Goddess Worship/Body Worship (Male or female clients welcome)

Body Worship

Body Worship

I want to be worshiped.

Oil rubbed into every inch of my body. My soft curves. My smooth skin. And even though you are in heaven, I want you to be more focused on my experience.

So grateful to be near me, touching me, smelling me that you feel like you would do anything for me. You can follow my instructions but you also feel inspired to try something new, to play, to explore.

I want to cum. But I don’t want that to be the focus. It should be a natural part of the ritual.

You’ll be so elated to be in my presence that you’re giddy about it before & feels like you’re floating after, euphoric, without me doing a damn thing to you specifically.

If your heart is beating harder right now, you might be who I’m looking for.

If you think you don’t have the experience or skills, but damn it, you’d love to learn, you might be who I’m looking for.

If you think a women receiving pleasure without reciprocating makes her lazy, this isn’t the right opportunity for you.

If you think you can pretend to be what I’m looking for & trick me into servicing your dick, think again.

So, what’s next?

#1. My time is valuable & respecting that is part of worship. To apply you must do ANY of the following to prove you are worth my attention:

– Prove that you’ve purchased my book (paper, kindle or ebook): There Is More To The Story by Mistress T on Amazon

– Send a tribute via any of my clips stores or prove you’ve paid for my porn that you’ve consumed from any of the pay-per-view sites or joined my members site (Links in signature at end of this post)

– Prove you’ve donated/made a micro-loan to KIVA (see last blog post)

– Email a gift card to: MsT@MistressT.net (PP accepted) Spa Gift Card

– Send an etransfer (Canadian banks only): MsT@MistressT.net

IMPORTANT: Applications without one of the above will be redirected back here without further response. The amount doesn’t matter, it’s the gesture, showing that you’ve mastered reading comprehension, you can follow instructions, that you are willing to pay something to show you respect my time, etc.

#2. If I like your application & we set up an in-person audition in Vancouver a $100 tribute will be required to secure your booking.

#3. If I feel comfortable with you in person & want to proceed to a more intimate, hands-on audition in the moment you should be prepared to pay an additional $300. It’s $300 for the experience, not by the hour, the length of time is up to me & you should have several unrushed hours available should I choose to keep you. Ideally this becomes an ongoing thing.

I’m open to negotiating some things, like you can be in chastity, for example, but let me be clear: this is not about you. I will not touch your penis. So if cuckolding or orgasm denial is your jam: awesome! You will keep your bodily fluids to yourself unless I choose to have you orally worship me but there are no guarantees. I can be quite satisfied with you only using your hands. Over time anything is possible, but right now, I want to be worshiped like a Goddess, massaged, rubbed down, touched, caressed, adored.

Sure, it would be nice to have a sex ninja, tantra guru, or the swiss army knife of sex so I can lay back & fully receive plus learn new things…but I also have a soft spot for the inexperienced but keen to practice. This is also great for the type of person who wants intimacy or human contact without the pressure of sexual performance. I can show just about anyone how to touch me in the way I like, if you’re respectful, service orientated & keen, you’ll probably be fine.

Questions? I’m sure you’ve got some. You can try putting them in the comments below & I might answer but your best bet is to send an email WITH a tribute or proof that you’ve supported my work or a charity I love.

VANCOUVER ONLY: I will not travel for this unless you are willing to pay first class travel for myself & a friend + a very generous tribute.


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14 thoughts on “Goddess Worship/Body Worship (Male or female clients welcome)

  1. To worship and pleasure a woman’s body is EVERYTHING to me in sex!
    I know exactly how to pleasure a woman and my worship of her body is 1000% genuine. I know exactly how to give a woman orgasms.
    I feel like crying because you are there and I’m here (NZ).
    Life just isn’t fair.

  2. Goddess,

    I bow down and kiss your feet to show respect and to say that I have been looking for this moment since the age of 24, you’ve transformed me into an excellent oral slave for women and until now when I am 33 I only watch your porn to truly excite me, my heart raced as I read this and although I am in the UK but I am willing to travel to Vancouver for this privilege should you consider please, I can meet all conditions that you mentioned but for eTransfer I don’t have canadian bank account, so let me know please any other mode that you would accept. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve learned from your majesty and gave Goddesses some mind boggling, nerve shattering orgasms. Looking forward to hear back from the Goddess X

    • Let everyone see an example of what a lack of reading comprehension & ability to follow instructions looks like. (To be clear to others who have reading comprehension issues: Sam has demonstrated that he did not understand the instructions for applying to serve me by writing this comment rather than emailing me. That’s just the first mistake, there are others, but if I need to explain further you too do not have the minimum intelligence required for this opportunity.)

  3. Mistress t I want to be in one of your videos I watch them all the time I have wanked of to them hundreds of times to be in one would be a dream

  4. Apologies for the deplayed response Goddess. Firstly I feel overwhelmed, thankful and privileged that Goddess even considered worth responding to my post even my post was me being silly and overly excited. Secondly, I wholeheartedly apologise for writing that here but I wasn’t feeling well and as soon as I saw my dream Goddess offering which I’ve been craving for years I couldn’t hold my emotions and spilled them there which I am ashamed of and apologise my Goddess Mistress T. I will send private email today later when I feel a bit better. Thank you Goddess and apologies once again Mistress T

  5. Cuckolding and orgasm denial are indeed my jam Mistress T 😛 but I can also hold a conversation too about other subjects than kink! Also, I have no problem getting you a first class ticket to H-town because I am a long term thinker. LOL If you are open to an experience ‘down south’, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised. One of your long time fans here. J.

  6. Just curious. Previously you mentioned you were also looking at another arrangement where it was kind of an open/cuckold relationship but no real degradation, meaning you were looking for someone who was okay with you having sex with others but staying committed to you unless you arranged it. Is that still open or has it rolled sort of into this?

    • The truth is that I am very single at the moment. I am open to different types of relationships. What I’m not as keen on is a long distance personal relationship. I need to touch to bond. I’d potentially consider moving somewhere else but there’s not many other places in the world I’d like to live really. It can be a hassle to immigrate to Canada. I don’t see how it’s possible to spend enough time together to figure out if one of us should relocate unless the fella has an awful lot of money for frequent travel. So that leaves me looking closer geographically & statistically, I don’t have that many fans or readers of my blog in Vancouver. Making blog posts may not be the most effective way to date but my blog is about getting to know me more intimately & it seems to me that my fans might find this part of my life, this seeking, interesting.

      • I agree. Nothing really beats the lower mainland… maybe some places in California and Oregon since the weather is better for longer periods of the year. I’m genuinely interested but was just wondering if there was a change from the previous blog posts. As this seemed a bit more service based whereas the previous was more of a deeper committment/connection. Thanks for replying though. Hope you had a good Christmas and great holidays.

      • I can travel to Vancouver Goddess as and when you demand and feel the ‘urge’ to use me. I am highly skilled and keen to please slave with soft mouth and eager to please long skilled tongue, tantric masseuse, personal ‘enhanced efficient swallower’ of goddess’s champagne with no ‘spillage’ to ensure goddess don’t have to control the bladder flow and go on full force. I want to live this experience and willing to submit fully. However, I am not in Canada, so willing to re-locate if you are happy to consider me. I have read your requirements and just need a ‘hint’ of interest from your majesty to fulfil the requirements in your list. Thank you

        Your slave dog x

      • When I read this blog post I did not get the impression that you are seeking someone to date, but from this comment is sounds like you are — at the very least, the comment at least uses the word date. Honestly, we might be attaching a different meaning to the word “date”, and in light of that what I’m about to say may be irrelevant. Nevertheless, I want to paraphrase something that I think you said to someone else here on this blog (apologies if I am mis-remembering or simply misunderstood some other post).

        Live your life. Do things you enjoy, and you will likely meet someone that fits your criteria.

        That said, I see the point of this blog post — it’s possible to find someone much faster, and even if you don’t have many fans in Vancouver, making the post increases your chances of finding someone. So I guess I just wanted to remind you to keep your eyes open for a partner in your day-to-day life (not to imply that you are not doing so already).

        On a different note, I just want to say that I like your blog a lot. In particular, I think it is a blog that can stand alone completely separate from any of your work. In contrast, a lot of the online presence I see from professional dominatrices — I have no clue if that’s the correct plural– seeks mainly to promote their work (maybe I’m looking in the wrong places). Also, you interact with people (in non-money related ways), as opposed to keeping all contact with you behind a an interview process or tributes. And of course I like the content you post.

  7. I’ve worshipped the female derrière since the age of 14 as a boy and now as a 58 year old Man. If I spent the last of my living years on this planet I would not deny my total devotion to my love of being queened cock caged and teased. Gussetking (UK)

  8. Good Luck Mistress T, this is a beautiful opportunity for a local Romantic Man who likes to do nice things for women. I hope you can find a local to step up and grow in this role for your mutual benefit. He (or she) will get a chance to give you pleasure, and share intimate and fulfilling touching with you..
    1–As I see it, there are lots of men who would want to touch you and give you pleasure, with their own satisfaction and fulfillment arising from yours. Probably most of them are not confident or courageous enough to contact you. Or they may lack the social skills to do so successfully. Examples of such good men are married men who enjoy rubbing their wife’s feet when she has a hard a hard day, so she can go to sleep.

    2–There are lots of men who have the confidence and/or high self image to want to approach you about this opportunity. Their sexuality and personality may not include the precious talent of getting pleasure by giving pleasure. They may not be accurate in their self assessment of their giving skills and loving hands. They may be more likely to be a guy who rubs his wife’s feet hoping she will get aroused and want sex.

    3–There is hope, as there are plenty of men who have both sets of traits, and here’s wishing you find one locally. In the long run, many a wise gentleman would be willing to trade the pleasant act of massaging a nice and gorgeous woman in return for a small bit of an intimate connection with her.

    A few of the “backrub-romances” that never advanced to sex are among my most cherished memories. Even the ones from HS still feel fresh to me, four decades later. In a few cases I have had a chance to talk to the ladies at reunions and such, and they generally remember them fondly as well.

    pleasure from passion
    oft sought in sex but dwells too
    soft on skin in soul

  9. My wife & I have been married ten years. She had an affair years 5-6 but to this day will not tell me when it ended. She has told me our whole marriage she can’t have more the one orgasm and never wanted to even try. She did recently and acted as if it didn’t happen. She has also said she can not squirt and doesn’t want to try. When we are intimate she never says anything and rarely makes a sound. I want to please her but since her affair 5 years ago she just doesn’t seem interested. It has messed with my head for the past 5 years because I knew what she was doing but she denied it for a year. Had almost no Physical contact with me at that time. When we are physical she acts as if she is doing it out of duty. If I could please her like I used to is all I want. What do you think give up or keep trying?

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