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I’m sitting in the airport in Korea on a long journey back home from Bali. I have been thinking about my trip and how to share the highlights on this blog. I realize most of you are more interested in the life & times of Mistress T and kinky stuff so perhaps my personal travels might bore you. I decided to divide up the highlights in bite sizes.

It wasn’t my first time at this rodeo, er, I mean cockfight. When I was traveling solo in Cuba about six years ago, with some difficulty I managed to get to experience an illegal cockfight deep in the woods. It was attended by a few dozen men, only a couple of women selling food and one tourist: me. It was exhilarating and unnerving to be in the middle of nowhere with so many men at an aggressive, illegal cockfight…I don’t mean to imply there was anything sexy about it but it was an interesting experience.

A few years later in Cambodia I had another opportunity to see a cockfight and again, I was pretty much the only women there. Cockfighting is a man’s sport, make no mistake.

You can read more about cockfighting on Wikipedia:

A couple weeks ago in Bali I noticed the tell-tale baskets covering roosters & figured that cockfighting was alive & well there too. I did some asking around and eventually got the date & location of the next local event.

What do I like about cockfighting? I find it interesting to observe the culture of it and to compare it to other countries. This is not a performance for tourists, usually I am the only tourist in attendance. It’s an opportunity to see locals being themselves, authentically.

The cockfight itself? The actual FIGHT & blood? Well, on the one hand I understand the animal cruelty aspect of it but on the other hand I see it as the cocks fulfilling their destiny. They are born to fight. They are naturally aggressive to other competitors. Every fiber of their being screams to fight and eliminate the competition. It’s all they want to do. They would rather fight than eat, sleep, maybe they’d even rather fight than fuck? Can you imagine what it would feel like to be so singularly driven? To feel like your life’s purpose is to do something and then to actually do it? To do it with all your heart and soul. To fight for the love of fighting. Once in it they are fighting to survive but the initial drive is just to fucking FIGHT.

One of my favorite all time movies is “Fight Club” by the way *smile*.

So here’s some pics I took of my Bali cockfight experience.

The only pic of me at the cock fight.

A man & his beloved cock...get yer mind out of the gutter...

Two men comparing their cocks. Really? How juvenile. Stop giggling.

Cocks in action! ...You just can't be serious, can you? Tsk Tsk.

A close up of a fairly big cock. ...Ok, that's enough. Sicko.



6 thoughts on “Bali – Cockfight

  1. Misstress T
    I am pleased to see that you can view this event at face value. Here in Hawaii cock fights exist in the cane fields and others areas. The local authorites are fully aware of them and usually only respond when the crowd gets unrully.

  2. Hello, I think it is great that cockfighting fascinates you and found your comments on it most interesting. You are spot on, it is very much in the nature of these birds to fight – they are of course fighting for dominance over other males to gain access to more females. This is true of many species, not least us humans. Women, I feel, love to see men vie,compete and even fight with each other over their favours and I suppose your comment on the ‘Fight Club’ film would suggest you get something sexy from it too – I hope so. It is a theme I very much wish you would explore in your videos at sometime in the future – maybe you could get two men to wrestle/box with you as the ‘prize’ for the winner. You would have no shortage of takers I am sure! I suppose in a way you already gently address the ‘ one man dominating another’ theme in the scenarios you do where the bull humiliates the cuck – big cock/little cock sort of thing. I live in hope to see a clip of you egging on two eager fighters who are struggling to have your honey all to themselves. Best wishes to you you sexy cat.

    • Thanks for your comments. I would love to have two men fight over me…but then I’d probably fuck them both anyway:-)

  3. Ah, but if you ‘rewarded’ them both then you would not be able to enjoy the delicious agony felt by the loser as he realised that he could not win you by his physical prowess alone. The winner too would feel short-changed if, after his victory, he alone could not enjoy you. A large part of his thrill stemming from the fact he had denied you to a rivals cock. I hope you can, at some time in the future, do some videos where two men have to compete against each other for your charms – even if it were just arm-wrestling or cum-contests or something like that. A niche in the market just dying to be filled perhaps? Best wishes.

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