London: So far soooo GOOD!

Yesterday was a pretty epic day in London! The British have such nice manners. I received this email from the gentleman I had a private session with yesterday:

Hello Mistress Mommy T

i just had to write to say thanks again for an absolutely mindblowing session.  It
was everything i hoped it would be, and more besides!

What an amazing personality You have, and Your voice is totally hypnotic.

i was a little shy and tongue tied meeting You for the first time, but already i am
really keen to see You again - hopefully You will be back in London again soon - i
can quite understand why London loves You so much!  Maybe next time You are here, i
could be allowed to take You to lunch?

Well enjoy the rest of Your time in London. i am secretly hoping that You do spend
more time here in the future as we were chatting about!

Thanks again
Your panty pervert!

In case you’re curious about what I did with him it was a delightfully simple session. He loved panties and was a fan of my ‘Mommy’ vids. So I modeled a few pairs of panties for him, teasing him and guiding him through a masturbation instruction in my Mommy character. He knelt on the floor by the bed wanking himself while I stood above him on the bed, allowing him to get close enough to smell me, I teased him, grazed his nipples through his shirt, toyed with him not letting him cum until I gave him permission…

I also had a couple of great filmed sessions yesterday. One extreme blowjob tease & ruined orgasm with a cuckold twist. I was lucky enough to have a very thick cocked bull and a smaller dicked slave. I won’t give too much away but the vid will be dynamite.

That slave had this to say after:

“Dear Mistress

Hope the day went well for you, i just want to thank you again for being so understanding. I really enjoyed filming with you and as always i’ll still be recovering from the ache in my balls till next week…

Have a great stay, and let me know if you need anything while you are here.

Best wishes


Another film slave I did a combo bondage, satin glove HJ/stiletto trampling with a climax of me sitting on his face while he finished himself off.

He wrote this:

“Hello- thank you for agreeing to see me, it was (obviously!) totally wonderful… Would like to see you again.”


I’m off to Club Pedestal tonight accompanied by a wonderful slave from Paris who I met when I was there a few months ago. Tomorrow night I’ll be at Torture Garden with a very cute 18 year old female submissive. If you see me there you’re welcome to say hello just be respectful of my space if I’m having a sexy moment with someone else.

Things are getting pretty booked up this week but there are a few spaces here and there available until Oct 6 (Oct 7 is now fully booked for filming with Nikki Whiplash). Email me if you would like to be a film slave or if you would like to see me privately. I am receptive to just sharing a meal if you would just like to meet me. My first night I had a lovely dinner at a private members club with a fan. Sometimes delicious food and engaging conversation in a beautiful environment is even better than sex!

Double Domme sessions are also possible with Lady Bellatrix

Email to discuss:

Kiss Kiss

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Story paused: London Rubber Ball

I’m pausing the story to share a photo I just received from the lovely Nina Birch in London. It includes herself and the diabolical Fetish Liza (red latex) and Moi.

MistressT NinaBirch FetishLiza Skin Two Rubber Ball in London 2011

Fetish Liza, Nina Birch & Mistress T in London for Skin Two Rubber Ball May 28, 2011

I had an amazing time recently in London. This photo was taken the night that we all shared a hotel room and attended the Skin Two Rubber Ball on May 28. 2011.

Just a couple days before we had all been at The English Mansion’s FemDom Ball. I met some amazing people (these ladies included), made some great business connections and personal friendships. Maybe in a future blog entry when the story gets caught up to this point I’ll delve into more detail…like the hot tub scene that seemed to be the highlight for many…

More on Nina:

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More on The English Mansion where you’ll find films featuring Nina, Liza and myself (although not all together at the same time):