Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011 was my 5th burn in 6 years (I skipped last year). For those who have no idea what burning man is I’ll just say a few quick things as to not bore those who already are familiar.

Burning Man is a lot of things and different for everyone. People of all different ages and backgrounds go and enjoy it. There’s a lot of art, costumes, creativity, music, hippie stuff, partying & socializing. It’s spiritual for a lot of people and just a big party for others. With 50,000 people in the dessert for a week it really is whatever you want it to be!

This video is GREAT (I’m not in it) and it really communicates the spirit of the event:


The pics below show me enjoying watching things burn (obviously fire is a big part of ‘Burning’ Man) and some pics in fun costumes. The one kissy pic is of the boy I had a little Burning Man fling with.  Yum.

By the light of 'The Man' burning.

Part of the crowd huddled around the burning remains of 'The Man'.

I love watching fire.

Giantess T: Roar!

That yellow stickers says: "Fuck Work"...in case u wondered...

Yummy 28 year old fireman who STARTED my fire!

Pink Power!

That's an ass worth kissing!

Bottoms up!

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