London Bound!

I’m excited to confirm that I will be in London, England Sept. 28 – Oct 7.

I will be attending Club Pedestal on Sept. 30 and Torture Garden on Oct. 1:

If you would like to attend one or both of these parties as my own personal pet, slave or play thing email to apply.

I am accepting applications for film slaves and private slaves Sept 28 thru Oct. 7.

Emails should be polite and brief. Include the specific activities you are most interested in, what you would be willing to try for my pleasure and hard limits.

Offer a couple of dates and times that you are sure you can commit to. Be respectful of my time. I network with other Dommes and we share no-see lists. If you have a reference and/or if you offer a deposit to demonstrate your level of interest you will be rewarded.



Strap-on Training: Learn to suck it properly and take it in your man-pussy...

mistress t bootlicker
Boot worship: Lick the filth off of my boots!

Roleplay: Mom's good boy...

Foot worship

Foot Worship: Lick my feet like you would lick my pussy...


Spanking: Naked, on hands & knees...

mistress T trampling

Trampling: Beneath me, where he belongs!