The genius of Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion

FemDoms Sidonia Von Bork and Mistress T

Sidonia Von Bork of & Mistress T, flanked by 2 latex sissies.

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to film with The English Mansion? What happens behind the scenes?

I’ve been filming there for quite a few years and I’m often surprised and amazed. The pure genius of Sidonia Von Bork can not be rivaled (though often copied, poorly).

Find scenes with me, Sidonia & other fab Dommes here:

Just blathering on about how creative & interesting she is might be a boring read so instead I’ll share a funny story from my recent trip.

Sidonia is skilled at casting people in scenarios that are a good fit. Slaves in situations that are hot for them and Dommes in roles that showcase them in the best way. Sometimes she puts me in situations that are new for me, having faith that I’d roll with the punches. Like that time she had me crush a sandwich into the mud with my boot and make a slave eat it. But that’s another story.

It was a full day of filming. We were on our third scene of the day. Things were moving along quickly and Sidonia had rushed off to put the slave in elaborate upside down bondage. We had discussed wardrobe but unusually, she hadn’t told me much about the scene. Another slave was helping me lace up my boots and I jokingly said that I had no idea what we were about to do in the next scene. We started making guesses and placing bets. You never know with Sidonia. I think she spends most of her time just plotting & scheming.

I was ushered into the dungeon where the slave was hanging upside down in a web of restraints and rope. It was art. Sidonia said we had to do the scene quickly as it was difficult for the slave to stay inverted for too long. I stood beside him & we started rolling. Sidonia started to talk, explaining the plot & situation. I just stood there, silent, trying to look like I was part of it and not just an ornament. I felt like doing the Vanna White thing, sweeping my hand gracefully over the slave to display her handy work.

I looked for opportunities to say something but for once, I was silent. The mute Domme standing there trying to not look awkward. Sidonia was having him lick her boot & she gestured for me to do the same. I followed her cues trying to look like this was all natural for me.

Sidonia grabbed some electrics and attached them to his cock, then handed me the controller explaining it can go up to 25. As I started to increase the power the slave whimpered & wiggled. I felt bad for him. I quite liked him. I’d known him for years. Sidonia egged me on to increase the power. I did it and got that familiar rush of pleasure at causing pain. Emotions are complicated, okay? *smile*

I figured this was pretty hard core. Electrocuting the slaves cock while hanging upside down. This must be the climax of the vid? But no, she grabbed some clothes pegs, handed some to me as I realized I was just standing there like an idiot while she gave me things to do. We put the pegs on his cock, balls & surrounding flesh until we ran out of cloths pegs. He looked like a porcupine. I flicked a few of the pegs as he screamed in pain. I’d give him a nice hug after it was all through. Poor dear.

Then Sidonia grabbed this crazy butt plug thing with electrics on it. What the fuck? Who invents this stuff?! She lowered it into his ass and turned it on. His dick was still hard so I guess he liked it?

I wanted to do something without her prompting me so I looked like a proper Domme with her own mind. I decided to do the boot worship bit again but as I lifted my foot I pulled the slave closer at the same time accidentally kicking him in the face. Fuck.

It was time to take off the cloths pegs as he howled in pain, still with the electric butt plug in & the electrics on his cock. Sidonia removed the electrics from his cock and I finally got to do something that I’m good at: the hand job! It didn’t take long to produce a huge cum shot, but I was on auto-pilot and forgot to stop stroking. I accidentally delivered some of the most severe post-orgasm torture ever. The electrics still in his ass & me stroking away as if he hadn’t orgasmed he really started screaming in pain as Sidonia touched my hand to remind me to stop. We wrapped up the scene so the poor slave could get some relief.

Not my best scene though I don’t think you would notice if I hadn’t told you. Sidonia did such an effective job of controlling the whole thing, including me. That’s her mastery. When you watch the vid all you will see is two beautifully dressed Dommes tormenting a beautifully bound slave. Nothing will seem amiss. You likely wouldn’t notice that I don’t talk much or that I’m just doing what Sidonia prompts me to do. You probably won’t notice me kicking him in the face and you’ll think the post orgasm torture is on purpose. You likely won’t notice Sidonia discretely grazing my hand to get me to stop stroking his cock. It will all look gorgeous & perfect. You’ll jerk off to it & maybe not give anything much thought. Or maybe you’ll notice the little things & recognize the genius that Sidonia Von Bork really is.

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Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork of


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My interesting life…

This is going to be one of those hodge-podge blog entries. Just an update on what’s happening in my world.

Since I got back from my tropical vacation I’ve been catching up with friends, filming & editing smut, getting ready for Vegas, having some fun flings & making plans for 2013.

I don’t really make resolutions. As always I plan to strive for work-life balance & a healthy lifestyle. I’ll continue with yoga & healthy eating. I have some business goals & plans for this year but I prefer to announce things when they are done rather than when they are just in the planning stages.

I had an interesting session last week. I rarely take sessions these days. I’m just too busy with filming…but things were slower between Xmas & NY’s so I accepted a booking. It was for an all-day session in a nice hotel room which sounded fun. He was into corporal, strap-on & a few other things.

I arrived late morning & he was already tipsy. That wasn’t a good sign. He really just wanted to sit around & talk (& drink). He had only seen my pictures on the internet & read a little about me. He hadn’t even seen my vids. He just wanted to meet me & had flown to Vancouver for that reason alone. Hey, if you’ve got the money for those sorts of indulgences, why not?

He proceeded to pound booze like it was water on a hot day. He was an interesting guy so I amused myself with learning all about him while I pretended to sip the very expensive champagne he insisted I have. Drunks hate to drink alone.

It’s not that unusual for clients to want to spend social time with me, heck, these days I get that more than anything. A lot of guys have no one else they can talk to about their private kinks. I’m the understanding sort & they consider me to be one of them. When he launched into a lecture about the importance of dental health, flossing to be specific I knew he was nicely toasted.

I suggested we get on with his requested activities & started laying out the implements I brought. I proceeded to beat the fuck out of him (nicely) & fuck him in the butt until he seemed like he couldn’t take anymore fun. He then passed out cold.

Our dinner reservation wasn’t for a few more hours. Luckily I had my new iPhone so I answered some emails & took photo’s of myself.

Mistres T with exposed cleavage.

Self portrait #1. Bored in a hotel room while client was passed out drunk.

Mistress T looking stunning in the sunlight.

Self portrait #2. The face that drives men to drink.

Mistress T laying on a tourquise sofa.

Self portrait #3. Getting paid to lay around taking pictures of myself. What a life!

I have met all kinds of fellows in this line of work. I regret not keeping better notes to remind myself…but I could tell you stories…oh my…the guy who used to like to eat food off of my feet while pretending to be a dog….the guy who wanted to be mock cooked like soup in the bathtub…the guy who liked large produce like eggplants stuffed up his arse…Hmmm, I must be hungry if I’m recalling a bunch of food related sessions.

Moving right along. Vegas is coming up & boy am I excited! I’m sharing a room with Ceara Lynch, one of my favorite people. I’ll be filming with some great folks. We have two or maybe three slaves coming specifically to serve us during our trip. The black guy I filmed with on my holiday is even coming to Vegas to spend a few days with me! More filming with him for sure *smile*.

I plan to head to LA for a couple days after Vegas to film with Lexi Sindel of the FemDom Empire. I always have a blast with her.

I am working on nailing down my return dates for the UK/The English Mansion. It will be sometime between early Feb & early April. I’ll keep you posted.

Personally…I’m blessed with a few delightful lovers at the moment. It never rains but it pours. I’m not complaining. One of them is an exhibitionist like me & was keen to play out a fantasy of being a porn star. He did a great job playing my bull in a POV cuckolding vid called “Thick Cock For Your Wife” to be released soon. Here’s a teaser:

Mistress T & bull in cuckolding scene.

Still image from vid “Thick Cock For Your Wife” by Mistress T.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell for the moment. A big thank you to all my loyal fans. Without you it wouldn’t be possible for me to do what I love. Thanks to your support my ego has been stroked by a very high ranking on the top 50 list the last few weeks:

Top 3 best selling studio.

Top 3 in clips4sale’s top 50 overall most popular studios! Pretty awesome!

I wish you all the best for 2013!


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Lots of pics from my recent UK trip!

I’m back home in Vancouver after another amazing trip to the UK. This post is dedicated to my time at The English Mansion (aka: Fetish Disneyland).

As I write this I remind myself of the quote: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Also, that I will return for more fun in six months or less.

The only British double decker bus they would let me drive…

Sidonia Von Bork rules the roost at The English Mansion & is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. Over the last year & a half I’ve had the privilege to get to know her and the wonderful people who are a part of her world.

I stayed longer this time so we could combine more personal time with work. We went for wonderful dinners, lounged in the hot tub, sipped wine, had the most engaging conversations…and more…

Mistress T in glasses. Bare feet & ass.

Lounging in my nest at The English Mansion. I was treated like a true Goddess at this Fetish Disneyland.

I had a wonderful place to sleep & was brought a delicious, healthy shake in bed for breakfast every morning. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Mistress T in bed.

Mmmm! Breakfast in bed…living the life of a spoiled Goddess.

It was a mostly relaxing, vacation-like stay with a couple of parties, occasional visits from friends & slaves with kinky filming done at a reasonable pace. I was having so much fun I even decided to stay another week instead of going to Barcelona.

We filmed for my site,  as well as for 

Find my movies on The English Mansion here: (View my vids)

Below you’ll find some screenshots from films you’ll see on my site in the next few months and some photo’s from scenes for both sites. There’s also some candid pics with others I filmed with:

Lady Nina Birch:

Lady Bellatrix:


Sub Suzie: (View her profile)

Jessica Jensen: (View her profile)

Enjoy the pics and enjoy the vids in the coming months…the fruits of my labor.


Mistress T

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Twitter (I post a lot of pics on my twitter account!):!/MistressTdotnet


Mistress T in cuckolding scene.

Screenshot from cuckolding scene for my site.

Mistress T & sub suzie tease and deny a slave an orgasm.

Sub Suzie joins me in this intense tease & denial scene where the slave truly suffers…

Mistress T in latex.

Screenshot from vid where a wife sends her husband to me for training.

Mistress T with a large strap-on.

Giant strap-on scene for my site. Wow, right?

Chastity cage on trannie with Mistress T.

Screenshot from scene with trannie in chastity.

Cuckolding, cocksucking filmed with Mistress T.

Mistress T with Sophie Doll.

My dear SophieDoll, (trannie film slave for The English Mansion) & I filmed lots of great scenes together.

Englsih Mansion FemDom film shoot. Mistress T, Bellatrix & Nina Birch.

Lady Bellatrix, Lady Nina Birch & I whoop some butt at The English Mansion.

Mistress T facesitting a slave at The English Mansion.

An enviable position to be in, hmmm? *sniff sniff*

Mistress T in sexy boots at The English Mansion.

Kiss my boots!

Mistress T as a latex nurse.

I’m not really a nurse, I just play one in fetish porn films…you’ve been warned:-)

Mistress T trampling in sexy boots.

“One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…” Trampling a lucky slave at The English Mansion.

Mistress T & sub suzie at The English Mansion.

Sub Suzie joins me in this kinky scene…

Mistress T & slave in hot tub wearing latex.

Ahhh, nothing like relaxing in the hot tub after a day of filming at The English Mansion!

I make a slave sniff her pantyhose encased foot!

I make a slave sniff her pantyhose encased feet!

Mistress T at The English Mansion for a femdom fetish film.

A male & female slave worship my boots in this photo but the scene gets a lot dirtier…


I’m staying at The English Mansion for another week!

I’ve had an amazing week at The English Mansion in the UK. I’m just having too much fun so I’ve decided to stay here. I know there will be some disappointed slaves in Barcelona who were hoping to meet me but as I’ll be in the UK for another week & a bit I invite them to visit me here.

Barcelona was meant to be the vacation part of my trip but I don’t feel like I need a vacation. THIS feels like a vacation! I have luxurious accommodation in a beautiful location, a hot tub & I get to play with the most wonderful film slaves. There’s enough naughty fetish toys & equipment here to keep me entertained for two lifetimes. The most compelling reason for staying is just to spend more time with one of the most intriguing people I’ve ever met: Sidonia Von Bork. We’ve become close over the last couple of years & I cherish my time with her.

Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion & I lounging in latex in a cement room…the truth is we’ve really been in the hot tub more but haven’t taken pics of that…yet:-)

So, more filming this week, at a leisurely pace. Nov 10th will be more of a full-on work day as we’re having a big shoot day at a special location. Since I’m sticking around we’re turning it into a shared shoot day so film slaves who would like to film with me near Birmingham on the 10th are welcome to apply. I haven’t fleshed out the exact scenes I want to film but I can always find a use for slaves with decent bodies & hard cocks. I especially adore fit slaves with hard cocks who also suck cock!

If you would like to offer yourself up as a film slave OR if you would like to see me privately this week near Bath please send a polite email introducing yourself:

Note: Do you love my cuckolding vids? Do you imagine being my cuckold (either hubby in a domestic setting or cuck slave in a dungeon)? Do you love to see me fucking a man with a thick cock…filling me & pleasing me in ways you never could? Would you fluff that big cock for me? Would you clean up my pussy after? Is your heart beating a little faster?

You could be my cuckold this week in the UK. You could live your fantasy and have a video souvenir of it. I want to film you being my perfect cuckold so email me to arrange it. You only live once!


Mistress T


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This is cool…My profile & the vids of me they’ve released on The English Mansion from previous visits:

Also very cool, Sidonia Von Bork’s blog entry all about yours truly (lots of hot pics!):

Here’s some random snaps of my adventures this past week at The English Mansion:

I just adore the furniture here…

Nina Birch & I…LOVE this woman! See lots of her on

Top notch sissy film slave for TheEnglishMansion: Sophie Doll…& the effigy that later got ceremoniously burned on a bonfire during an intense Female Supremacy scene.

I get a delicious breakfast shake brought to me in bed every morning. Seriously. How could I leave this place?!

This is my nest…don’t I look relaxed & happy. Fuck I love it here.

Filming with Nina Birch & Bellatrix. We did very bad things to very good slaves. If slaves are bad they get punished. If slaves are good they get punished. That’s a slaves life!

I had a fun filming day with the very naughty Jessica Jensen. I made her fuck the toe of my boot….but she liked it:-)

A screen shot from a vid where a woman has sent her husband to me for training…

A giant strap-on scene…obviously…

I do love forced bi & cuckolding! Look how happy it makes me!

Who’s talking about me?

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I’ve been granting some interviews recently. A few of those interviews have been released & I’ve attached the links below…after two blog entries that also discuss me:

Sidonia Von Bork’s blog (The English Mansion):

(You really have to click on this link. Loads of crazy hot pics of me!)

Sidonia & I having some fun during my last visit to The English Mansion…

Ceara Lynch’s blog:

Ceara & I during our last adventure at the AVN’s in Vegas…


XCritic Interview:

Daily Loaf Interview:

Crave Online Interview:

Fixe Magazine Interview:

Random image I grabbed to give you some eye candy. You’re welcome.

Mistress T

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My European trip so far…

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Budapest. It’s Saturday night and I tried to have a night on the town but I just didn’t have it in me. I’ve had a lot of intense human interaction the last week and I was craving some alone time.

I’ll back up…a little over a week ago I arrived in London. My second night in town I went to the Torture Garden Fetish Party. It was fantastic. Lots of eye candy, some good dancing & debauchery.

I battled my old arch enemy jet leg those first few days and arrived at Whiplash Towers ready for action. I stayed there for four nights and had so much fun I didn’t want to leave. Nikki & her crew of deviants were a delight to work with. We filmed loads and loads of awesome content for both of our sites…plus had some great sessions. It was wonderful having a team of slaves catering to my needs both on and off camera. I love working with Nikki Whiplash. She has a wickedly creative mind and I could listen to her saucy verbals with that accent forever & never tire of it.

I filmed a bunch of vids for Nikki last fall & you can find me on her various EXCELLENT sites:

Teaser pic of Nikki Whiplash & I working over some poor slave.

Teaser pic of scene I filmed in Nikki’s dungeon with 4 slaves watching me….um…you’ll have to wait until I release the vid!

I loved staying at Whiplash Towers. It was chalk-a-block full of interesting things. Here’s a few fun snaps:

This gnome doesn’t go in the garden….so where DOES it go???

This is the famous ‘BAM’. If you know what the B.A.M. stands for EMAIL for a free 1 day premium pass to my site!

Not just artistic/decorative but handy in the event of an apocalypse!

Church hat, leather gloves, strap-on harness, coat…one of these is not like the other…

A typical Dominatrix bathroom: anti-bacterial soap, ass-toys, wet wipes, nipple clamps and a hair brush perfect for spanking that sternly states: “NOT FOR SPANKING!” Doh!

You also find the loveliest people at Whiplash Towers, like Nina Birch! (LOVE this woman! xoxoxo)

Here’s Nina’s site:

And you can also find her in many epic films on The English Mansion (you’ll find me there too, as well as Nikki Whiplash & Fetish Liza. It was, in fact, The English Mansion & the much loved Sidonia Von Bork who brought us all together!)

After four intense days with Nikki I flew to Budapest, Hungary to model for Fetish Liza’s kinky films. Liza is passionate about leather, latex, sexy heels and pantyhose/stockings. She’s always dressed to kill! She also has an amazing house with a beautiful wine cellar/dungeon which made the perfect backdrop for some pretty twisted scenes.

See more of the delectable Fetish Liza here:

Here’s a few pics from my phone taken at Liza’s:

Shoes? Check! Stockings? Check! Gloves? Check! Panties? Ah, screw it.

Nice day for a ride! I worked a pony slave to the point of collapse wearing this number.

Don’t I look mean? Grrr! This is the authentic wine cellar turned dungeon. Nice, eh?

So, I’ve got a couple days on my own in Budapest. I plan on having a spa day, traditional baths, etc. Then I’ll be taking an overnight train to Paris (I love trains!) and will have three nights there before heading to The English Mansion for the last week. We’ll be filming for both of our sites and I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun AND productive.

Mistress T

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Europe bound…

FYI, I’ll be in London this Friday, May 4…in case you missed all the previous announcements.

The new news is that my schedule has been rearranged to accommodate a couple of private bookings this weekend (Friday night, Saturday late morning & Sunday night).

I am booked pretty much the entire rest of the trip with filming…and I do not need any more films slaves at this point.

I will be at the Torture Garden fetish party Saturday night. You can respectfully say hi if you see me there.

I’ll be filming with Nikki Whiplash early in the week and heading to Hungary later in the week to film with Fetish Liza.

Between the 13-17 I’ll have a break and will consider taking a private session or two in Budapest and/or Paris. I’m also receptive to social time with fans who would like to share a meal/show me the sites, etc.

After that I will be heading to The English Mansion in Bath for the rest of my time in Europe. Sidonia Von Bork has some very interesting filming plans for me…

I am so excited to be filming with these amazing ladies. It sounds like it’s going to be very action-packed.

So, if you wanted to meet me in London this weekend send me an email telling me exactly what you’re into. Aim to impress as demand does outweigh supply and I will only see those I’m very interested in seeing.


Mistress T

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“Shower Time” might be a *golden* opportunity to serve me…

You could be licking those little feet! Slurp!

You could be this human furniture/face seat cushion smothered under my juicy ass!

You could be that boot-lickin’ gimp!

I’m bringing this dress & these gloves…and those tits too….

Story paused: London Rubber Ball

I’m pausing the story to share a photo I just received from the lovely Nina Birch in London. It includes herself and the diabolical Fetish Liza (red latex) and Moi.

MistressT NinaBirch FetishLiza Skin Two Rubber Ball in London 2011

Fetish Liza, Nina Birch & Mistress T in London for Skin Two Rubber Ball May 28, 2011

I had an amazing time recently in London. This photo was taken the night that we all shared a hotel room and attended the Skin Two Rubber Ball on May 28. 2011.

Just a couple days before we had all been at The English Mansion’s FemDom Ball. I met some amazing people (these ladies included), made some great business connections and personal friendships. Maybe in a future blog entry when the story gets caught up to this point I’ll delve into more detail…like the hot tub scene that seemed to be the highlight for many…

More on Nina:

More on Fetish Liza:

More on The English Mansion where you’ll find films featuring Nina, Liza and myself (although not all together at the same time):