London: So far soooo GOOD!

Yesterday was a pretty epic day in London! The British have such nice manners. I received this email from the gentleman I had a private session with yesterday:

Hello Mistress Mommy T

i just had to write to say thanks again for an absolutely mindblowing session.  It
was everything i hoped it would be, and more besides!

What an amazing personality You have, and Your voice is totally hypnotic.

i was a little shy and tongue tied meeting You for the first time, but already i am
really keen to see You again - hopefully You will be back in London again soon - i
can quite understand why London loves You so much!  Maybe next time You are here, i
could be allowed to take You to lunch?

Well enjoy the rest of Your time in London. i am secretly hoping that You do spend
more time here in the future as we were chatting about!

Thanks again
Your panty pervert!

In case you’re curious about what I did with him it was a delightfully simple session. He loved panties and was a fan of my ‘Mommy’ vids. So I modeled a few pairs of panties for him, teasing him and guiding him through a masturbation instruction in my Mommy character. He knelt on the floor by the bed wanking himself while I stood above him on the bed, allowing him to get close enough to smell me, I teased him, grazed his nipples through his shirt, toyed with him not letting him cum until I gave him permission…

I also had a couple of great filmed sessions yesterday. One extreme blowjob tease & ruined orgasm with a cuckold twist. I was lucky enough to have a very thick cocked bull and a smaller dicked slave. I won’t give too much away but the vid will be dynamite.

That slave had this to say after:

“Dear Mistress

Hope the day went well for you, i just want to thank you again for being so understanding. I really enjoyed filming with you and as always i’ll still be recovering from the ache in my balls till next week…

Have a great stay, and let me know if you need anything while you are here.

Best wishes


Another film slave I did a combo bondage, satin glove HJ/stiletto trampling with a climax of me sitting on his face while he finished himself off.

He wrote this:

“Hello- thank you for agreeing to see me, it was (obviously!) totally wonderful… Would like to see you again.”


I’m off to Club Pedestal tonight accompanied by a wonderful slave from Paris who I met when I was there a few months ago. Tomorrow night I’ll be at Torture Garden with a very cute 18 year old female submissive. If you see me there you’re welcome to say hello just be respectful of my space if I’m having a sexy moment with someone else.

Things are getting pretty booked up this week but there are a few spaces here and there available until Oct 6 (Oct 7 is now fully booked for filming with Nikki Whiplash). Email me if you would like to be a film slave or if you would like to see me privately. I am receptive to just sharing a meal if you would just like to meet me. My first night I had a lovely dinner at a private members club with a fan. Sometimes delicious food and engaging conversation in a beautiful environment is even better than sex!

Double Domme sessions are also possible with Lady Bellatrix

Email to discuss:

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One thought on “London: So far soooo GOOD!

  1. Another wonderful blog posting Mistress, with the added bonus for me of You describing our amazing session.

    So glad You are having such a good time in London.

    London Mistress T = happy everybody; so i’m hoping You can spend more time here in the future!

    Enjoy the rest of this trip x

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