Amsterdam Dec 3-6 2017!

Imagine...being this close to me...

Imagine…being this close to me…



I haven’t felt like traveling abroad much the last couple years but I’ve planned a big “bucket list” trip to Africa in December & wrangled a few days layover in Amsterdam so I could see a few lucky fans.

This is a super rare opportunity. I haven’t been back in Europe for a couple years & I don’t have plans to return in the foreseeable future, so if you want to meet me, you’ll need to meet me in Amsterdam.

You could press your nose against those feet...

You could press your nose against those feet…

PLEASE do no ask me if I’m coming to the UK, Italy, Spain, France or anywhere else. No amount of money would convince me. It’s a very long flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam & then a very long flight from there to Africa. I will not be jamming in another flight.

Again, Amsterdam ONLY. If you’re in the UK or other near by country & you want to see me badly enough, come to me.

I’ll only accept a handful of very generous fans that I feel compatible with. Screening will be rigorous, deposits will be required & I’ll be expensive as hell.

Social time is great as I’d rather not spend all my time inside but private is of course possible. LIMITED ACTIVITIES. Very limited. I’ll be in a hotel room, not a dungeon. I’ll be traveling light without much gear.

My partner will be with me & cuckolding sessions or forced bi activities might be possible in the right situation.

Desperate to suck cock for me???

Desperate to suck cock for me???

I will not have my camera & I do not plan to film.

How to apply:

#1. Communicate exactly what you’re hoping for during our time together. (Do not bother asking for intercourse, oral worship of any kind or full toilet.) Communicate clearly & briefly, don’t make me read a novel but don’t make me have to ask you a bunch of obvious questions.

#2. Make me an offer I can’t refuse. (Minimum to see anyone for anything will be $600USD, that’s around 500 euros or 465 pounds..& that amount would be like a cash point meet or a brief social meet up…a private session would be more.)

#3. Tell me who you are & ‘sell me’ on you. Include references if you have them, include your handle on my members site if you are a member (& you really should be) or a receipt for vids you’ve purchased from any of my clips store (to prove you’re a respectfully paying fan). Include pics of yourself if you want but not required. It is nice though.

If you send the email & you don’t get a response you may have not communicated clearly, you may have asked for something I don’t do, you may have offered too small a tribute…I know the polite thing is to respond to all emails but frankly, if you spent a few days reading the emails I get you’d understand why I just don’t respond to a lot of them. Feel free to try again, communicate more clearly and/or more briefly (point form is helpful) & of course try offering more money:-)

Email: (read the above before sending that email!)


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Spoiled in Orlando

I’m at the tail end of a wonderful few days in Orlando, Florida. One of my dearest clients decided that it would be a treat for both of us to go to Disney together. It was! We also went to Epcot…& for some fancy meals. Today he treated me to a spa day (on my own as he had to leave early).

Cinderella's castle at Disney in Orlando

Cinderella’s castle at Disney in Orlando

At the haunted house (Disney Orlando)

At the haunted house (Disney Orlando)

At many awesome things to do there!

At Epcot…so many awesome things to do there!

Surrounded by luxury the whole trip...gorgeous upscale hotel...fancy dinners out...

Surrounded by luxury the whole trip…gorgeous upscale hotel…fancy dinners out…

Enjoying the relaxation room at the spa today...

Enjoying the relaxation room at the spa today…

Soaking in the spa jacuzzi...getting spoiled rotten

Soaking in the spa jacuzzi…getting spoiled rotten

This is one of those ‘professional’ relationships that falls in the gray area. He’s been a wonderful & dedicated fan for over 5 years, buying my vids, sending me generous & thoughtful presents, many complimentary & supportive emails & we’ve gotten together several times over the years in various US & Canadian cities. We treat each other like friends…I like to think that we are genuine friends…but he also fairly compensates me for my time. Some cynical people would say that I shouldn’t accept his money if I consider us to be genuine friends…but shouldn’t I? He has it to give & it gives him pleasure to spoil me. I’m not into financial domination & I admit sometimes it feels like too much…but I never ask for a thing & it seems rude to not accept. Should everyone who loves & enjoys their ‘job’ or their clients not get paid? What’s the good of cake if you can’t eat it too? *grin*

So I’m off to Nova Scotia tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family. Although I get back every year for a visit this will actually be the first time I’ve been home for Xmas since I left 17 years ago. That’s a pretty big deal. It should be…fun? I have a fairly big family with a lot of interesting characters. They all have at least a vague idea of what I do & don’t care. They’re an accepting, non-judgmental, easy-going bunch. I know I’ll be eating a lot. They’ve been doing their Christmas baking for weeks, freezing cookies, squares, sweets & diabetes-causing goodies in preparation. Wish me luck!


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