Spontanious LA Trip!

This will be one of those stories I will cherish in my golden years.

Less than a week ago my girlfriend & I were at the Lana Del Ray concert. We were discussing how we unfortunately missed out on the Die Antwoord concert a few days earlier. My girlfriend got a sparkle in her eye & started to check their tour schedule online. We decided to catch them in LA later that week.

I’m pretty busy with work & life in Vancouver at the moment so couldn’t really go for long. I knew I could stay longer in LA & make it a work trip, take some sessions, do some filming, but with my girlfriend with me I decided to just make it a quick, fun trip. I did post it on twitter, giving fans a chance to meet me casually. I’ve had a lot of great experiences meeting fans in person. I get to pick their brains & gather information to fuck with all of your heads! (insert evil laughter here).

So we got up at an ungodly hour & took a 6am flight to LA. We went straight from the airport to Universal Studios. I love fun stuff like this, roller coasters/rides, Disneyland, haunted houses, big, soft mascots *grin*. I love the creativity, a few minutes inside a cave or riding a boat down a canal, pirates, outer space, the wild west, a jungle, an animated universe, etc.




After a great day at Universal (SO much fun! I screamed like a little girl on The Simpson’s 4D ride!) we went to the hotel my girlfriend booked. Frankly, I would have been fine with a Motel 6 but she chose a fancy place that felt quite decadent. I took some selfies for ya:



We chilled for a bit, rested our feet, showered…then we got picked up for dinner. The lucky fan who had seen my tweet & applied to meet me was fantastic. He chose an amazing restaurant & the conversation was fascinating. He tributed generously for the pleasure of meeting the Goddess he’d been jerking to for years.

After dinner my girlfriend and I went to the concert. It was well worth the trip. Powerful stuff.


Two sleepy girls went back to the hotel right after the concert (no crazy all-night partying stories this time). We were up early again the next morning to catch our flight back to Vancouver. 24 hours in LA!

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3 thoughts on “Spontanious LA Trip!

  1. This was a nice post. A visit to Universal Studios must certainly be fun! I wasn’t aware that you liked amusement parks that much. Thanks once more for sharing it with us and also for the cute and the naughty pictures.

    A 24-hour trip can be exhausting but also very rewarding. I remember I did one to the UK, to visit one of my favourite fetish queens… 😉 x

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