. Maybe it’s not playing Lady Macbeth, but this still needs considerable acting skills and some preparation.

    After that, they still have to become psychologists at the end of the session and make us feel comfortable with our kinks, once our excitement has faded away.

    Respect is the least we should have towards these adult performers. They can be the object of our desires, yes, but their lives and their personalities are much bigger than that.

  30. Dear Mistress T

    I have a tough time expressing what I want to say in admiration to you. This post really pulled on my heart strings. It shows what I have come to learn since the day you replied to my message (admittedly under somewhat bad circumstances). But still, it shows the person you are under the fantasy. And the person I have come to respect and admire. I wish I was half the person you are when you’re not Mistress T. But sadly under my fantasy, there’s not much to behold. I’m just a broke 21 year old struggling to find work. But your blog, your stories, your adventures give me a break from my reality. I want to thank you for that. And when I get a job I want to thank you properly by becoming a member of your site. Please continue to be the amazing person you are.


  31. Hi. New to your blog and first learned of You through Twitter. I’m a fan. This blog is a definitely needed reminder for us who place a label on our fellow human beings. It’s amazing it has to be written really. Most people I encounter don’t look past their own assessment of others and are left in the dark of the whole person. I hope I’m not one of them. Your blog is a great reminder to those who only see the one side of you and not the rest. Being a wonderful person does not mean being good at our professional lives. It helps (unless you’re a lawyer) but it’s really only the surface. Thanks for putting it out there and I’m glad I’m not just a jerker offer or just a cum eater or the other aforementioned things to You. And I can say the pleasure of Your existence is all ours. So, what do you do?


  32. I may not be your target market and I stumbled upon your Twitter feed by accident but I am impressed by your forthrightness and thoroughly enjoyed this offering.. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  33. This was the most “real” I have heard anyone speak, write, etc. in a very long time. You nailed it in the center of the reality bullseye. I wish we were real friends so we could speak in depth about other things that matter. Much respect & love to you Mistress T.

  34. Mistress T, how beautiful it was to read your blog and showing yourself as you are in Thailand that your are a beautiful woman who is loving of her family and friends. my heart goes out to you in your family death and my prayers are with you.

  35. Thanks for this great post! I’m a recent member though I’ve seen your work on other sites (which I paid for!) It made me feel a lot better knowing that you, a successful women and performer in such a challenging field, don’t hate and despise (all) of the guys you’ve worked with (on? over?)

    I’m a total novice and voyeur who probably will never have the courage to do any of the things you portray but one thing that always strikes me (and shames me after the fact) about most of the movies/clips and the stories about femdom I’ve seen is the disdain often portrayed toward the guys. I get that many customers seem to like and want that and often, in the moment, I will admit I’ve enjoyed some of it too but it usually leaves me sad. I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too. I’d love to find someone whom I can love and be loved by even if I’m weird and a bit perverted. I don’t want to be hurt, cuckolded, humiliated, etc. At least not in real life and certainly not beyond the privacy of our relationship. I want to love and care for someone and have that reciprocated. Be respected as a person just as I try to respect others. Be her partner even if she’s making most of the decisions in some parts of our lives.

    And I very much take your point about the performers. It seems common that our society expects actors to be whom they portray and always accessible. I always find it amazing that more actors don’t slug paparazzi or obsessed fans who harass them as they try to live their lives by eating at restaurants, shopping, going to the gym, etc.

    And given your field and the presumed anonymity of the internet I can only imagine what sort of trash you have to deal with (unsolicited dick pics for example! I saw that post too.)

    Let me sum up by saying thanks for making me feel better about myself and wishing you the best for your remaining time in Thailand and in all your future endeavors. I’ve not been feeling great about myself or my life so every little bit helps.

  36. Dear lovely Mistress T,
    Such sincere, heartfelt words; you are a wonderful woman.
    My wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting a woman who is in a “bizarre” line of work as well. We met her as a result of our desire to fully express ourselves sexually; I have a foot fetish (which is how I found you on the Internet) while my wife is bisexual. We met this woman three years ago and decided to meet with her for a session on one condition – that we would take her out to brunch the next day and get to know each other outside of the fantasy environment.

    This has led to a wonderful friendship which continues to this day. We have a tremendous amount of love and respect for her, we meet with her 2-3 times a year (she lives 200 miles away) and all three of have been positively affected by this relationship, our connection gets stronger with each visit. The next-day brunch (which can go on for hours) is as enjoyable as the previous night’s session. Getting to know the person behind the persona made our encounters so much more fulfilling and meaningful!!

    My wife and I have much respect for strong women who follow their hearts with such conviction. Keep up the good work; perhaps we can have the pleasure of an encounter some day – we have been planning a move to Vancouver for the last three years and it looks like it’s finally going to happen later this year!

    I read that you have had to cut your vacation short. My sincere condolences to you and your family.


  37. I was a member of your site and started reading your blog years ago, though I’ve never commented before. Some don’t have ‘personal’ blogs but I want to know more about people in this field, whether it’s directly related to their work or not, so I enjoy reading your blog (I read other Mistresses and subs/CDs too, and find the differences in approach and general lives interesting too). I can recognise with some aspects and it helps me feel comfortable with what I’m interested in because I see others who aren’t like me share those interests (which is possibly the best thing about finding out more).
    Specifically about you I see that the diversity of your work reflects how diverse your life is outside of work. You’re with different people, in different countries and doing different activities. You’re a Mistress who is also caring and respectful to fans. You could charge loads more and rarely update, but you don’t. And then you have free full-length/preview/BTS videos, regularly blog, tweet and update tumblr, and don’t tell others they shouldn’t be into something. You’re selfless judging by the number of friends you have around the world You’re strong and perseverant for putting up with (and seemingly not have a go at) time wasters, dick pic senders and people who ask FAQ rather than reading them first.
    I’m sorry when you have bad times, such as recently. But you are strong and will have many more good times, such as Thailand, and I hope for and am happy to see you have good times. You love your job and your smile in videos is so genuine, and I guess your personal life plays a big role in that.
    I don’t know if this is the kind of answer you were looking for, but it’s my interpretation.

  38. Dear Mistress T, pleasantly surprised to find your blog but I always felt you would blog. I guess you are a porn star. I’m not aware of everything you’ve done. I’m not into porn per se, but there was something about your voice, your style , your panache that made me see some of your work. I’m open-minded. Thanks for writing to us.

  39. My ex is a pro domme and it was always interesting talking about the image she presents for work vs the person she is. The image, the persona, is not a whole person, she’s a unidimensional character.

    That said, Mistress T presents a comprehensive character and it’s very easy to forget that. Hell, sometimes I WANT to believe such a person really exists.

    This is a great post and I’m glad you shared this with us, Mistress T.

  40. Mistress T,

    For that snap few minutes when I fantasize, I take what you offer professionally. I am ” i “, small, very small, ” i “. You understand the psychology of this.

    For the woman who’s vacationing in Thailand, removing herself from her business, I see you, lovely, interesting, and . . . a human being.

    There’s never disrespect. There is a puzzlement. About me as well as about you. Wherein lies the need for the violent opposition that sparks our — if you’ll allow — mutual activity?

    Some say their marriages work with this element. Where does stability enter something that lasts longer than repetitive orgasm?

    Being honest. And giving you human respect.


  41. Well I must say I was very much touched by your text. We tend, indeed, to forget about the person and fully concentrate on the Mistress. Well part of it it your fault: you play your Mistress part very well, you make an impression, your marvelous voice echoes in our heads and commands our wishes.
    So we tend to forget the woman and the human being that you are, with your virtues and defects, hopes and dreams. So thank you for reminding us of that, thank you for posting that relaxed everyday like holiday photo.
    I wish you a wonderful relaxing holiday … but please do come back, stronger and meaner, because we do need Mistress T at it’s best 🙂

    PS: Watch out for that tan. That beautiful pale silk skin won’t take too much sun.

  42. Hi, Mistress T,
    I see you as smart and funny and sexy. Brave. Also vulnerable. Curious. Creative, articulate. Given to pondering the future. Anxious at times maybe. (Who isn’t, right?) I suspect you’re a great friend.

  43. If allowed i would run to you and fll down on my belly to worship you as you are taken by your lover. Is there some way that could happen?

  44. “I know that some of you want me to call you a worthless fucktard in one moment and then after you cum wish someone would tell you that you have worth and that you are loved.”

    I didn’t know anybody understood this. I seriously got choked up just reading that these feelings I have inside that make no sense to me, that cause me endless anxiety and shame are perfectly understood by someone. Thank you Mistress.

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