The genius of Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion

FemDoms Sidonia Von Bork and Mistress T

Sidonia Von Bork of & Mistress T, flanked by 2 latex sissies.

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to film with The English Mansion? What happens behind the scenes?

I’ve been filming there for quite a few years and I’m often surprised and amazed. The pure genius of Sidonia Von Bork can not be rivaled (though often copied, poorly).

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Just blathering on about how creative & interesting she is might be a boring read so instead I’ll share a funny story from my recent trip.

Sidonia is skilled at casting people in scenarios that are a good fit. Slaves in situations that are hot for them and Dommes in roles that showcase them in the best way. Sometimes she puts me in situations that are new for me, having faith that I’d roll with the punches. Like that time she had me crush a sandwich into the mud with my boot and make a slave eat it. But that’s another story.

It was a full day of filming. We were on our third scene of the day. Things were moving along quickly and Sidonia had rushed off to put the slave in elaborate upside down bondage. We had discussed wardrobe but unusually, she hadn’t told me much about the scene. Another slave was helping me lace up my boots and I jokingly said that I had no idea what we were about to do in the next scene. We started making guesses and placing bets. You never know with Sidonia. I think she spends most of her time just plotting & scheming.

I was ushered into the dungeon where the slave was hanging upside down in a web of restraints and rope. It was art. Sidonia said we had to do the scene quickly as it was difficult for the slave to stay inverted for too long. I stood beside him & we started rolling. Sidonia started to talk, explaining the plot & situation. I just stood there, silent, trying to look like I was part of it and not just an ornament. I felt like doing the Vanna White thing, sweeping my hand gracefully over the slave to display her handy work.

I looked for opportunities to say something but for once, I was silent. The mute Domme standing there trying to not look awkward. Sidonia was having him lick her boot & she gestured for me to do the same. I followed her cues trying to look like this was all natural for me.

Sidonia grabbed some electrics and attached them to his cock, then handed me the controller explaining it can go up to 25. As I started to increase the power the slave whimpered & wiggled. I felt bad for him. I quite liked him. I’d known him for years. Sidonia egged me on to increase the power. I did it and got that familiar rush of pleasure at causing pain. Emotions are complicated, okay? *smile*

I figured this was pretty hard core. Electrocuting the slaves cock while hanging upside down. This must be the climax of the vid? But no, she grabbed some clothes pegs, handed some to me as I realized I was just standing there like an idiot while she gave me things to do. We put the pegs on his cock, balls & surrounding flesh until we ran out of cloths pegs. He looked like a porcupine. I flicked a few of the pegs as he screamed in pain. I’d give him a nice hug after it was all through. Poor dear.

Then Sidonia grabbed this crazy butt plug thing with electrics on it. What the fuck? Who invents this stuff?! She lowered it into his ass and turned it on. His dick was still hard so I guess he liked it?

I wanted to do something without her prompting me so I looked like a proper Domme with her own mind. I decided to do the boot worship bit again but as I lifted my foot I pulled the slave closer at the same time accidentally kicking him in the face. Fuck.

It was time to take off the cloths pegs as he howled in pain, still with the electric butt plug in & the electrics on his cock. Sidonia removed the electrics from his cock and I finally got to do something that I’m good at: the hand job! It didn’t take long to produce a huge cum shot, but I was on auto-pilot and forgot to stop stroking. I accidentally delivered some of the most severe post-orgasm torture ever. The electrics still in his ass & me stroking away as if he hadn’t orgasmed he really started screaming in pain as Sidonia touched my hand to remind me to stop. We wrapped up the scene so the poor slave could get some relief.

Not my best scene though I don’t think you would notice if I hadn’t told you. Sidonia did such an effective job of controlling the whole thing, including me. That’s her mastery. When you watch the vid all you will see is two beautifully dressed Dommes tormenting a beautifully bound slave. Nothing will seem amiss. You likely wouldn’t notice that I don’t talk much or that I’m just doing what Sidonia prompts me to do. You probably won’t notice me kicking him in the face and you’ll think the post orgasm torture is on purpose. You likely won’t notice Sidonia discretely grazing my hand to get me to stop stroking his cock. It will all look gorgeous & perfect. You’ll jerk off to it & maybe not give anything much thought. Or maybe you’ll notice the little things & recognize the genius that Sidonia Von Bork really is.

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6 thoughts on “The genius of Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion

  1. HaHa. You are all geniuses. Beats the BBC’s ‘x-rated’ Outtakes and Bloopers of the ‘Two Doors Down – Series 3’ published on 16 February 2018 by a country mile – or should that be a cocked hat?

    • Hi Mark
      I googled ‘The English Mansion’ and just got a list of very expensive houses in England that are owned by pop star legends and film stars 🙂
      THE English Mansion sells clips on c4s under the name of Bitch World Femdom studio 66613.
      I have just purchased a couple of clips and unfortunately I have already over-run my budget for the month with 14 days still to go 🙁
      Another problem is I had already used up all the space on my memory sticks. Do I hold fire or delete some of the 32gb on my wife’s porn genre while she’s not looking? As Mistress T would say – there will be consequences!

      Anyway, if my memory serves me right, Mistress T’s blog also contains stuff that links directly to The English Mansion.

  2. Thanks for the update Mistress T, I was wondering how things were in England 🙂 !

    Long winded analysis to follow.
    Summation: She finds a way to show Class, Emotions, Power, Majesty, and Humor/Camp with her Domme actresses.
    She makes a Service/Submissive oriented Gent really wish he could be there to try and serve and suffer for and amuse such wonderful Women. Amazing Sessions!


    Having been pervy and paraphilic since the days of Nixon, I have seen a lot of porn and Femdom trends come and go. Everyone is always trying to jump on the latest thing, and follow it to some tired and often disgusting end variant. No genius there!

    One thing that always wins, is Class. She has taken the “Dominant Mystique” as an old periodical put it, and owned it with Dignity and Imperiousness! Her brand is personified by the kind of Dominant Ladies a Gent would want to look up to and serve, and feel that they deserve adoration. “Just to see her smile”

    I know the films are Art, and the Dommes are actresses, but the way SVB does things makes the characters seem pretty real. Sometimes it is just a haughty look or smirk, another time it is a look conveying that Domme is enjoying the subs suffering. Sometimes it is wonderfully crisp diction, or a great shot of a gleaming boot. These production extras are often missing from pulp-fucktion style femdom.

    Also there often seems to be a sense of humor, wit, intellect, or repartee. I think she also excels in using different guests and somehow letting those Ladies talents and personalities come through without diluting or detracting for SVB/TEM style and quality.

    Regardless, of why, I am just grateful the pictures and trailers are there, for they are wonderful.

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