Fan Mail from a FEMALE Fan!

I recently received a unique email from a female fan. That it was from a female made it unique as 99% of the emails I receive are from men. But that’s not all.

I accept that the majority of what I produce is simply used for men to jerk off to which is fine, but I’ve flattered myself to think that sometimes my porn actually improves the lives of some of my viewers. Sometimes I get feedback that I have helped a fan feel like they’re not the only one into some kind of weird fetish or helped a fan accept their desires as harmless as long as all involved are consenting, etc.

This is probably one of the best examples of how my videos can help someone & it warms the cockles of my heart:-)

Dear Mistress T

we wanted to thank you for your role in our sexual education. it is great that your sexual openness has been a big help to intimate relations between me and my partner. we got married several years ago and coming from a family of a more conservative background we had issues relating to each other sexually. my husband had developed lots of fetishes during his puberty and I could not relate to any of them. we sought therapy and it did little help. we even went to the point of separation.

later on we called a truth and decided to be open with whatever makes our partner feel more aroused. I had some requests ,but my husband’s requests were a lot more kinky than mine. he has several fetishes and little by little I learned to embrace them and even enjoy some of them. he is into pantyhose feet and legs, big booty, yoga pants,leggins and being ball busted by a weaker woman who dominate him because he is weak in the exact area that makes him more powerful than a woman ( his words, not mine).

I was taking women’s self defense classes when we met and that involved lots of shots to the groin, but I had no idea someone could get off on that. I tried that on him but it was not the same. then he showed me videos online, and some of them were your videos. yours were the only ones that I learned a lot from.

now we do role play, watch special movie night and on occasion we have request nights. the sex has become amazing. I can control exactly when for him to cum and if I feel he needs more time I can delay mine as well. we learned that sex is more about communication than methodology.

I had some role play requests like meeting a stranger or becoming home invaded and fake raped, but his is more specific. the time that he really enjoyed himself was that I pretended to be a woman in distress and he is a predator who tries to have his way with me. but the tables are turned when I use my amazing self defense moves and go for is testicles. I had to learn how to do things not to cause any permanent damage and still leave him functional enough to have the most amazing 22 minutes of sex( he is into timing things).

I usually try to wear what turns him on but not to overdo it or do exactly what he wants, because he would get bored faster and i have to submit to more of his demands. at first, he wanted me to always wear reinforced toe pantyhose underneath my leggings, but I learned to switch things and cover some of his demands leaving him wanting more. it’s funny how I despised giving hand jobs and didn’t know what is a foot job, but now I drive pleasures from it too. it is a great way to start him off to a longer lasting sex after. he hate blowjobs. I could not believe it at first.

at our movie night we watch romantic movies that I like and to start off the festivities he likes to watch your clips and cuts from Hollywood movies where the girl kicks, knees or grabs the attacker’s balls.

anyway, I wanted to thank you and share with you that I learned many things from you.


Isn’t that nice? Thank you to the fan who wrote me this email & thank you for your permission to publish it (omitting any identifiable info).

If any other couples have been helped by my vids please feel free to share in the comments section! (I know it’s likely rare as most of my fans are wanking without the knowledge of their partners).


Mistress T

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8 thoughts on “Fan Mail from a FEMALE Fan!

  1. You said you thought it rare that a couple or a woman would be a fan of yours. I guess perhaps I/we are lucky in that we both are willing to accommodate the other’s little fantasies. Truth be told, I am the one that gravitates to your website and material but my S.O. often “tags along” while I look at your material in bed with the iPad. And while I don’t think she would go there by herself (her tastes in porn run more to lesbian themed sites) she will often play along. For example even though we have never done any MFM or cuckolding in real life she knows that sort of thing will turn me on tremendously and while on your site she will say things to me like (referring to some of your African American models) “I’d love to fuck that black cock and have you lick me clean” etc.

    So thanks for the “ambiance” of your material. It is f%^*ing hot and great wanking material but the best part is that you do it in a way that a woman can enjoy


  2. Hi Mistress T, I am happy for you , and for the letter writer. To me this looks like Porn as it can and should hopefully be, something that adds to sex, without being all there is to sex. In some of these alt-sex corners lie great treasure for some of us! For example:

    You Mistress T, and your friends like Mistress Sidonia or Bijou Steal; along with many of the great Ladies of the early decades of Femdom* give/gave a whole bunch of us poor lost Doggies and place a to go to for the fix we needed in a non threatening, non intrusive, and sometimes educational way. (* Mistress Antoinette, Madame Wanda, Mistress Destiny, Lady Leah Lafluer et al)

    Also I think this letter points to something that is often lost in today’s internet porn.
    That thing is that fetish and kink and even corporal play can exist in a loving and caring relationship. They really can better things, so long as there are things in place like aftercare, PRECARE, and a firm line between session time and lifetime (IFF needed).

    Also Mistress T, you all deserve Kudos for this too:

    I am a tempered/moderate believer in Female Superiority as a generalization, and a BIG advocate of FemDom as a tool to expand both men and women minds to new perspectives on Sex, Love, Romance, and Power.

    There are many fine gentlemen in the world who are mostly quiet, and caring, and responsible. As one of those guys, I would encourage my peers to open their minds and fantasies to consider incorporating various FemDom themes into relationship play. Whether it is just fantasy or is included in real life, a little bit of male submission/service by me and exaltation for the/a Lady wont diminish me or hurt me in any way. It doesn’t mean that my needs don’t matter, or that I am worthless or not worthy of respect.

    I just means I get to have the joy that comes from giving her a true gift from the heart, that is REALLY Romantic because it comes at a personal cost for me and is given just to her. A gift that even near moments of agony like ball busting or humiliation play can morph through into an exchange of some of the finest and best emotions and feelings.

    Another things it can often do, is help the woman deal better with some of the crap daily life can put on women. It can really help a gal break out of her shell and live life to its fullest, as a happier and more self-actualized person.

    And as a special bonus, the participants get hotter better sweeter sexx! 🙂

  3. Mistress T, first off I’d like to thank you for sharing your post. Knowing how much you genuinely enjoy not only creating content for your fans, but also helping them realize their kinks, demonstrates one of the many reasons you have such a dedicated and large fanbase.

    If you have the chance, I would be interested in how much/often the premise of hotwife custom videos you receive is based on real life experiences (of the fan requesting)? I’m particularly curious because you gave the impression of being somewhat surprised after l revealed my girlfriend of 5 years is still completely unaware that she is the focus of 2 videos on your site, which you flawlessly created as per my requests. Considering the extent of how I (and countless other of your loyal cuckold enthusiasts) obsessively jerk to real experiences and aspects of our relationship, your reaction was/is completely justified.

    Perhaps it was because all of what I shared with you about my girlfriend and our relationship was completely true. Only a relatively small share of the fantasy was fictional, albeit linked to true experiences.

    Would you recommend fans to approach their wives about their cuck aspirations based a personal experience (as in the aforementioned personal vid example) or is it likely to be a bit cavalier? I oftentimes imagine how my girlfriend would react – would she embrace it and become a fan as the lady in your post did? Do I (and others alike) have a responsibility to disclose these things to our partners?

  4. dear mistress
    I love you and I have nothing to say… I’m from Iran and it is hard to me to pay you…I like to pay money for you …just for support but I cant… I dream about you every night … I love your humiliating…. I wish you humiliated me….fuck the distance…

  5. My partner and I have been in a bdsm relationship for nearly 6 years, originally he was my dominant but as time past and I broke my own walls down it became much clearer that I was the domina I am today, I have never been ‘into’ porn he well goes without saying, but I can honestly say your video and I apologise for not knowing the title, was the first time I thought and even said out loud thank you, thank you for showing me that it’s ok to have feelings in what I do, I’m allowed to enjoy it, your personality came through and I enjoyed it yes I did go do a load of wax play on him and yes he thanked me for it.

    I have now been reading your writing and have enjoyed the very much, I have found a new level of strength and my sexuality has never been more in the front of my mind. I have enjoyed learning more about you, and I hope you enjoy your trip to London and the bad weather has passed before your arrival.

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