Fan Mail from a FEMALE Fan!

I recently received a unique email from a female fan. That it was from a female made it unique as 99% of the emails I receive are from men. But that’s not all.

I accept that the majority of what I produce is simply used for men to jerk off to which is fine, but I’ve flattered myself to think that sometimes my porn actually improves the lives of some of my viewers. Sometimes I get feedback that I have helped a fan feel like they’re not the only one into some kind of weird fetish or helped a fan accept their desires as harmless as long as all involved are consenting, etc.

This is probably one of the best examples of how my videos can help someone & it warms the cockles of my heart:-)

Dear Mistress T

we wanted to thank you for your role in our sexual education. it is great that your sexual openness has been a big help to intimate relations between me and my partner. we got married several years ago and coming from a family of a more conservative background we had issues relating to each other sexually. my husband had developed lots of fetishes during his puberty and I could not relate to any of them. we sought therapy and it did little help. we even went to the point of separation.

later on we called a truth and decided to be open with whatever makes our partner feel more aroused. I had some requests ,but my husband’s requests were a lot more kinky than mine. he has several fetishes and little by little I learned to embrace them and even enjoy some of them. he is into pantyhose feet and legs, big booty, yoga pants,leggins and being ball busted by a weaker woman who dominate him because he is weak in the exact area that makes him more powerful than a woman ( his words, not mine).

I was taking women’s self defense classes when we met and that involved lots of shots to the groin, but I had no idea someone could get off on that. I tried that on him but it was not the same. then he showed me videos online, and some of them were your videos. yours were the only ones that I learned a lot from.

now we do role play, watch special movie night and on occasion we have request nights. the sex has become amazing. I can control exactly when for him to cum and if I feel he needs more time I can delay mine as well. we learned that sex is more about communication than methodology.

I had some role play requests like meeting a stranger or becoming home invaded and fake raped, but his is more specific. the time that he really enjoyed himself was that I pretended to be a woman in distress and he is a predator who tries to have his way with me. but the tables are turned when I use my amazing self defense moves and go for is testicles. I had to learn how to do things not to cause any permanent damage and still leave him functional enough to have the most amazing 22 minutes of sex( he is into timing things).

I usually try to wear what turns him on but not to overdo it or do exactly what he wants, because he would get bored faster and i have to submit to more of his demands. at first, he wanted me to always wear reinforced toe pantyhose underneath my leggings, but I learned to switch things and cover some of his demands leaving him wanting more. it’s funny how I despised giving hand jobs and didn’t know what is a foot job, but now I drive pleasures from it too. it is a great way to start him off to a longer lasting sex after. he hate blowjobs. I could not believe it at first.

at our movie night we watch romantic movies that I like and to start off the festivities he likes to watch your clips and cuts from Hollywood movies where the girl kicks, knees or grabs the attacker’s balls.

anyway, I wanted to thank you and share with you that I learned many things from you.


Isn’t that nice? Thank you to the fan who wrote me this email & thank you for your permission to publish it (omitting any identifiable info).

If any other couples have been helped by my vids please feel free to share in the comments section! (I know it’s likely rare as most of my fans are wanking without the knowledge of their partners).


Mistress T

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Fans say the darndest things…

I think the look on my face says it all...

I think the look on my face says it all…

Here’s a peek into my mail bag…not a day goes by that I don’t read something in my email or twitter that causes me to screw up my face, roll my eyes or say out loud: “What the fuck?!”.

These are quotes from emails & my reaction to them:

From a fan in India: “i just thought if you can make me come to the US by a job visa or by the way of romance, or you can find me a place to work with you… I will thank you. “

~ Um, no. Firstly, I’m a Canadian living in Canada & secondly: no.

From a fan trying to bait/manipulate me into catering to his fetish for small penis humiliation:  “Hello mistress!
I was wondering if you could tell me if I have a small penis or not?”

~ *tumble weeds blowing through his inbox as he sits waiting for a response that’s never coming*

“Ive been in chastity for a while now and I think its shrunk :l”

~ Who cares?
“I want full ownership by the most beautiful Domme who ever walked the earth!!!
Beat me, bind me, cuck me, Torture my cock and balls any way you wish, make me a sissy-slut too!!!
I am totally straight, but I would suffer the humiliation of faggotry for you!!!”

~ Ah yes, yet another “straight” guy begging me to “make” him suck cock…and ordering me to do stuff to him. Hot? Not.

“I am so desperate to lick your ass and swallow your farts because it is my oxygen.”

~ No it’s not.

“I think it is hot when you work with black men and do some things in public.  I could even fly you places to work with allot of black men you like and cover all expenses.”

~ Fantasy & reality are not the same thing buddy.

“I would also love to see you take an SUV on a public road and pull over and jump on the gear shift riding it to one incredible orgasm.”

~ What about me would make you think I would be interested in fucking a vehicle?

“Why would a stunning young lady like your self be empressed with a battered up boxer like me. But I want to keep fighting 4 u sweetie. I love the thought of taking painfull face punches and suffering the pain while I think of u during a fight and the thought that your all relaxed with your adorable sexy size 4 feet up. And the fear before the fight. I want to take pain for u misstress T. I’m a sadist as u can realise.”

~ This is actually kind of impressive…”Fight Club” is one of my favorite movies…keep up the good work Boxer!

“My Penis gets very Hard & Erect & I am willing to let you practice your Fellatio & Hand Job with it, in exchange for Lessons.”

~ Haa haaaa ha! You’ll let me PRACTICE giving blow jobs on your penis?! Oh, SO generous.

From a new film slave: “omg..I am such a lucky boy! I wish I could do so much more Mistress T, you have really impacted me in the short time that Ive spent around you. I mean I obviously was very familiar with you long before getting the honor of meeting you and being a film slave and honestly my thoughts have been so completely consumed with thoughts of you. I know I am just a prop, film slave and I love it! but for me, this opportunity has created such a buzz within me.. “

~ Okay, that’s actually very sweet…and a nice way to end things today.

Mistress T

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Fan Mail & Site Reviews

I receive some really nice emails. They motivate me to continue making quality smut *smile*. This blog post is just a few of those nice emails…also a link to one of my site’s recent reviews where there are even more nice things said about me. Pour it on baby!

“I want to say your movies are great. You obviously hear this platitude all of the time.
I find your ability to exude the combination of believable compassion with cruel undertones outstanding. Some try but just are not believable. Your siren qualities make you one of my favorite actresses.”

“As 140 characters will never do you justice Mistress T, I wanted to send you a quick mail to let you know that you really are one in a million. Having dug deeper into your blog, I could only leave it with an immense amount of respect for you (and I don’t mean a faux subbie’s respect either) – you clearly possess immense integrity and live your life in a way that is a slap in the face of the world’s many hypocrites. We could all learn a lot from you.

You’re a woman with a lot of humanity and, for me, that will always be your sexiest feature. Perhaps its what makes you come across as so maternal, too – that there is nothing manufactured or codified about what you do. Just a unity between who you are, what you desire and what you do. It leaves me in awe.

You’re a beautiful woman and you light up every picture, every frame you star in. I really wish you all the best from my humble little corner of the universe and would hope that were our paths ever to cross, we would enjoy each other’s company quite apart from any sexual scenario.”

“Thanks 4 the great site! It’s the hottest, most creative and sophisticated porn out there-and I don’t mean that in the lame, soft-focus, boner-deflating yuppie-porn way either. I maybe should have posted this in the forum,  but I hope it’s cool if drop it here. I read your bio of sorts in one of the forum comments and it feels like all your varied experince and restless individuality have come together in your great vids.
I’m one of those guys who’s disaffected by mainstream porn and looking 4 something-anything, with more imagination. Probably about half of what’s on your site doesn’t really turn me on, but the other half is so great I signed up! It’s funny how after seeing just about all the porn that’s out there, you can create something more exciting and subversive w/ just your own kinky imagination.  People forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous organ!”

My site was recently reviewed by Freeones. This is a part of it:

Conclusion about Mistress T. No matter what fetishes turn you on, gives you access to them. This is hardcore yet sensual and you will probably learn a thing or two that will allow you to get a bit freakier in the bedroom. There is no denying the beauty of this particular fuck model or the quality of this premium site. The navigation is simple, the photography is top-notch and the fun is nasty and even a bit dangerous. Give this site a shot for sure.”

Here’s a link to the whole thing:

Here’s a link to my site’s forum where you can find all of my site reviews…and even more nice things written about moi!

Thanks to all who have written me with kind words & support. I really do appreciate it. xo

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