An Interesting Day-In-The-Life

I’m often asked what a day in the life of Mistress T is like. I do lead a pretty interesting life but not all days are noteworthy. Today was.

I spent last night at a lovers place so I awoke in his bed and started the day with slow, sleepy, sensual sex. Then he made me breakfast and we cuddled which lead to some fairly dirty sex. A couple of friends came by for a visit, then we had sex again before going to two yoga classes in a row.

That’s already a pretty good day for me but it continued.

I went for dinner with a couple of friends but was keeping an eye on my phone/email. A valuable film slave who I’ve worked with before had surfaced and offered himself this evening…plus an interesting session request had come in.

It was Saturday night and I would normally be going to a fetish party, but I decided to make it a work night instead.

I filmed an incredible scene with a huge cum shot. I had time to edit a vid in the lull between filming and the session.

At 2am I went to a session in a fancy hotel. I only take sessions that interest me these days and this one was intriguing. He basically just wanted to talk about his fetishes/fantasies to a Dominatrix. With my signature red lips, wearing my favorite black stiletto boots, skin-tight black pants and a black sheer designer top I sat on the sofa in a well-appointed hotel room while the client sat on a chair in his PJ’s sipping vodka on ice. He talked, I listened.

The session ended with him putting a show on for me. As I sat on a stool in the palatial marble bathroom watching him masturbate he all of a sudden stopped and asked if I was going to write about this in my blog.

I wasn’t sure if he was worried about discretion or thought it would be hot to be written about…so I took a guess at the answer he was looking for and said: “Yes, but with discretion.”

He seemed satisfied with that because he immediately blew his load and cheerfully ate up his cum.

It’s 4:30am and my very interesting day is finally at an end. I’ve seen three different men cum today…and about seven orgasms between all of us. Good night. xo

Mistress T

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  1. Thank you for sharing your day. An average day for you would be the most exciting day ever for me. Words cannot describe your breathtaking looks.

  2. wow Mistress T, that sounds absolutely delicious. hoping you might have use for a sissy maid to serve (and service?) You and Your lover sometime. loving Your vids on your site.


    sissy maid candi

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