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I just tweeted asking for blog suggestions & someone requested ‘capnolagnia’ which I had to google. That’s the fancy term for smoking fetish.

I decided to do a post about what I’m personally not into or what I don’t do & why you won’t see me doing it in vids (even if I’ve done it in the past), cuz, what the heck.

Smoking Fetish: Growing up both of my parents smoked. It was the 80’s & it was more acceptable back then. They smoked in the house & they smoked in the car. I grew up smelling like an ashtray. In my early teens they decided to quit but my mother couldn’t do it. She continued to smoke behind my fathers back for months & I observed that bullshit right at the time a lot of my friends started smoking. I thought: “fuck that”. She never did quite & I’ve had a very negative visceral response to the smell of cigarette smoke my whole adult life. So you will never, ever see me smoking a cigarette or using a slave as an ashtray. I’ve done vids with other Dommes smoking & slaves being used as ashtrays but it’s really, really not my jam.

Shoe jobs/boot jobs: I was in a relationship with a guy for years who had this fetish. Not only did we film those shoe jobs but I also did many off cam, just for him. He used to take a long time to cum & my leg would cramp up from the repetitive motion. When we broke up I swore I’d never give another shoe job or boot job again…& I haven’t.

Enema’s: In my early days as a Pro Domme I did a few sessions where I administered enemas to clients. I can sort of get my head around the fetish from the clients perspective but from the Dommes point of view I don’t really get it. It’s smelly & strange. No judgement of those into this but it hasn’t been presented to me in a way yet that appeals to me.

Adult Baby: I know this is a very popular fetish & although I get the ‘nurturing’ part of it I’m not comfortable having a guy pretend to breast feed on me & the whole diaper thing really puts me off. I associate it more with incontinence in the elderly or disabled than a baby. I’ve never been around babies so I don’t have a lot of personal experience to draw on. Even the idea of doing a POV vid (just me talking to the camera) makes me uncomfortable. Sure, part of it is the idea of doing anything sexual with a baby gives me the heebie-jeebies but I understand that’s not really what the fetish is about. Not meaning to insult those who are into it, I know the psychology is complex for this one, it just into my thing.

Pony Riding/Asshole Licking: This one is deeply personal. Long-time followers will know that I did dozens (hundreds?) of these vids for Club Stiletto in the past. Often with the same slave, known as Gaspman. He was a strong pony & I felt very comfortable doing facesitting/asshole worship scenes with him. He was a true gentleman & a very, very close friend. He passed away last year after a long, brave battle with cancer. It was extremely hard on me. Filming with Club Stiletto or doing similar scenes is just too raw for me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever do them again.

Scat: It’s illegal & despite me dabbling in it in the past I have not had anything to do with it for years (beyond the occasional ‘toilet talk’ scene which still sells disturbingly well). This fetish seemed to bring the nuttiest, most relentless & annoying type of fan. Spoiler alert: I’m not into it. Sorry to burst your bubble, I know I’m a convincing actress & I’ve created some fantastic vids for scat fetishists but please stop emailing me graphic emails, I don’t want to read them. I mute or block guys who tweet me about shit/scat so just don’t. Go find a Domme who currently advertises that she caters to that fetish. Go.

Giantess: I used to love this fetish. The vids were fun to create, but 2 things happened: 1. Piracy. The market for Giantess is small so they ban together to share content really effectively. 1 guy buys the vid & shares it with hundreds of others which means that I don’t make enough money off the vid. 2. The payment processor for my members site decided that me swallowing or stomping on the little fella in those scenes was too close to fantasy snuff & asked me to remove them. Bizarre but fuck it. So I don’t film them anymore. I would still consider it as a well-paid custom vid that I just put on my clips store (not my site) so if you miss my Giantess scenes & want to order a custom just email me.

Peddle pumping: Just no.

Cum on my face or cum in my mouth: Unless it’s by accident I don’t aim that hose at my face. Splooge stings the eyes, messes up the make-up & hair…& it’s a degrading act, in my opinion. I also HATE the taste of cum. Once in a blue moon I’ll shoot it on my tits, it’s not big deal…but not my face, not on purpose anyway.

This is feeling like a really negative post so I’ll wrap up the “don’t do’s” & remind you of some of the things I love & that I’m good at:

  • Cuckolding
  • Encouraged Bi
  • Strap-on
  • Orgasm control/edging/hand jobs
  • Humiliation
  • Ass Worship (just not so much specifically tongue on asshole these days)
  • Ballbusting
  • Adult Son/Mom fantasies (very different from Adult Baby)
  • Chastity
  • Foot Worship


Mistress T

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19 thoughts on “What I’m NOT into.

  1. Interesting post. I must confess I was surprised by some of the dont’s that you had filmed in the past. Thank you for sharing all this with your fans.

  2. Well said, Mistress T – bad enough listening to Tom Waits singing like an ashtray, ending up smelling like one would be just too much…

    I could be wrong but I think you could also have included dressing up in amazing underwear in the above ‘positive list’ – but perhaps that’s too ‘vanilla’ to count as a fetish…

  3. Nicely stated!

    It’s unfortunate that there isn’t more respect for your (or any professional’s) straightforward “no.” It could mean “not right now,” or “not ever,” or “not the way you asked,” or just plain “no.” It’s sort of reasonable for someone to respectfully ask, but a decline should end the dialog – period.

    Kink has hundreds or thousands of variations and one-offs and it’s ludicrous to think that any Domme would be open to – literally – everything. And, anything illegal is just that, so even if you’re OK with it intellectually, who has the right ask you to break the law?

    You needn’t apologize for telling your truth. You’re witty and thoughtful – and HOT in every way, only one of which is your appearance.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  4. Pardon my ignorance but can you it someone else tell me what a shoe job is? Also what is peddle pumping?

    • No problem. Shoe job is rubbing a cock with shoes or boots until the guy cums. Like a foot job but with shoes on. Like a hand job but with shoes (on the feet, not hands). Typically done with the guy laying down, dick up. The other person stands over them (wearing the shoes) & rubs the footwear (usually the sole) against the cock until splooge-time.
      Peddle pumping I’m not as familiar with but it seems to be the fetish of watching a woman pushing down the gas peddle of a vehicle, revving the engine. Not sure how much of this fetish is about the woman’s leg, foot or shoes…or the car? I guess either of us could have googled it…

      • Thank you for the detailed response. Also pardon my typo in the original question of “it” instead of “or”. Probably auto spell. I was going to google peddle pumping but figured I wiukdnt get any results for a peddle pumping fetish. I’ll google it now and if I find anything I’ll respond here. I do have a huge foot fetish but that particular thing with a gas peddle never occurred to me.

      • Mistress T you were correct. I just googled pedal pumping and the fetish comes up right away. It seems very main stream actually. Has its own Instagram hashtag and a lot of other results on Google.

  5. I woke up thinking about a paradox, Mistress: you excel at Encouraged Bi and CEI clips (among others), however you hate the taste of cum. I think I’m going to enjoy this fact as an extra edge next time I see these clips of yours. 😉

    • Oh, it goes even deeper…how many times have u seen me even suck cock in vids? I don’t mind giving the occasional oral on a fella…but a keen observer will note that I’m not particularly good at it. I don’t deep throat & my jaw quickly gets sore so giving blow jobs isn’t really my forte. But I love making my slaves suck cock…don’t I???

        • YES! I agree, that is a great clip!
          Mistress, I will never know if you are particularly good at it (sigh, sob), but even if you say so, I still think you compensate as instructor what you might lack as performer. <3
          At least on video, I don't see anything wrong with your oral skills. Quite the opposite!

  6. Hi Mistress T, it’s the Cartoon Apology guy 🙂

    First off, about this post. I felt incredible sadness reading about your reason why you’re no long into pony riding and asshole licking. I am very sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is never easy and I understand why you’re no longer into something that was once something you did with that friend. 🙁

    On slightly happier news. I’ve told you in the past how i’ve wanted to buy you gifts before, not just random drawings here and there but things off your amazon wish list. I’m happy to report my money situation has changed. After years of taking care of my mom and having hardly any money to survive things have gotten better. I hope to gift you with something nice soon to show my appreciation for your blog and allowing us a well written insight into your career and life. 🙂

  7. So glad to see you think cum on the face is a degrading act Mistress T – do you think that’s partly why it makes it even more humiliating for a bottom/beta/sissy to be made to either cum on his own face or made to take another man’s load on his face? Interested in knowing whether you have any strong opinions about males who are willing to eat their own cum or another man’s – would you disagree with them if they claimed to be fully heterosexual even if they sawllowed cum?

    • Yes, I think taking a load of cum on your face is a degrading act. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re into but to me personally, I don’t want cum on my face. I like seeing slaves degraded so yes, I like to see them cum on their own faces or have others cum on their face. I don’t think sexual orientation factors into swallowing cum at all, personally.

  8. Hi Mistress T, it seems to me one for the list of things you don’t do is the extreme whipping/caning/quirting videos.

    One thing to add to the list of things you do so well is what I will call “Erotic Persuasion” The sort of reasoned, logical, and OH SO erotic talk to induce compliance to your will. For me it ties into my “Smart Woman” fetish and my desire to make a woman happy.

    After reading what shrinks have to say about those of us with Femdom Fetishes, I think it is probably true for a lot of other people too. There is a desire to be in the presence of Dominant Female as a form of worship. And for those of us who value intellect, hear a well-spoken women wordplay us until a taboo or defense is broken is a very exciting experience.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us, and for being a “Smartie”.

    • I don’t squirt. I have tried personally with very limited success. I’ve researched this a lot & some women can & some women can not.
      I don’t do extreme whipping & caning in vids for a few reasons:
      1. There never seemed to be much demand for it from my audience.
      2. It wasn’t always easy to find a guy who could really take it.
      3. Obscenity laws keep changing but showing ‘blood’ has always been a no-no. More recently even showing welts has been on the ‘no’ list for some payment processors so fuck it, no point filming it if you can’t show marks.

      • Wow I always thought you love ponyplay. Especially shoulder riding. You once said that you like the feeling of being so high up. You have some really awesome shoulder riding video. I am a ponyboy that specializes in giving long shoulder rides. And I seen many of you videos. This pretty shocking.

        • Did you read the whole explanation? It seems like you didn’t because what I’m saying is that pony riding reminds me of someone close that I watched die of cancer, so I’m not doing those scenes now. It just makes me sad: “Pony Riding/Asshole Licking: This one is deeply personal. Long-time followers will know that I did dozens (hundreds?) of these vids for Club Stiletto in the past. Often with the same slave, known as Gaspman. He was a strong pony & I felt very comfortable doing facesitting/asshole worship scenes with him. He was a true gentleman & a very, very close friend. He passed away last year after a long, brave battle with cancer. It was extremely hard on me. Filming with Club Stiletto or doing similar scenes is just too raw for me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever do them again.”

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