Black bull next week!

Mistress T jerking off black stud.

Ka-pow! Splooge all over your face!

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

I will do a big post about my Greece trip with Meggerz soon…This is just a heads up that my black bull will be visiting me next week. So if you have a custom vid request or if you want to serve over web cam or in person in Vancouver (filmed or in private) email ASAP:


Mistress T

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Happy New Year!

It’s the 1st day of the new year & I feel an appropriate blog post would be a ‘highlights of 2013’ post or something timely…but ya know what? I don’t have it in me to do an epic post today. How are YOU feeling today? Did you have a big night last night? Have you had a lot going on in the last couple weeks? If so, you’ll understand why this post will be fairly brief.

Last week I was in Mexico with the black stud filming & frolicking. “Frolicking”? Cut me some slack today.

Here’s one pic of us at the spa that I found funny & one screen shot from a vid we filmed last week. It’s already up on my clips store: “Prison Bitch Initiation”.

How could a caption make THIS pic even funnier than it already is? Oh, the pressure! Fuck it, just look at our faces.

How could a caption make THIS pic even funnier than it already is? Oh, the pressure! Fuck it, just look at our faces.

Screenshot from "Prison Bitch Initiation" where I guide you in the 1st of many prison blow jobs. Yup, you're the sucker.

Screenshot from “Prison Bitch Initiation” where I guide you in the 1st of many prison blow jobs. Yup, you’re the sucker.

As sanity-defying as it may seem, I am about to get on another airplane very soon. I’m Vegas-bound mid month & the only thing that keeps me from burying my head in the sand is that I’ll get to spend quality time with some of my favorite people, peers who ‘get me’ & get my crazy life. Ceara Lynch, Meggerz, Alexandra Snow, Kyaa & the list goes on.

FetishCon 2013 with Meggerx, ceara & Mistress T.

Meggerz, Ceara & I…feet up, drink in hand…

Princess Meggerz & Mistress T

Princess Meggerz & I at the convention. Nice T-shirts, eh?

I am not looking for film slaves in Vegas & I’m not taking sessions. I know, here’s a tissue. Stop crying…or make me an offer I can’t refuse. Maybe you can buy my love… I have enough filming booked already & I plan to have fun in Vegas, not just work. What I could use though, for once, is ideas. I’m supposed to be filming ‘trades’ with a few ladies & sometimes I have a hard time thinking of scene ideas when it’s just 2 Dominant ladies & no slave. If I can’t think of anything we’ll just make out I suppose. They’re hot & thousands of men want them, I might as well take advantage of that, right? Who cares if anyone buys the vids, just knowing how jealous I’ll make thousands of men will be payment enough…plus I get to smooch with hot women! Did I mention that? *slurp*

Goddess Kyaa, Mistress T & Alexandra Snow.

Goddess Kyaa, Alexandra Snow & I enjoying the spa…& each other:-)

That’s it for today folks. All the best for 2014…yadda yadda…buy my vids…don’t worry about me, I’ve just really been having too much fun & it’s catching up, don’t feel sorry for me. Unless feeling sorry for me makes you want to buy more of my vids or send me tributes…kidding. Sort of.

NOTE: I realize not everyone will ‘get’ my sense of humor but that’s okay. Just buy my vids.

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Paying for sex…

This post is all about ME paying for sex (not men paying me to have sex with them).


I’ve long had a fascination of paying for sex. It felt dirty & exciting. In my early 20’s I had a very handsome boyfriend who would play along with one of my fantasies. I liked to imagine that I was a very wealthy woman who attended a high society party where the individuals who were ‘for rent’ sexually wore a certain flower. You could arrange to have the person of your choice join you in your room during or after the party to service your intimate needs.

During sex I would have my boyfriend act professional, polite & service oriented. I would have him say: “Is that the way you like it Ma’am?”


I have had a variety of occasions to pay for sexual services from both males & females for myself & partners. A Lithuanian prostitute in the red light district in Amsterdam. A high end prostitute in Mendoza, Argentina & a lower end gal in a brothel in Buenos Aires. (In Amsterdam & Argentina I paid for prostitutes to fuck men while I watched.) I’ve paid male service providers for massages with hand releases for myself (rub n’ tug). Etc.

As some of you know, I have filmed almost exclusively with volunteers, fans & personal lovers. I have never paid male talent for my site but I have had the pleasure of working with them for other production companies. I felt that when it came to submissive men it just went against the authenticity to pay them. I’ve received some back lash for that but the show has gone on….I have done just fine with this business model…but then I decided to try something new.

It occurred to me that I am in the position to fuck the men who are the porn Gods of the day. The men that most men want to be. The men that most women want to fuck. I am not just a porn performer who has to fuck who ever the producer tells me to fuck, I am also the producer, in full control of everything & I can fuck whoever I choose.

It was an amazingly powerful feeling when it dawned on me that all I have to do is contact whoever I wanted to fuck & just set up a paid shoot. I get what I want PLUS it’s for business so I’ll make that money back.

With that sense of power coursing through me I thought: “If I could fuck ANY man, who would it be?” Shane Diesel, the biggest black cock in porn, a true professional with a great reputation. Now that’s going to happen. This week!

In a conversation with another female porn producer she told me that she likes paying male talent because then she knows she’s going to get exactly what she wants. Now that’s FemDom.

So it’s with great excitement & a bit of nervousness that I prepare for this occasion. I bought really good lube today, for example. I also had to decide whether to do the scene with him just POV (just the 2 of us) or with a cuckold. Having a cuckold in the scene is always a gamble. The energy between 3 people doesn’t always work. My priority is to have great sex with Shane. This is for me. I’m going to need to be relaxed & comfortable to take that huge cock safely. Dealing with another guy might be distracting. So even though the vid might sell a little better with a cuckold I decided to make all of you my cuckold. As you watch the vid you can imagine you are right there, seeing what you can’t give me.

So I’m paying for sex really & I’m very okay with that. I admit that I like the idea of it being a guys job to fuck me properly. In my head I will likely be playing out fantasies of being a high society lady who pays for sexual services and/or the owner of a plantation (you know where I’m heading with that one.)


To add to the hotness my current boy toy is really into cuckolding & black bulls. He won’t be accompanying me this time but it’s is hot knowing there is an authentic cuckold I’m close with these days who is very horny about me fucking a black porn star he’s idolized for years. It’s refreshing to be involved with a guy who loves & supports all the kinky stuff I’m into.

So, wish me luck! xo

Mistress T

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Enough BBC yet?

For those few who are not interested in the whole interracial cuckolding thing this will likely be the last blog entry about it for awhile. Feel free to email me to request a topic you’d like me to blog about:

Now, for the MANY of you who are into this I have lots of pics & news for ya. My special black bull has cum & gone. *ha ha* He had a wonderful visit in Vancouver.

Mistress T with black bull.

Awww…he looks so happy!

Mistress T & black bull.

Horsing around…(pony play?) Bull riding?

He loved English Bay & Stanley Park. Samantha Mack came with us to Whistler & we went on the peak to peak gondola which was breathtaking.

Mistress T & Samantha Mack.

The view was stunning inside & outside of the gondola, thanks to Samantha Mack!

Mistress T at Whistler.

Tourists love Whistler!

A few friends gathered at Wreck Beach for a sunny afternoon (clothing optional beach).

Interracial cuckolding with Mistress T.

He had to work on his tan apparently….

He was my arm candy for a very hot sex party. I got to watch him fuck a beautiful woman: SO hot.

Of course we managed to squeeze in some filming & did a variety of scenes. Each one is unique & special. I will edit them & release them slowly over the next couple of months. The 1st one has already been released:

Mistress T with Black Bull.

“Black Is Better”

You can find “Black Is Better” on my clips store now:

Here’s just a taste of what’s coming:

Mistress T with black bull in interracial cuckolding scene.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

Mistress T with black bull.

Oh, SO close! If you stare at it long enough maybe it will go in…

Mistress T getting fingers by black bull.

“Okay, without looking, how many fingers do I have in your pussy?”

Mistress T jerking off black stud.

Ka-pow! Splooge all over your face!

Humiliation with Mistress T.

That’s right: worship HIS feet before you get to worship mine! How humiliating!

Mistress T

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Random Thoughts on Cuckolding

Savage Love’s column today inspired me to blog:

I was very interested in the 1st piece about cuckolding. In a nut shell: a wife complaining about her husbands obsession with wanting her to fuck other men & cuckold him. She wasn’t interested. Fair enough.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many mismatched couples. There are supposedly monogamous relationships where one or both are cheating behind the others back.¬† There’s are also people who wish their spouse would sleep with other people but the spouse isn’t interested in anyone but them. In my profession I often speak with men who wish their wives would sleep with other men…often these are men who are seeing me behind their wives back. Either they want to be cuckolded or they just think it would be hot to see their sexy wife getting fucked by another guy.

I have been fascinated with non-monogamy for as long as I can remember. My first boyfriend lied about NOT being a virgin & the thought of him being with another girl turned me on. (I later discovered that I was his first). Sure, I’ve had my moments of jealousy but I have more often been turned on by the thought of my lovers being with others. I like to hear about it & use my imagination, but sometimes I like to watch too.

When I discovered cuckolding I took to it like a duck to water. It combined several of my personal kinks. I enjoy creating cuckolding vids & delving into this fetish deeper & deeper.

Mistress T in Honeymoon Cuckolding.

Is that a close enough look cuck?

The next natural step is for me to be with a black man. This is a very powerful image for many, many cuckolds. The black stallion ravaging a white lady. For many the black male represents the ultimate in virility. Men of African descent are known to (often) have larger cocks than men of other ethnicity. I could go on & on but at the end of the day if the idea & visual of interracial cuckolding turns you on that’s all that matters.

I will mention, as a matter of interest, that I have received a little racist hate mail regarding my interracial vids. For all I know it could just be one guy as it sounds basically the same. I find it somewhat amusing to hear a hater say that I’m lowering myself by having sex with a black man. The only black man I’ve had sex with in my vids is of higher pedigree than most. He was raised upper-middle class, is well-educated & works hard in white collar job. He takes very good care of his health (you can see that by looking at him) & he’s a very sweet guy with a positive attitude. He’s not a thug, gangster, drug dealer, pimp, criminal, low life, etc. He joined me in Vegas in January & attended numerous social engagements with me. I was proud to have a well dressed & well mannered nice guy on my arm. He was well-liked. He is black. That might make him a sex symbol in some circles but this is for certain: being black doesn’t make him less than any of you. In fact, because I have decided he’s worthy of fucking me you all should bow down to him.

Haters are gonna hate though…& racists are going to continue to be ignorant.

If you want to be a cuckold (filmed or private) the black bull is visiting me in Vancouver this month! Email:

Feel free to add a comment but I will not allow racist comments on my blog so don’t bother typing them out. No one wants to hear it.

Mistress T

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Mistress T with a big black bear.

As they say: Once you go black you never go back!


I will have a black stud in June!

Exciting news for fans of interracial porn/black bulls in cuckolding scenes: the black fellow I filmed with before is coming to visit me in Vancouver in June!

Ceara Lynch on 1 side...on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation...yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Ceara Lynch on 1 side…on the other side the hot black guy I met during my Xmas vacation…yes, we filmed together in Vegas:-)

Here’s the back story: he & I met while on vacation in December 2012. We ‘clicked’ & while fooling around in front of a mirror he suggested we film ourselves. He had never done porn before & the whole thing came about naturally. The first vid we filmed was a huge hit. We had a lot of fun together that week so he came to visit me while I was in Vegas in January. We filmed again & spent a few awesome days together.

Mistress T with black slave.

We hit it off pretty well right from the start! (We met at a tropical resort in December.)

He lives pretty far away so it’s a big deal that he’s coming to visit me in Vancouver. I haven’t been able to find another black guy I felt comfortable filming with so his visit is even more appreciated.

The way I produce my ‘porn’ is a little different than the larger production companies. I only have sex with guys in my vids who I want to have sex with. My own personal lovers, etc. They are not professional porn performers. So sometimes it’s hard to just ‘fill a role’ if I don’t have the right person in my life at that time.

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

If you are reading this & thinking that you would LOVE to see us in action in person, that you would like to play the role of a cuckold or voyeur in person (filmed or private) here’s what you need to know:

#1. We are only available together in Vancouver June 12-16. (Don’t ask me/us to come to your city or ask for other dates).

#2. We use condoms so there will be no creampie to clean up. To be clear: no cum in/on my pussy for you to lick up.

#3. He’s straight & will not want you to suck his cock.

#4. You may be able to eat his cum…out of a condom or off of my hand or other body part.

#5. Nothing is free. A vid with just us fucking will sell well without a cuckold in it so as much as I might enjoy having you here I don’t need you. It will cost significantly less if you are willing to be filmed than private but you will pay something for the privilege. A deposit will be required right away to demonstrate you are serious.

Creatively there are a lot of things we CAN do…I love to have my feet worshiped by a slave while I’m being fucked…cock comparison & small penis humiliation is fun…maybe cross dressing you & humiliating you in front of my black stud would be amusing…oh my, the options!

CUSTOM VIDS or WEB CAM are also possible!

EMAIL me (don’t tweet) to order custom vids with the black guy or to arrange a web cam session with us…or to apply to see us in person:


Mistress T

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Mistress T fucking a black stud.

From our maiden voyage: “Black Magic”. My 1st porn vid having sex with a black guy…his 1st porn ever!

Mistress T with black bull & female cuckold.

From the vid: “Cuckolded Girlfriend vs. BBC”. Featuring Cheyenne Jewel.

Mistress T with a black bull

From the popular vid: “Serviced By A Black Bull”

Cock Hunting.

I’ve written blog entries before about looking for film slaves/male film performers…why not one more? This time less of an application form & more of an ‘adventures of’.

It’s been easier for me to do most of my filming elsewhere because frankly, Vancouver has very slim pickings for film slaves…but I’d prefer to not travel for a bit so here I am, in Vancouver looking for cock. Really, that’s what it comes down to.

The ideal fella has a large cock, cums easily & a lot, has a decent body, has nice manners & is reliable. This can be remarkably hard to find in Vancouver for some reason. Elsewhere I usually have plenty enough fans volunteering & I like that. I think that the vids are more authentic feeling if the guy is a real fan & really into me.

I’ve been criticized for not paying male performers (the critics are anonymous online commentors & seem very angry…not sure who they are or why they care so much?) To be fair, if I had easy access to truly professional male performers like Wolf Hudson (who I loved working with at & Deviant Kade (who I work with when I film with FemDom Empire) I would happily pay.

Vancouver is not LA however.

I’m specifically looking for black studs for interracial vids right now.

I have been trying online dating sites, ads for male escorts, etc. It can be awkward approaching men to ask if they’re interested in doing porn.

A comedy of errors in the search for BBC:

1. Awhile ago I met a cute black guy at a party. He asked me out. Over lunch he mentioned something about the whole ‘BBC myth’. I took it from that he had a small black dick. I told him I was looking for a BBC for adult films & he hooked me up with one of his friends. After chatting for a few minutes I discovered he was actually just looking for some no-strings-attached action behind his girlfriends back & only pretended to be interested in film to get me into bed. It didn’t work.

2. At another party a very hot black guy started dancing with me & soon his cock was so hard it was brushing against me even though he wasn’t touching me otherwise. I could tell it was huge so took him aside to ask if he’d be interested in doing porn. If you’ve seen Boogie Nights & remember the scene where Burt Reynolds approaches Dirk Diggler about doing porn…it wasn’t that glamorous. We’re still discussing over email but it’s not looking good.

3. I met with a guy who I found on a dating site. We had an awkward lunch interview. He had sent me pics of his dick so I knew he had a decent sized BBC. After lunch I tried to end the meeting but he was a clinger. He wanted to hang out longer & chat. I told him we didn’t need to do that, that he was fine & we could set up a time to film. He hooted with excitement & then asked seriously if he could feel my ass. We were standing on a busy street in broad daylight…although my answer would have been the same in any circumstance: I told him he just blew it.

4. Months ago I ran into a male erotic dancer I had known years ago. Way back then we had kissed one night so I took the opportunity to pick up where we left off & asked him out. One thing led to another…we discussed making a video, he was game. He had a great body & a nice BBC. He promised that he could go & go like a champ…but not with a condom. What? He couldn’t stay hard with a condom? So he was just fucking random chicks bareback all the time & thought that since I do porn I’d be down with that. Um, no. Good-bye.

The one black guy I have filmed with was great. I met him on vacation. We filmed there & then he came to visit me in Vegas where we filmed again. He might come to Vancouver soon for a visit which would be awesome: more filming! I know a lot of my fans really enjoyed seeing me with that black stud & he is a genuinely nice & respectful fella so I like spending time with him.

Mistress T with black slave.

Ebony and ivory…

The search continues. For those who are craving more interracial action: I’m working on it…& think it’s kind of funny that it’s THIS hard for me to find the right black guy to perform in my vids. I am beginning to understand how a lot of guys feel when they’re trying to get laid!

So, if you are in Vancouver or can come here…if you are fit with a big black or white cock that gets hard, stays hard & cums easily…email me:

Maybe you’ll get to check “Be a porn star” off your bucket list:-)

Mistress T

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Tropical holiday: so awesome.

Fans who have been following my twitter have been anticipating my blog post about my recent tropical holiday at an adults-only resort…& here it is! Complete with pics to make you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin & that familiar warmth in your crotch.

I’ll only mention in passing that I’m not a fan of Christmas. I’ve long threatened to make my escape from this commercialized nonsense & this year I finally made good on that threat. My goal was to find the most un-Christmasy way to coast through the ordeal. I settled on a sexy adults-only resort in a hot place…the kind of place where I could be topless & would be surrounded by sexy, open-minded folks.

I would have gone on my own but after some finagling I ended up being accompanied by an awesome girlfriend (who is the partner of one of my ex’s from 9 years ago who I’m still friends with) & another close non-sexual guy friend (who also happens to be an ex from about 7 years ago). I couldn’t have asked for a better crew.

The resort was great. We arrived at noon and made friends quickly. So much happened that first jet legged day no one was more surprised than me to find myself in bed with a charming, cute boy the very first night. I enjoyed him the next few days until he left…then I picked up another boy who I had had my eye on.

My fans have been requesting (begging really) for a vid with me & a black man for quite some time. I only film with those I’m personally into tho, I don’t hire professional porn stars & I just haven’t met a black guy who I wanted to film with…until this week. I know, I know…you have already looked at the pics before reading the words & you’re eagerly hopping from one foot to the other & clapping your hands in anticipation. Yes, I FINALLY had a tryst with a hot, hung black guy…& yes: I filmed it. (I can hear the collective excited squealing of my fans like it’s a Beatles concert).

The black boy & I started chatting in the pool. He was buff & cute. I told him he could call me Ma’am. He said I was so beautiful I could own him. I told him that had been illegal for quite some time but that I would happily rent him. He was mine to do with as I pleased for the rest of my vacation. I was snapping pics of us in bed when he suggested we make a video. I couldn’t believe my luck! Good thing I brought model releases & my camera.

That’s the big news…but for those who could care less about that…I had a wonderful vacation over all. I rested a lot, I read, spent a lot of time at the spa. I loved the buffets, the humid heat & the beach. I miss it already.

There are no crazy drunk pics because I just didn’t really party. It was a party place, but I was in a more leisurely state of mind. I did win a special contest though. I was kind of crowned “Miss …” for the week & there will be an online voting thingy that I will call on my fans to help out with as the grand prize is a free trip back to the resort. I’ll have a special blog post for that when it happens in the next month or so.

So that was my perfect little vacation. Great friends, lovers, food, sun & relaxation.

Mistress T

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Mistress T in sunset light.

Token pretty tropical sunset pic.

Mistress T topless at the beach.

Fun in the sun…I’m such a camera whore.

Mistress T bum crack.

You just wanna lick it, don’t you? *smile*

Mistress T in the pool.

Doesn’t it look like you could dive right into that wetness?

Mistress T topless with bikini bottoms.

Are you trying to look at my tits?! Pervert.

Mistress T at the beach.

The white sand compliments my untanned white skin, dontchya think?

Mistress T with black slave.

Kiss my ass boy!

Interraccial sex.

…and now for something completely different…

Mistress T in sexy lingerie.

What I wore for “Anything Goes” night at the resort.

Mistress T in heels and mini skirt.

Heading out to dinner looking like a tart.


Black Bull Auditions: London

I will be in London Sept 28-Oct 7. London has a much higher percentage of kinky black men than Vancouver I’m sure, so I thought it would be a good place to look for a black bull for a cuckolding vid.

For those unfamiliar with cuckolding, the ‘bull’ is the one who gets to fuck the women, usually while the husband watches. There are variations on the theme but usually the wife is very attractive, the bull is well-endowed and fit, the husband is less attractive with a smaller penis. This is one of my favorite fetishes and I enjoyed making cuckolding vids for the last several years with my previous partner. Now that I’m single I still have many ‘husbands’ (slaves who want to play the role of my cuckolded husband) but I don’t have a bull.

The interracial aspect makes it even hotter. Who doesn’t love BBC? (Big Black Cock)

Please apply:

-if you are black, attractive and have a thick cock (must be THICK, length is not as important)

-if you feel confident you can get hard, stay hard & cum while being filmed (production is small and intimate, possibly just the 2 of us with the camera on a tripod, at most a cuckold & a camera person)

-if you have excellent manners (the bull doesn’t have to be submissive or Dominant but I have to like you so if you’re a cocky jerk it’s not going to work out)

Safe sexual practices only, condoms, etc. Interaction between you and the cuckold is optional. NO MASK or HOOD and you must sign a model release & show ID/age verification.

Please send a pic of your face/body & hard cock along with a little introduction to:

It would be hotter if he was black, right?!