Enough BBC yet?

For those few who are not interested in the whole interracial cuckolding thing this will likely be the last blog entry about it for awhile. Feel free to email me to request a topic you’d like me to blog about: MsT@MistressT.net

Now, for the MANY of you who are into this I have lots of pics & news for ya. My special black bull has cum & gone. *ha ha* He had a wonderful visit in Vancouver.

Mistress T with black bull.

Awww…he looks so happy!

Mistress T & black bull.

Horsing around…(pony play?) Bull riding?

He loved English Bay & Stanley Park. Samantha Mack came with us to Whistler & we went on the peak to peak gondola which was breathtaking.

Mistress T & Samantha Mack.

The view was stunning inside & outside of the gondola, thanks to Samantha Mack!

Mistress T at Whistler.

Tourists love Whistler!

A few friends gathered at Wreck Beach for a sunny afternoon (clothing optional beach).

Interracial cuckolding with Mistress T.

He had to work on his tan apparently….

He was my arm candy for a very hot sex party. I got to watch him fuck a beautiful woman: SO hot.

Of course we managed to squeeze in some filming & did a variety of scenes. Each one is unique & special. I will edit them & release them slowly over the next couple of months. The 1st one has already been released:

Mistress T with Black Bull.

“Black Is Better”

You can find “Black Is Better” on my clips store now: http://www.clips4sale.com/23869

Here’s just a taste of what’s coming:

Mistress T with black bull in interracial cuckolding scene.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

Mistress T with black bull.

Oh, SO close! If you stare at it long enough maybe it will go in…

Mistress T getting fingers by black bull.

“Okay, without looking, how many fingers do I have in your pussy?”

Mistress T jerking off black stud.

Ka-pow! Splooge all over your face!

Humiliation with Mistress T.

That’s right: worship HIS feet before you get to worship mine! How humiliating!

Mistress T

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10 thoughts on “Enough BBC yet?

  1. Dear Mistress ,thankyou for sharing such a wonderful blog.thankyou.Do you ever
    have sissy slaves in your movies and or video’s/thankyou sincerely yours
    sissy slave ted

    • Search the keyword “sissy” on my clips store & members site to find the various films I have with sissies.

  2. Mistress T,

    i admire Black men, and those who ‘Bull’ their cocks i admire strongly.

    You yourself are so directive. Pointing Bull jism at my ‘husbandly’ face.

    You are willful and raw and beautiful.


  3. No! Never enough BBC! haha.

    You two look amazing together. A gorgeous white woman and a fit, handsome, well endowed Black stud. They just go together. And you’re absolutely right- Black is better! 🙂

  4. It is one of my most powerful erotic experiences to serve a goddess when she is with a black bull, both in public and private. Mistress, you are among the elite in this unworthy slave’s opinion; adoring this view of your work and every erotic word and act you make. Thank you

  5. Gosh, Miss T, looks like you’ve really landed on your feet this time.

    This guy probably ticks boxes you hadn’t even thought of…

    And in some of those photos, you look like the cat who’s been locked in the proverbial creamery for a month of weekends…

    • Dear mistress T,wow you are beautiful,intelligent,strong,nd a artist.wow what a
      incredible complex powerful mistress.You make a lowly slave tremble at the
      thought of approaching you or trying to communicate with you.sincerly yours
      sissy slave ted

  6. Dear Mistress T;
    BRAVO! Your ‘Black Cuckold Cocksucker’ is a WOW.
    i would beg to serve You as Your black cuckold slave.
    Your slave always,

  7. I only have a 3in cock but most women don’t like it that thick…..


    Ur BBC new motto!!

    • Dear Mistress T;
      MORE of YOU and Your ‘bbc” Please.
      I would beg to serve as Your black cuckold slave with You and Your bbc.
      Your slave,

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