I’m still here…just busy.

New digs: more space for film sets!

New digs: more space for film sets!

It’s the Saturday night before Halloween, arguably the biggest party night of the year next to New Year’s. Every year that I can remember I would have been getting all decked out in a costume with friends, having drinks & heading to some big party.

But not this year.

It’s not that I didn’t have options. Weeks ago friends were reminding me to get tickets to the big fetish party or sex club party as they always sell out fast. I was invited to go to Seattle to meet up with some of my fav peers in the industry. I even realized this morning that there’s a fantastic house party just a 26 minute walk from my place, I wouldn’t even need to figure out transportation. It couldn’t be easier.

But I’m not going out. I’m watching a couple episodes of Fargo on Netflix & going to bed early. Hopefully the firecrackers aren’t too bad around here tonight.

When I get that pang of feeling like I’m missing out it’s quickly followed by a feeling of exhaustion & the idea of socializing seems like torture. Not the kind of torture some of you lot like: Tsk tsk.

You see, it’s been a busy time. It IS a busy time. And taking some down time tonight is self care. I probably wouldn’t have done it a few years ago but I’m 41, I’m starting to be nicer to myself & frankly, I don’t have the energy I once did. I bet a lot of you get that, at least those over 35.

So why am I so busy? I recently moved. Everyone knows what that’s like. It all happened kind of fast. My landlord was selling the apartment I’d lived in the last few years & my noisy upstairs neighbor was driving me nuts. I found another place that was really great & I just did it. I did it even though I knew it would be hard. I knew it would be hard because the new place needs a lot of work & I’m about to head out of town on a couple big personal trips. Some of you might know about Africa in December, but I’m also doing a personal trip to Mexico in November. These trips were planned long before I even thought about moving.

Everything is fine. Great really. Just a lot on my plate right now. Some of that has been to prepare to take another break from the biz to work on the book. I find it difficult to write while I have my “Mistress T” hat on so most of my writing has been done while taking work breaks for a month or two. My editor & I have been working away on the book for months but now it’s time for me to dig into her edits, flesh out a few parts & put the finishing touches on it. I’m really hoping that my time in Mexico will be good for that because I really want to get this damn book done!

Good news for fans of my vids. I’ve been busy the last few months filming some fantastic content for you. I was going over the upcoming list today & I’m really excited. Rivers of cum will be produced because of my vids in the coming months. Ha ha.

I’ve been getting my new sets ready so I can start filming when I’m back in January. My pal Samantha Mack is helping to source furniture & textiles, over-seeing the painting, etc. I have a kink expert putting the dungeon together while I’m away with some custom-made kinky creations. *insert evil laughter here*

I’ve also been training a helper/assistant here in Vancouver who will ensure things run smoothly while I’m “away”. I’m never really away, I’ll still be on twitter, dealing with time-sensitive email, maybe blogging if you’re lucky:-)

For long time observant fans you’ll notice the shift in me finally letting other people help me. I did everything myself for so long. Control freak. Hiring experts to do things better than I could, hiring people to do things I could but things that aren’t the best use of my time, accepting the help from friends when it’s offered…all of that. Old dog, new tricks.

Business is great & it inspires me to keep going, to keep making vids my fans love. All of you who support my work by buying my vids make it possible for me to keep doing it. Thank you.

I’ve added some things to my wish list for my new place if you’d like to send a housewarming present: http://a.co/afmffTS


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Booking filming spring/summer 2016

Mistress T glove and fur

Cum here.

I’m starting to resurface after taking some time off to write and to deal with the loss of a family member. Thank you to those who offered your condolences and thank you to those who respectfully gave me space.

I’m excited about starting filming again! I’ll now accept applications for those wanting to film with me in April and beyond.

At this time it is unlikely I will accept private sessions or distance slaves as I’m still writing my book. I’m returning to work part time. I might make an exception in the right circumstances (a VERY generous offer from a well-mannered, interesting, easy-to-deal with client).

#1 requirement to apply to film with me: you MUST be in Vancouver as I am not traveling anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Again: filming in Vancouver ONLY.

To be extra clear: if you are not in Vancouver do not email me about filming.

Got it? Good.

#2. You must send a $100 deposit for me to review your application. What? Yes, you have to pay me to even consider you. Why? Because I have more duds than I do viable applicants and I have enough regular film slaves that I don’t really need new ones. So you have to prove you are worth my time.

3 options for tributing:
1. Online E-Transfer to this email address (from any major Canadian bank): MsT@MistressT.net
2. Tribute button on my clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869
3. Gift card for my favorite spa. You can buy online with paypal or go in & pay cash in person. Ask them to email the gift card to MsT@MistressT.net. They are used to it as a lot of fans send me gift cards from there.: http://www.mirajhammam.com/gift-certificates/

#3. You must email at least 1 clear nude torso pic with erect penis. I prefer average to fit guys with less body hair and bigger dicks. If you don’t look like that you may not want to apply but you are welcome to. If you send $100 I will seriously try to find some way to film with you. The only time it’s okay to send me a ‘dick pic’ is when you’ve paid me $100 to look at it…but please try to get more than your dick in the pic. Standing in front of a mirror works. I don’t need your face in the pic or in the vid. The headless are welcome to apply:-) Email pics AFTER you’ve sent the deposit: MsT@MistressT.net

#4. Tell me what you’re into. List what activities you’re into or how you think you could be used in MY vids. I use stunt cocks, if you just want to lay there & get jerked off, say that. If you can take a big strap-on in your ass, let me know. If you’ll suck cock or would let a guy suck you, tell me. If you’re a fan of my vids you know what kind of scenes I film & where you might fit into the mix.

NOTE: I am NOT filming any toilet stuff. I will not allow oral worship, do nude facesitting or have intercourse with strangers. If you film with me for awhile & I want to do those things with you we’ll discuss it if we reach that comfort level that but do not expect any of that in the beginning.

I think that covers it. $100 gets my attention. Applications without it will be ignored:-)


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Blinded, so you can see…

Why this pic? Because he's wearing sunglasses (like a blind guy)...but also because his character helped many of us to empathize with someone (a 'cook') we may have never thought we would empathize with. Walk a mile in someone's shoes...

Why this pic? Because he’s wearing sunglasses (like a blind guy)…but also because his character helped many of us to empathize with someone (a ‘cook’) we may have never thought we would empathize with. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes…

I recently took a friend to an interesting restaurant called “Dark Table“. It’s one of those places where you eat in complete darkness & all the waiters are blind. Have you heard of these places? They are also in other cities like London, Paris, New York & Montreal.

The unique concept is to give the diner the experience of being blind…to empathize with the visually impared & also to note how other senses are enhanced when you can’t see.

I was really excited about trying this place but as soon as we were led into the pitch dark room by our server I felt like I had made a mistake. Sitting in the darkness trying to get my bearings I even felt slight panic. I found my eyes playing tricks on me. I kept thinking I saw light out of the corner of my eye, but there wasn’t any. My friend said the same thing.

I felt around in front of me & identified a little plastic butter packet, plate, fork & knife. The waiter brought a basket of bread & offered us each a piece of bread. He did that by pushing the basket against my breast & holding it there. It was rather ‘familiar’ to have this stranger in the dark holding a basket of bread against my boob & I wondered how much of an accident it was?

My friend & struggled buttering our bread in the dark & I laughed at how this must look…but when I realized no one could see I gave up caring how evenly the butter was smeared.

When the salad came I found the food kept falling off my fork. I worried there was going to be salad everywhere like when a 2 year old eats & flails food all over the place. I then brought the bowl up to my face & started shoveling the food into my mouth. Table manners? Gone! I had food all over my chin & said fuck it as I literally licked the bowl clean.

All the while my friend & I are trying to carry on a normal conversation while also discussing the food & trying to figure out what we were eating. Did the blindness effect the taste of the food? I think it was meant to, and it was delicious but it wasn’t profound or anything like that.

The drinks came & I was surprised they actually gave me a real wine glass (as he pushed it against my breast). I half expected a sippy cup or something. I was so glad to have wine that I protected that wine glass like breaking it would have cost me a limp.

The salad was a surprise (& not just because he also pushed it against my boob) but the main course we chose before coming into the dark so we knew what to expect, more or less. The big plate of hot food seemed daunting when I realized the food wasn’t pre-cut into bite sizes. I brought a large chunk of potato up to my mouth & struggled to get it all in like an idiot. It was a fucking potato, I just needed to bite it but I was afraid that the part I didn’t get in my mouth would drop & cause some kind of carnage. I imagined it hitting the other food on the plate & splashing god know what all over me or it might ricochet off & hit my wine glass. There was no fucking way I was going to let that happen.

I struggled through the main course with food all over my face & hands even though I was trying to use my utensils. I had been going at it for several minutes before I discovered a green string bean that I had no idea was on my plate. I wondered what else I had missed?

There was still a lot of food on my plate (and everywhere else) by the time I gave up & let the waiter take my plate away. He didn’t touch my boob that time. Probably because he suspected it was covered in food shrapnel.

The dessert came & I only had one bite. I was full & tired of the struggle. It tasted too sweet. I just finished my wine. At this time one of the other diners turned the light on her phone for some reason & I thought there was going to be riot as the other diners yelled at her. My friend, desperate for information asked what I saw from my angle when the light went on. How big was the place, etc.? Hilarious.

We were led to a dimly lite room to pay the bill & then left. I’m glad I went & I would recommend it but I doubt I’ll return.

What I loved about the experience is that it got me thinking about what it would really be like to be someone else for a day? There have been movies done on that concept. Mrs. Doubtfire & Tootsie (men experiencing what it’s like to be a woman), Trading Places (The rich experiencing what it’s like to be poor & vice versa), etc.

Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being. One may need to have a certain amount of empathy before being able to experience accurate sympathy or compassion.”

I encourage you to take a moment today & put yourself in someones shoes. Even better if it’s someone that you would normally dislike or judge. A different gender, sexual orientation, race, economic position, weight, health, etc. There are always going to be people who have it better than you & people who are going to have it worse…and you can always find something to feel thankful for. A dose of empathy & gratitude is a good thing *smile*.

Mistress T

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Camping in Beautiful BC

I just got home after another amazing hot springs/camping weekend. We had perfect warm, sunny weather. The drive there & back just takes my breath away every time. British Columbia is truly stunning.

Nice scenery, eh?

Nice scenery, eh?

I spent most of the time soaking in the natural hot springs. I also read a lot, slept & ate well, played cards, connected with friends and met a nice boy. Don’t get too excited. When I say ‘boy’ I mean it. Very cute but only 19. He was there with his mom who he had a great, respectful relationship with & he had the nicest manners. Too young for anything serious but hey, I don’t enjoy chocolate for the nutritional value, if you know what I mean?

I’m not sure why I’ve been attracting such young fellows lately but I’m not complaining. Their lack of maturity can be somewhat frustrating if I expect them to be on my level, but if I accept them for what they are it’s fine. You don’t ask a cat to bark or a dog to meow.

I really only care that they treat me with respect & appreciation…& that they please me sexually. I’ll save the more in depth relationships for those mature enough to deal with all of me (at least I will when I meet a guy who can. Ha ha *groan*)

Mistress T

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A mash-up of my week…

Not every blog entry can be mind-blowing. This one may not be the one that I’m remembered for. I’m writing it because it occurred to me that if I don’t make a blog entry today I probably won’t for a couple weeks. So this will just be a random mash-up of stuff.

Tomorrow night I head to Nova Scotia for my annual family visit. I’m bringing my best friend for the 1st time. I have considered him family for years so it’s time for him to meet all my other wacky relations. I’m super excited.

A photo taken a few years ago in Nova Scotia

A photo taken a few years ago in Nova Scotia

Recently life has been pretty stress-free. I’ve had enough time to catch up on all my editing. I’ve filmed some amazing solo POV vids. I love my 1-on-1 time with the camera, self filming with full control & creative license.

Screenshot from POV vid I filmed this week.

Screenshot from another POV vid I filmed this week.

I’ve been perfecting a recipe for super-healthy no-bake peanut butter balls (or ‘cluster fucks’ when I use crunchy peanut butter & they won’t roll into balls). I’m no Martha Stewart so a no-bake treat is as close to baking as I get & actually a pretty big accomplishment for me.

Of course I’ve been doing lots of yoga (as usual) and a little swimming. I had three lovers in the same week & felt smug about having 3 different tooth brushes in 3 different baggies with different initials…but I’m not really a player. They’re all nice guys & 2 of them are my regular film slaves. It’s all just fun, not relationship territory.

Yup. That’s me. We just ‘did it’. Ya know. IT.

I also got to help out a little behind the camera with a different kind of filming. My never-boring pal Samantha Mack filmed a creative short film for film festivals. It’s kind of a clown porn without any nudity or actual porn. A lot of fun clown jokes/gags. Kinda artsy. Interesting. (Sorry to rain on your parade but I am not in the film, you do not get to see me dressed up as a clown…I know clown fetishists are throwing pies in their own face right now to try to cheer themselves up.)

I love Samantha Mack. Now the whole world knows.

Tonight I went on a Murder, Mayhem & Mysteries walking tour of Vancouver & learned about some of the grittier history of my city. It was fascinating hearing the stories of serial killers & the dark side of certain notable characters who lived here. I love being entertained while learning (I also love Ted Talks for this reason, among other things).

I went to a sexy party on the weekend. I didn’t have relations with anyone myself but I did enjoy watching some people have sex. Most notably a cross dressed man & his lovely female partner. It was hot.

This is what I wore to the sexy party…because I know fashion is your primary interest.

I’ve been screening applications for private & filmed sessions for the UK & Barcelona. So far so good. Things are booking up but there’s still some availability. It’s a month away so lots of time to get organized. Email applications still being accepted: MsT@MistressT.net but please read this 1st: http://mistresst.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/uk-europe-fall-2012/

I’ve had a hand full of things cleared off of my new Amazon Wish List. I’m excited about receiving them from the post office.

I’ve also been bar hopping a little with another single gal pal & although I’m discovering there’s lots of very cool cocktail lounges around town I am not discovering many (or any) guys I’d like to spend time with. Oh well, as you can see above my life is anything but boring. I have awesome friends & lovers, a healthy lifestyle, a job I love, lots of variety & pretty low stress. After listening to friends vent about their relationships recently I realized that I’d rather be single than in a crappy relationship. Sure, an awesome relationship would be the cats ass, but that can be hard to find (as I’m discovering) & in the meantime single & free is better than dealing with stressful relationship drama.

So it goes.

I’m sure I’ll have some good blog material after my visit to Nova Scotia. In the meantime, I’ll be checking my vid sales & Amazon wishlist so just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean you are on vacation from worshiping me *smile*. I’ve lined up some epic jerk off material for you in the next couple of weeks. You won’t be able to keep your hands off you junk.

Here’s a little inspiration to not get behind in your worshiping. Ha, ‘behind’. I slay me.

WordPress doesn’t like links to ‘clips for sale’ for some reason but you can easily find the link to my studio 23869 thru my website or twitter:

Members site: http://www.MistressT.net
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Cheers, Mistress T

Talk To Strangers?

In Jan 2012 an article went viral (at least in my home province of Vancouver, BC) entitled:

“Do Vancouver Women Suck?” Here’s the link: http://www.vanmag.com/News_and_Features/Do_Vancouver_Women_Suck_A_Readers_Response

It led the author, Jorge Amigo, to create a social event called “Be My Amigo” to encourage people to talk to strangers. You can follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/AmigoJor

It was a great concept in a city that has a bit of a reputation for having less friendly folks and more chilly, stand-offish types.

I’ve lived here for 15 years and I have a great group of friends, but it took awhile. I am single these days and looking for a partner. I know that I need to get myself out there (my real life self, not my persona). So although this event wasn’t supposed to be a singles event, I guessed that it would probably predominately be a singles thing anyway.

It was intimidating as fuck walking into the place alone. None of these ‘friendly’ strangers welcomed me as I arrived and it looked like all the seats were taken so I went to the bar & ordered a (non-alcoholic) drink. I knew getting tipsy would make this easier but I’ve really been cutting back to almost no-booze for health reasons so I stuck with that (regrettably).

I wandered around aimlessly for a moment, wishing I hadn’t come…no friendly gestures or eye contact detected from the approx. 50 ‘amigos’ until I finally spotted the host & gave him my friendliest smile. We chatted for a moment & he suggested I just shove in and create a place to sit. I looked around trying to find a place near a guy but ended up with one ass cheek hanging off the end of a bench…at a table full of women.

The gal I was next to was charismatic, smart, well-traveled, interesting and smart. I was in good company and I enjoyed my conversations with her. I even told her about my occupation which she seemed very non-judgmental about. So far so good…but I wasn’t really there to meet chicks. The ratio of women to men was about 70/30…and the men were nearly impossible to get to.

The host checked in with me and I suggested some sort of musical chairs game to get people moving around. Most people were glued to their spots only socializing with the people closest to them. This sucked because I knew I was going to have to talk to the woman across from me and from what I’d seen so far, I knew we wouldn’t click.

I was right and when I was finally cornered into telling her my occupation I got a reaction of disgust like I’d just told her I slaughter baby seals for kicks. Awesome. We all know how I love judgement so it was not long after I threw in the towel and made my exit. As I left I spotted a couple of cute guys I would have loved to chat with…but they were sandwiched between other people on the benches & I couldn’t have inserted myself even if I greased myself head-to-toe in lube.

Fuck it.

I take the lions share of the responsibility for not being socially assertive enough to ‘get in there’ and talk to those strangers…but I also have to offer some constructive criticism to the charming and lovely host:

It’s time to move venues. I love the Union, great food & awesome service…but the seating is not conducive to mingling. You need a space with a bar people can stand/sit at, maybe small, high tables and a lot of room to stand and shimmy from group to group. It’s a Tuesday evening, pretty much ANY bar in Vancouver would be thrilled to have a party of 50+, you can go wherever you want!

That’s my 2 cents…after hanging one ass cheek off of a bench for a couple hours and only having conversations with a few of the 50+ strangers because of the awkward seating. If all the people there had awesome social skills we probably wouldn’t need an event like this to meet people. Make it as easy on us as possible!

Jorge: Keep up the great work! You have a positive thing here and it’s growing. Growing pains are a good problem to have:-)


Mistress T

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Let’s hope the seating improves…

Dating can be fun! Or not.

So I’m dabbling in ‘dating’ these days. I’ve been single for just over a year & decided a month or so ago that I’d like a more significant relationship. More significant than the casual fuck buddies I’ve had & still have, bless them.

I went on a date this evening with a guy who didn’t know about my ‘Mistress T’ persona so I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to write about the experience…without having to censor anything to save his feelings. What freedom!

We met last week at a bar where I was out with girlfriends trolling for men. He invited me out for bowling which I thought was original.

I didn’t go into it with loads of optimism. He was cute but very short. Sexually, I have no issue with short men as I am barely 5 feet tall myself…but like myself, short people tend to have ‘small dog syndrome’. We can kind of have attitude problems. Like we’re always trying to prove we can’t be pushed around. We tend to over-compensate.

I was right in this case too, by the way.

He was competitive and didn’t react well when I kicked his ass in bowling. It was just luck really. Maybe I should have just let him win? Nah.

Me at the quirky bowling alley…it was decorated with an eclectic mix of things, including this bizarre dinosaur diorama.

One of my favorite things found at the bizarrely decorated bowling alley.

You know I’m grasping for pics to spice up my blog entry when I add a photo of my reflection in a security mirror. Yup, me at that bizarre bowling alley again. Thrilling, eh?

Then he wanted to show me this cool artsy place/wine bar with art by local artists and canvases in the back where people could create their own art. It was a cool place and the concept was great, but the art was atrocious. I know, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, or something like that. You say potato, I say “that looks like a 5 year old puked on canvas”.

I can be a judgmental prick sometimes.

I told him about the portrait Drew Young recently did of me and showed him the image on my semi-smart phone (it’s only an android…I’ll get another iPhone on the next release, it’s a long story. Anyway, I digress.)

He seemed blown away by the portrait and told me that he loved me and tried to kiss me. I turned my cheek so he couldn’t kiss me on the mouth. Awkward. Right? Yikes. And he wasn’t even drunk.

A black guy he knew came up to us to say hi and I thought to myself, in this order:

“Holy shit, it’s a black guy in Vancouver. That’s rare.”

“I wonder how big his dick is?”

“I wonder if he has black friends, or if he knows where I can find more black guys.”

The black guy told me I was beautiful, right in front of my date! Ballsy. Due to circumstances that was as far as that went but it was fun while it lasted.

It was very freeing spending time with someone who didn’t know what I did for a living. He was okay not knowing, he liked the mystery and felt he would figure it out as he got to know me better, like a game. He got as far as guessing it had something to do with marketing or promotions and that I probably work for myself.

As cute as that sounds, that, along with a handful of other things made me conclude that he really just wanted to fuck me anyway. It didn’t matter what I did for a living because he didn’t consider me a potential partner. Maybe because he was Persian, maybe something else. I didn’t care because I wasn’t interested in fucking him or dating him again.

He tried several times to kiss me & get close. He got my cheek every time. I told him I found him sexually assertive. He said he was a romantic. I said he just wanted to fuck me. He didn’t deny it. I asked him if he had a big cock (I was just toying with him at this point), he replied that I must know he doesn’t, I knew what size bowling shoes he wore….but he had hands & a mouth. I smiled politely and thought if that’s all I cared about I’d be a lesbian.

After all that he still thought he would see me again. I had given him no reason to think that we would go on another date but I didn’t have the heart to say it point-blank to his face. So I predict I’ll either dodge a few texts or reply to future invites with a ‘no thank you, not feelin’ it.’

On my way home I stopped into The Penthouse strip club to visit my gal pal and resident DJ: Samantha Mack (my-oh-my she sounds great on a mic). I also got the hands-on action I really wanted: an amazing neck & shoulder massage from the skilled Penthouse massage girl: Trish.

It was an interesting night. Did I get any closer to finding a significant other? No, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take….ya gotta kiss allota frogs…etc.

Why is this picture here? No reason except that I know a lot of guys don’t read my blog, they just look for sexy pics. So, here’s a random sexy pic I took yesterday. Ta-da! Now go buy a vid to jerk off to so I can afford to pay for sex instead of wasting my time ‘dating’.

Mistress T

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My Portrait

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I had commissioned my portrait by a very talented local artist. I had actually found his art on a FemDom blog and was delighted when I discovered he also lives in Vancouver.

He’s written a great blog post about the painting & moi. I strongly recommend you check it out:


I absolutely love the painting and the whole process has been professional & interesting. I would love to own more of his art whether I’m the subject or not so for those looking for meaningful ways to tribute me you can pitch in for more art as it brings me so much authentic, long-lasting pleasure.

You can view the painting in person & meet the artist…and probably meet me…my painting will be part of an exhibit:

Participating in Swarm 13, ACME Studios (112 e Hastings, Vancouver, BC) will open its doors to the public on September 7, 2012 with multiple exhibitions, open studios and an after party where you can dance you art out. ACME Studios houses over forty artists and four galleries: Labyrinth Gallery, Gam Gallery, The Minotaur’s Lair, and Remington Gallery.

Here it is (If you’re the cerebral type you might catch some of the symbolism & depth…although a lot of it is very personal to me):

Portrait by Drew Young.

More on Drew Young:

Website: www.dyoung.ca

Email: hey@dyoung.ca

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/aDrewYoung

Acme Studio’s: 110 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mistress T

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Home from my fun road trip!

I’m back from a great week-long road trip with my gal pal. She turned 40 this last week and this is how we chose to mark the milestone.

We set out with a loose plan of making our way to Calgary to visit another friend of hers, stopping along the way to check out some wineries and hot springs. We were traveling in her parents camper thinking we would be ready for anything but we only slept in it twice the whole trip. Once just randomly on a side street and at her friends place in Calgary who already had company in the spare room and living room.

We took a couple little ferry’s during our trip too…fun & so beautiful!

Check out our cool ride! The scenery was breath taking.

We spent a couple nights at Halcyon Hot Springs in a posh cabin:

Hmmm, camper or cabin? I’ve made my choice…

We ended up doing quite a few hot springs: Halcyon, Radium, Upper Banff, Fairmont and Ainsworth. I loved how fancy Halcyon was but my favorite was Ainsworth with it’s very cool cave! It was hard to get pics inside the steamy cave but I managed a couple:

Hot n’ steamy inside the cave at Ainsworth Hot Springs.

Here’s a better shot of the actual cave with therapeutic hot springs water pouring in. It was VERY atmospheric.

Spending hours on the road talking to my friend about everything under the sun was wonderful. We stopped when we were hungry and ate at quaint diners. We got junk food when we stopped for gas. We ate tons of cherries, strawberries and peas from road side farmers markets. We stayed in some nice places and not-so-nice-places. We saw a lot of wild life along the way: bears, deer, elk, etc.

The time at her friends place in Calgary was interesting. A small horse ranch in the middle of no where. The kind of home with needlepoint pictures of horses on the wall and lots of nic nacs like toll-painted cats. I knew the other visiting friends were going to be interesting when I noticed the tattoos on his arms: a marijuana leaf, an eagle and a winged unicorn…and she started talking about the end of the world on Dec 21. All very down to earth friendly people who reminded me of my family in Nova Scotia. Rural people tend to be very different from city people and although I prefer the city, it was a good reminder of my roots to spend time with them.

The trip was fairly tame. We didn’t end up hitting too many wineries or partying very much so we decided we should go out with a bang on the last night. We got a room next to the most happening bar in the small town of Osoyoos. We sat at the bar drinking and waiting for it to get busy but even at its peak there was probably no more than 40 people, most under 30. I was approached by a boy who said his friend had a crush on me but was too shy to come up to me. I asked how old he was, they were both only 21! I explained that I’m 36 but he didn’t care. We spent the last hour of the night sitting with a table of 21 year olds, dancing and chatting. It was flattering, but it felt a bit silly.

They were very sweet but I didn’t go home with any of them. The one who liked me seemed more interested in dating me than having a one-nighter (he actually lives closer to Vancouver, they were tourists in Osoyoos too.) I wasn’t really interested in either….again, it was flattering but it felt a bit silly.

Speaking of silly…here’s a hand full of funny pics I took along the way:

We didn’t stay here or go see the bands but I bet they were good…:-)

Hmmmm, Hummer?

T-shirt proudly worn by a young guy in a pub…

It was a great trip. Good for the soul. Now back to work!

Mistress T

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Follow-up to: Must Love Dommes

My previous post about looking for a significant other has set records in traffic for my blog & volume of feedback…in just one day. Based on that, I am adding another blog entry to respond to some questions and to clarify a few points.

#1. I am not desperate or lonely and I haven’t been trying (and failing) to find a partner. I posted that blog entry Friday night on a whim as it only just occurred to me that I’m feeling ready to be in a relationship again. I thought it would be an entertaining story if I did find a partner that way but I didn’t really expect to.

#2. Some think that my criteria is too strict?! Really? Because I want a healthy sex life with a decent partner who more-or-less has his shit together? Or is it that I want a guy who is okay with me sleeping with other people occasionally? Because that part is just about having a more honest relationship than most where one or both people cheat on each other.

#3. It’s really no great surprise that I’m still single. What I do for a living is very difficult for most men to deal with. I’m also a very strong woman who intimidates the shit out of a lot of men. I love what I do and I love who I am, so I’m not going to change either just to increase my chances of finding a partner. Being in a relationship does not define my life. I enjoy my freedom and independence. The right guy would be an bonus in my awesome life, he will not BE my life.

#4. I’m not just looking for sex (this time). For those who expressed surprise that I couldn’t get laid, you read this wrong. Come on. Who would really believe that I couldn’t find sex partners?! ANY woman can get laid whenever she wants. That’s just the way the world works. This is about finding a significant other, not a fuck buddy.

By the way, now that I’ve made this mental step of being open to a relationship I will leave the house more *smile*, be more social, maybe do a little online exploring, etc. We’ll see what happens…and I’ll probably blog about it as long as it doesn’t violate the privacy of anyone else.

There’s no shame in being single & looking. I certainly don’t feel any shame about it! I just ended a four year relationship a year ago. I took a year off, had some great sex, dated casually, almost ended up in a relationship with the wrong guy (because I hadn’t thought enough about what was really important to me)…and here I am. I’m open to something more special…and I’ll probably find it. Despite my shortcomings (no one is perfect), for a sexually adventurous, open-minded, self-assured guy, I’m quite the catch *smile*. As much as I might come across as a cunt in some of my writing, in real life I’m actually a very generous, caring and fun person. I’m a great communicator, I’m drama-free and I’m what most guys consider to be a pretty ‘cool’ girlfriend.

So if my initial blog entry made you feel sorry for me or worry about me: don’t. I’m not crying myself to sleep over here, far from it. A big part of me doesn’t even want my life to change as I’ve finally molded it into just what I wanted…but if an awesome guy comes along, I’ll make room for him.


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