Camping in Beautiful BC

I just got home after another amazing hot springs/camping weekend. We had perfect warm, sunny weather. The drive there & back just takes my breath away every time. British Columbia is truly stunning.

Nice scenery, eh?

Nice scenery, eh?

I spent most of the time soaking in the natural hot springs. I also read a lot, slept & ate well, played cards, connected with friends and met a nice boy. Don’t get too excited. When I say ‘boy’ I mean it. Very cute but only 19. He was there with his mom who he had a great, respectful relationship with & he had the nicest manners. Too young for anything serious but hey, I don’t enjoy chocolate for the nutritional value, if you know what I mean?

I’m not sure why I’ve been attracting such young fellows lately but I’m not complaining. Their lack of maturity can be somewhat frustrating if I expect them to be on my level, but if I accept them for what they are it’s fine. You don’t ask a cat to bark or a dog to meow.

I really only care that they treat me with respect & appreciation…& that they please me sexually. I’ll save the more in depth relationships for those mature enough to deal with all of me (at least I will when I meet a guy who can. Ha ha *groan*)

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5 thoughts on “Camping in Beautiful BC

  1. Awesome views in that picture you posted. The mountains and the lake are also breathtaking. 😉

  2. VERY nice view! It would make a good calender shot if you ever considered putting one together. 😉

  3. So did you end up sleeping with this kid? Why don’t my camping trips ever have someone like you there.

    • If I slept with him don’t you think I would have said that, silly? (I don’t really consider 19 a ‘kid’ either.)

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